Monday, 19 April 2021

5 Best Natural Organic Baby Face Cream in India

Nature is filled with all the solutions, it is only up to humans to look carefully for the right one. From ancient times, nature has bestowed us with so many natural things that we need not look for artificial products. And in today’s fast-paced world where one does not have time to apply the natural remedies for self and family, we look up to the brands who do so. In this post, we will discuss the best natural organic baby face creams.

Need of Baby Face Cream in baby skincare routine:

Baby skin is soft and supple and the face is of utmost sensitivity compared to the rest of the body. 

Any direct contact with things or skincare items that are unsuitable for the baby makes the baby's face skin turn red, develop rashes, or show signs of allergies. 

Therefore one needs to be extra cautious while choosing the face cream that is made up of natural ingredients and hydrates the babyface as it is exposed to heat and cold of the room and also the outside temperatures whereas the rest of the body is covered with soft clothing.

Many baby skincare range products are impressing the customers with their deliverables as per the ingredients listed, here are few best face creams for kids which are tried and tested by my family and friends.

baby face cream - MeenalSonal

Saturday, 17 April 2021

The Future of Education in India – Why Are We Excited?

Everything around us is constantly changing. But one prominent change, especially in the pandemic era, is the current education system. With the world moving towards a norm where almost everything is online-based, teaching systems are also transforming with new reforms under the New Education Policy, and hopefully, this will bring about many bright changes to develop the future of India. 

How change developed in the Education System:

The world is in the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, and people around the globe are trying their best to normalize life while accepting the challenges of physical distancing. We all are working with grit and determination to continue to learn, and students are showing their eagerness towards accepting the new forms of learning. One change in the education system that is evident is that each student is made to balance their studies while having to learn new traits of technology. Students are forced to juggle education with technology. 

How NEP 2020 will benefit future India:

We have focused on many sections of NEP 2020 in our #EducationForAll series and I would like to highlight on how the Education sector is gearing towards a bright future for students in India. Under the NEP 2020, all rural areas are to get connected with online education, so that no student is deprived of knowledge and the chance to learn from experts. Now students in the villages can listen to and learn from professors and teachers from universities far from home. Education can bring a change in perspectives of students regardless of their background. The highlighted points of NEP 2020 visions for the growth of the education field, resulting in the growth of each aspiring student who can manifold the growth of our nation. To build a nation with a progressive approach, NEP 2020 will certainly need tremendous work done by all the people in the education field.

future of Indian education - MeenalSonal

Let us focus on how India is emerging in the EdTech world and ranking high with all its efforts.

Friday, 16 April 2021

Book Review : The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison : Story of winning over Discrimination

The world cannot be changed in a day, it has to be done at each step day after day. The book The Bluest Eye shows us the path in similar manner. We are thankful to the Blogchatter team for sending us the winning copy in one of the contest of the BlogchatterWritFest. This is the honest review of the book and it is part of the Book review program #BookChatter of Blogchatter.

Toni morrison author - MeenalSonal

Book Title: 

The Bluest Eye

Book Cover: 

The cover is simple and not much revealing about what is the book about.

The Author: Toni Morrison 

Toni Morrison was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature on 1993. She received National Book Critics Circle award and a Pulitzer Prize for her fiction and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America's highest Civilian honour, in 2012 by Barack Obama. Her creations include Sula, Beloved, Paradise and Love.

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Tree's pedagogy of Life with Significant Lessons

Day by day it grows

Elongates at end, so is shadows

Branches bloom to balance

Each one in unique manner

Yet same with strong roots

I am LIFE that springily shoots

In air to fathom the dreams.

tree poetry on Life - MeenalSonal

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Why we need to replace Plastic Toys for Green Environment

In our 3rd post of #EnvironmentalTalks of #CauseAChatter, we will bring your focus on the toys that are an integral part of every household. According to the statistics, 70% of the toys are made of plastic and most of them are not one-time-use plastic that means toys are manufactured with materials that are difficult to recycle. Have you ever thought of recycling the toys or what happens when we discard the plastic toys and did you ever ponder upon the old plastic toys and their effects on children? 

Let us take a closer look at toys and their effect on the environment and how we can make the environment better with few changes.

Toys & their production:

Toys are produced in large numbers but India produces only 0.5% of the toys in the toy industry whereas China produces 80% of the toys in the world. The majority of the toys are plastic made and the life of it depends on the nature of the plastic and the usage of it.

Check the age of plastic toys:

We often keep toys of the elder child for the younger one and plastic toys are easy to handle and care additionally the colors don’t fade and they look as new once washed. But the older the plastic toys more harmful for your child. Earlier production of plastic toys did not go through vigorous checks on the quality of the plastic and it affects a child’s health once the child chews it. So discard all the older plastic toys which are 5-7 years older and it is good if they can be recycled.

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

How & Why Top Industries work towards better Environment

Change is evident in the world and the change-makers can make the change towards the betterment of society. In our previous post of #EnvironmentalTalks of #CauseAChatter, we discussed the importance of explaining the reasoning to children about the protection and care towards the environment. In this post, we shall have a closer look at the companies and industries that are working for the betterment of society plus taking decisions to revive the lost environmental areas.

Why Industries need to focus on Greener Solutions:

Industries have always been considered a major role in environmental pollution, therefore looking for a solution in this sector is the priority of the nation and the world. Industries are one of the largest growing sectors in India and with many upcoming entrepreneurs paving way for manufacturing the products on their own instead of importing. It is the responsibility of the owners to make the environment more greener with their efforts and also make sure that the industrial waste is minimum. Additionally properly dumping the industrial waste is the key aspect.

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

How to complete AtoZ Blogging Challenge with an ease

Bloggers do take up many challenges in the Blogosphere and the sense of achievement in completing the challenge sends an adrenaline rush. One of the most popular Blogging Challenge across the globe in the Blogging field is AtoZ Blogging Challenge. This challenge has been run over a decade and lakhs of bloggers register for it and many complete it with a smile on their end.

AToZ Challenge Steps - MeenalSonal

What is AtoZ Challenge:

In the AtoZ challenge bloggers write in the whole month of April and publish their blog posts on all days of April apart from Sunday. The first post starts with Letter A, second with letter B, and so on till you reach letter Z. Each letter signifies in the title and all over the blog post. 

Why AtoZ Challenge 

Many bloggers can’t understand why people register for this challenge and all the hullabaloos around it. We would say once you are in the challenge you get to know the excitement of publishing the posts continuously and seeing your posts flowing among the readers. As a blogger, you will 

  • Be more consistent
  • More creative juices start flowing
  • Interaction with fellow bloggers during the challenge
  • More readers on your blog
  • Bank of posts for the future to promote your blog

Sunday, 14 March 2021

Why inculcate Environment awareness in Children

Environment and its uses are exposed to the children from an early age at the same time we also need to make children understand the awareness of the factors that are causing harm to the environment. 

Kids Environment awareness - MeenalSonal

Why inculcate Environment Awareness 

Children are the torch bearers of the future plus they are the ones who can bring in change along their growing years.

Childhood habits create a great impact in life additionally kids with the proper understanding of the environment will make the future manufacturing of the products in a manner that minimizes the harm to the environment. Can you imagine a world with environment-friendly products? If you are nodding in doubt then let us say that this can be a reality soon if we cultivate habits that are environment friendly in our children. 

The below pointers will help parents and educators to inculcate Environment awareness and the practices that can be followed for the betterment of the Environment.

Saturday, 6 March 2021

नारी की ज़िद : Hindi Poetry on Women's Insistent Nature

Hindi Poetry on Woman - MeenalSonal

नारी तू इतनी ज़िद्दी क्यों हैं ?

कितनी बार गिरती फिसलती है ,

ढलती है फिर उठ खड़ी हो जाती है | 

कोई सोच, कोई सीमा तुझे रोक क्यों नहीं पाती है,

कोई ऐसी मंज़िल नहीं जहाँ तू पहुंच नहीं पाती है | 

नारी तू इतनी ज़िद्दी क्यों है?

सारा बोझ अपने कन्धों पर लेके आगे बढ़ती जाती है ,

जितने पड़ाव आते , उनको पार कर जाती है | 

सारा जग तुझे कभी प्रेरित करता तो कभी तिरस्कार ,

कोई टिपण्णी कोई खबर तुझे नहीं भटका पाती  | 

नारी तू इतनी ज़िद्दी क्यों है ?

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Book Review : Excess Baggage by Richa S. Mukherjee : Tale of Emotions

To taste the sweetness of mother daughter duo on a trip to rediscover something new. 

The Book Cover:

It was the cover that compelled me to pick the book. It has the main lead and her mother with the baggage with their boarding pass in the background.

Excess baggage BookReview - meenalSonal

About the Author: Richa S. Mukherjee

Richa Mukherjee is an ex-journalist and an old hand in the advertising industry. She's the author of I Didn't Expect to be Expecting, a light-hearted take on pregnancy, and Kanpur Khoofiya Pvt. Ltd, a humorous thriller that has been procured for a screen adaptation. Excess Baggage is her third book.

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

7 Simple Steps to achieve Top Blogger Award at Blogchatter

We are so delighted to be the year’s first TopBlogger at Blogchatter. January was enthusiastically completed at Blogchatter with loads of campaigns and registration going on besides the calendar is set with all the activities of the Blogchatter. If you are a Blogger then definitely you must be on this platform which started as a weekly Twitter chat is now one of the biggest platforms for the Blogging Community.

Who is Blogchatter’s Top Blogger:

A blogger who spends quality time at the Blogchatter website is eligible to become TopBlogger. Simple Isn’t it? And do you know the secret behind the 2 names of the TopBlogger the team receives, they are given by the system and its algorithms. One need reasons to be at a particular place for a longer time and here we share 7 reasons with you to be interactive at the Blogchatter that worked for us.

TopBlogger award - MeenalSonal

So, let’s see how you can become the Top Blogger of the coming months.

Monday, 15 February 2021

Keeth & Kokil : A Tale of Two Unique Personalities

ShortStory - Different Personalities- MeenalSonal

Keeth and Kokil loved the company of each other besides they were always seen together. Their bonding was admired and much talked about in the community. 

Under the canopy of thick trees, they had their beautiful abode far from the hustle-bustle of urbanization they lived peacefully in the lap of nature. 

Keeth was hardworking, determined, and was always adept to help others. He was strong-willed besides once set out on a task would not sit until it was complete.

Kokil was blessed with a sweet voice and her hymns were melodious and mesmerizing. Her gifted voice attracted many friends around and was much appreciated by all. She loved the way each one acknowledged her and felt proud of her extravagant singing.

They grew up and so their ego too. Trouble started brewing slowly, their paths started to differ. 

Monday, 8 February 2021

Book Review : Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands by Sanjay Desai

The book Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands by Sanjay Desai is a self-help fiction book that answers questions on self-manifestation facing the shifting sands of life challenges.

Book Title: Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands

Book Cover Analysis: 

The cover is simple and neat. The author has picked a very unique title that just doesn't reveal much about this self-help book. But when you finish reading the book the true meaning shines out.

Jasmine Book Review - MeenalSonal

About the Author: Sanjay Desai

Sanjay Desai is an entrepreneur and an ex-banker, an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, and a Chartered Accountant. During his successful career, Sanjay has been integrating the essence of a parallel spiritual journey with his material pursuits. He has now set out to share the ways and means of seamlessly traversing through the material and spiritual world, thereby enriching each journey.

Friday, 5 February 2021

Death on The Nile by Agatha Christie: Murder Mystery Book

Reading a murder mystery can keep you awake for nights to know the next move in the book so is the book Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie published by HarperCollins. Let us explore all aspects of this book in this book review. 

About the author: Agatha Christie

I have not read many of the renowned author Agatha Christie book, and this year I have pledged myself to read the bestsellers, so this is the first in the year. Many already know about the famous author yet let me share few highlights about her.

Agatha Christie has penned more than 100 titles that includes Mystery books, Poitrot book series, Tommy & Tuppence, Memoirs, Plays & Stories. She was one of the best-selling authors whose words and plot were magical besides the detectives build the whole scenario so colorful. Born in 1890, her books speak volume of the changes the world was going through and till her health fall ill in 1973, she continued to write. 

After reading this book, I am surely going to pick few more books by this author and add in my collection as these books are treasure.

Agatha Christie Book Review - MeenalSonal

Friday, 22 January 2021

Sugar-free toothpaste for Diabetes patient and Health Conscious people

"A smile is a great healer" so oral health and hygiene is the most important aspect to always have a sparkling perfect smile on the face. Beyond the smile is the dental care that is of utmost importance. Most of you will agree that Oral health is synonymous with healthy you. One has to be selective in dental care products, and one of the primary products for oral care is toothpaste. Toothpaste comes in various compositions and flavours; one can choose depending on their liking. Diabetic people need to take extra care while choosing the product and mostly look for sugar-free toothpaste.

Importance of Oral Care:

What we eat first sits in our mouth and that's where we feel the texture and taste of food. It is also the very first step of our digestion process besides oral care becoming all the more important. The entry point of our body should be free from diseases, and this is only possible by following a dental care routine. Also, monitoring our regular intake like picking sugar-free products to inhibit the growth of bacterial and fungal infection in the mouth.

Oral care tips - MeenalSonal

Monday, 18 January 2021

Confusion in Love : Unloved in Love by Rituparna Ghosh :Book Review

Today we have a book review of the book ‘Unloved in Love book by Rituparna Ghosh. This book review is a part of Blogchatter Book Review program. 

Book Cover: 

The cover is bright and builds the curiosity to dive into the journey of love. The guitar and the pet cat on the cover give the idea that they are somehow important to give the story a new turn.

About the Author: 

Rituparna Ghosh holds a diploma in Novel Writing from the London School of Journalism. She works as a Transformational Life Coach. She is an MBA from IIT Madras and has had a successful career in research and analytics for almost ten years.

Unloved in Love - AuraOfThoughts

Friday, 15 January 2021

Upscale your reading & Grow with #TBRChallenge

New year and new resolutions are in the air in the month of January but you need someone to push you towards your resolution or a constant reminders to complete it. Study shows that people who keep a check on their resolutions time to time have a higher rate of completing the resolution than others. 

Selecting a resolution that keeps you motivated throughout the year and helps you grow in your personal and professional life are very few and one of them is reading habit. Reading is helpful in many perspectives, we will discuss in detail in this blogpost and also share about the #TBRChallenge, The Blogchatter Reading Challenge that is a reading challenge unique in its own way.

Why to take up Reading Challenge:

Commitment : 

By signing up for a reading challenge you are committing a time towards it and also deciding to learn new aspects of life through reading. You should be open enough to read and enter the world of books.


Learning is never ending process and through books you can learn many new things. It can be as simple as about new words, new culture, new language, new concept. If you are thinking you have done enough reading during your  education years then let us tell you that there are plenty of books where you can gain experiences of life.

Effective Me-time: 

Everyone wants to spend peaceful time alone in a day and reading can give you that solace by imagining the story right in front of you or gaining knowledge through self-help or non-fiction books.

There are many more reasons one should take up reading as a habit but we will leave you with these three to mark an imprint of reading.

Reading Challenge 2021 - MeenalSonal

Leave these virtues when you start to read:

Reading is an art and so is absorbing the book.

To read a book, we discussed what all is required but most important aspect is there are certain factors a reader should not follow. Check the top three virtues a reader should never possess.


Reading a story without any assumptions will make you an attentive reader, if you assume a particular angel in the story and flip 4-5 pages then you may miss a vital point in the story.


Whenever you start reading a book , break all inhibitions and all set pre-set guidelines of the world. Do not fall prey to the rules set in the real world as the books has their own world and a new dimension all together.


Each book has its pace and a reader. You cannot just scan the book through skimming the pages. Take your time to start the book, read the blurb, about the author, acknowledgements, version history of the books, chapter headings so that you feel connect with the book. 

What to read: Biggest question in the reading challenge

What to read is the biggest challenge to many people who wish to read but never know from where to start with. These few tips can help you to make your reading list and keep you paced up in the reading challenge.

Saturday, 9 January 2021

The goodness of Nature in Namyaa Period care kit for Woman

In this pandemic phase, we all have witnessed that health is the utmost priority and one cannot neglect it. Everyone is going the extra mile in choosing and living a healthy lifestyle and that goes in each sector, be it the selection of food items, the products in which we are consuming food, or the air we are breathing. Every aspect is important in overall health. A woman has to go the extra mile to take care of the family and also for herself. Many times woman neglect their body signs and continue to avoid their health issues citing them as minor.

Woman Period care - AuraOfThoughts

Woman Health Care:

A woman has many tasks on her list and very well organize the schedule so that every family member receives the best of care and remain healthy. Most of the woman either neglect the care during the periods or are not aware that it is a problem. Yes, periods and talks around it are always hush-hush and often women tend to ignore their health issues. What woman can do in such situations when they don’t have any person to share such problems with? Namyaa Period Care kit comes as a solution to it .