Friday 24 December 2021

How Surprise Someone Builds Future with Recycled Paper

Do we ever have a count on how many papers are used in our writing or how many trees are cut to make 10 copies? Though the world is going digital day by day yet many activities require paper. Creating a paper without deforestation is one of the best possible ways. In our recent #EnvironmentalTalks with Pinky Maheshwari we came to know various aspects of papermaking and the art of customizing. Let us share with you about the organization and the founders of Surprise Someone and interview insights with Pinky Maheshwari.

Surprise Someone

It creates paper from the waste rags and cotton and not from paper, plus the papers have seeds planted in it so when these papers are discarded a sapling grows into a plant; by this, the enterprise is not only contributing towards the environment but also creating a business model that is sustainable for years and years. 

To conserve the environment and reduce deforestation this enterprise is making a wave of change and showing the path to many aspiring entrepreneurs. This enterprise gives livelihood to many rural people, and it also received an excellence award in an innovative product category. It is in the list of best 50 Start-up India at the India International Trade Fair in 2017. To train 10,000 girls to be self-sufficient and educate them this enterprise has a bright vision for the future generation. 

Friday 17 December 2021

What Does EcoBloggers Community Say On Environment

We have been enthusiastically writing about the environment awareness posts in our #EnvironmentalTalks cause for the #CauseAChatter. We have carefully chosen the topics that bring the cognizance among readers and are grateful to all the Environmentalists and Founders of Eco-friendly enterprise guests who featured at our #EnvironmentalTalks sessions who discussed what a common person can do towards the benefit of the environment. 

Tuesday 14 December 2021

4 Top Reasons How Games bring Balance to Life

For every challenge we encounter, our zeal to counter the next multiplies. This is what a game teaches us, isn't it?

Yes, every game we play instills in us tremendous energy and enthusiasm. The beauty of the game is such that though we merely watch gameplay, we feel the hot blood rush until our favorite team wins the match.

1. Builds bond with family & friends:

Games help to build that special connection with family and friends as it helps to strike a fun-filled conversation, teaches to appreciate each other's expertise of the game, and most important is celebrating each other's win. It simply does not matter how big or small or indoor or outdoor game it is what matters the most is the involvement of family and friends while playing a game.

balance to life from Games - MeenalSonal

Tuesday 7 December 2021

How E-Commerce boosts MSME & promises better future #ECommerceInnovation

Gone are the days when a person has pushed aside for an idea to start the business, the main question in the old times was, who would finance your idea? We have heard many people saying that they had talent and ideas but due to lack of resources and support they took the normal path. Well, the time has changed and so is the policies and the way we look at business ideas. “Winners create their own story holds true when there is a full-fledged support system to back on."

MSME and E-Commerce relationship - auraofthoughts

In the 21st century, the face of the business is changing and a larger share of it goes to the E-commerce sector. According to the Nasscom research, year on year growth in the E-commerce workforce is 22 % . 

Friday 3 December 2021

How To Manage Fabrics To Build Better Future #EnvironmentalTalks

One more!

One more!

We fill up our wardrobe 

That adds to the chore. 

Yes! We all do. We fill our wardrobes with all necessary clothing and a few clothes are gifted and a few are bought on spur of the moment. The fact is that we end up with too many clothes in our wardrobe and sometimes we do not know what to do with them. To ease out this trouble we talked to Amita, founder of Bharati Reuse Studio in our #EnvironmentalTalks session and gained a few solutions for it. Let us look at the highlights of the session in the blogpost. 

Amita: Founder of Bharati Reuse Studio:

Amita worked as a Business Consultant for more than a decade in financial services, retail, manufacturing, government sectors. Being a mother of 2, she wanted to spend more time with family and gave up the corporate job. She became a yoga trainer and trained children to deal with allergies, obesity taking the guidance of their treating pediatrician. Yoga helped her with her spiritual journey and as a part of giving back to the environment, she started Bharati Reuse Studio to explore contemporary methods and requirements of fabric reuse.