Sunday 26 June 2016

Sprint for new beginning

Combined with thoughtful stats,
entered a conglomeration of countries vast;

together they emerged as a powerful block,
hand in hand together they flock.

Major outburst of self-confidence took over,
changing time has priorities to hover;

dissolving n detaching inculcates mixed feeling,
future stances can make different stories.

AuraOfThoughts - TLT Source

The EU now cultivates major wreckage,
every heart is entering an unknown stage; 

as someone has chosen to be aloof
underneath a dripping roof.

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Tuesday 21 June 2016

Yoga - A repository of health(Haiku poetry)

Ancient origin
Refined,perfect and polished
Traits exemplified

Redoubles stamina
Allows mind to remain calm
Warehouse of good health

It is in fact the truth that the benefits of yoga is not hidden from us.It is not that we prastice it only today but need to incorporate it in our routine life.The time has come to prastice the ancient health tip bestowed on us to make our future healthy and happy:-)
Let us make this "International Yoga Day" as a launchpad for our future.
@ Meenal

Sunday 19 June 2016

Unfeigned Relationship

"Wow! What a sweet smell", exclaimed Rohan, while being quick to pick his fighter plane in one hand before he rushed towards kitchen after listening to his father's sassy morning call.

Source-Three Lines tales

"Delicious cupcakes are ready dear as today is father's day, let's have fun", Tom hugged Rohan but Rohan was surprised to see calendar then said "it's not today Dad"

“You added spice in my raw life this day 8 years back”, murmured Tom hiding the adoption letter.

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