Friday 29 May 2015

Serene World - Tanka


Serene everywhere
But not my unrest heart though
Captivates my mind
Humanity will erase
Darkness from beautiful world

@ Meenal

Wednesday 20 May 2015

My Expert MOM

At every stage in life,
I look back for your valuable advise.
Your guiding hand nurtured, 
a raw life with loving gestures.

My mentor, my friend, my strength,
in any role play you are a hit.
Steadily taking utmost care,
your pat infuses an optimistic flare.

I do remember each instance 
how hard was to send me school.
Tears rolling down my eyes,
were wiped with a hesitant smile.

Each time in life I stumble,
you are there before I tumble.
Didn't let any fear make a room,
taught me to be prepared for a zoom.

Right attitude made me through,
as I learned tolerance from you.
Handling all pressure each time
giving my best every time.

Interview was a huge nightmare,
only till your advice made me prepared.
Your confidence in me made me strong 
and I excelled it with a big bang.

Now even though I am a mom,
but for you I am still a tom.
Everything I do imitating like you,
my role model & my first expert is only you.

Your encouraging words made me giggle,
to cross each minute hurdle.
Oh! dear mom I always wish, 
nothing but a smile on your lips.

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Sunday 17 May 2015

Novel Gift to MOM

My Mom is a great cook, said one
My mother manages house and work excellently, believed another.
My mamma never forgets a single thing, she is perfect, proudly said one.
My Ma is superhuman, super hero and so on…
Such were the posts recently in social media on occasion of mother’s day or I say social media was flooded with delightful messages for mother. How we all tribute our success to her is not new as mothers are so special. Mother’s care and concern cannot be delivered by anyone, as their single touch makes us feel relaxed and confident. God has sent angels in every one’s life and mother’s magic wand vanishes all our troubles.
Aura-of-thoughts-unique gift
But surely it’s not an easy task to do each and every thing flawlessly, how much pressure mothers take, I am sure it cannot be measured on any scale. If you say a mother do not stress for a day and go out and relax, then outing is more stressful for them as their entire concentration is on the concern for the tasks. As we cannot replace an alphabet with another in password, any person cannot replace mother and neither can anybody take her stress levels. I remember saying to my mom that why don’t you rest for a week and she answered beautifully “I am never tired with such tasks, it’s only that sometimes my energy levels does not match my passion of motherhood”.  Now what could I answer to this but I surely remember her liner when I have to do multi tasking.
Unique Gift to your MOM
So what can be done to de stress our loving mothers? Something that express love, care and less time consuming as mothers are most busy person in the world. Parachute has come up with Advansed Aromatherapy Oil which de-stress all tensions and relaxes a person with beautiful aromatic massage.

How easy to make your mother energetic and revitalising again in few minutes and that too you spend some quality time with your loved one. A simple head massage shall make her relaxed of all worries for some time and you actually get to do something for your loving mother.

A wonderful and special gift to your mother that is also novel one and is not a usual gifts like gadgets, dress, books or kitchen appliances. And the best part is that your mother will feel the care you are showering on her.

I’m blogging about why my mother needs to de-stress with a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil massage for the #StressFreeMom activity at BlogAdda.


Wednesday 13 May 2015

True Bonding

“Mom my lesson says that Father, Mother, brother and sister makes a family; is it true?” asked 8 year old Rohan innocently.

“This is one of the way we look at a family dear, but there are many more” answered Deepa entering the details in register.

She added, “When there no negative intentions against each other, where no justification is required for our actions, where only love and understanding lingers everywhere and a mere dream of departing from them gives a haunting impulse.”

“Is it mom? Now I understood what a family means then I have surely an extensive family with me” Rohan said confidently who was feeling abandoned before this conversation.

Phone rang and Rohan took leave of his mother and Deepa answered the call saying “Hello, ‘Grow Gracefully Old Age Home’ I am Deepa the assistant caretaker”.

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Friday 8 May 2015

माँ : खुशियोँ का आँचल

आज पुछा मेरी बिटिया ने , 
चलो माँ एक खेल खेलें ,
मैं बाँधू सवालों के पुल, 
एक एक कर तुम देना हल।

सवाल सरल ही होंगे देखो, 
झटपट जवाब तैयार रखना ,
जो कुछ है तेरे मन में,
वैसे ही उत्तर देना।

पहला सवाल है माँ बताना ,
क्या है तेरा रंग पसंदीदा ,
क्या तुझको भाए खाने में,
और क्या चाहे तू करना।

सोचा बहुत टटोला मन को,
इसका उत्तर कहीं छुपा है,
जवाब तो बिटिया रानी ,
मन में मेरे बसा है।

जो रंग तुझे पसंद है बिटिया ,
वही मेरा पसंदीदा है ,
आज कहीं मन मेरा सब में ,
घुलमिल सा गया है।
Aura-of-thoughts-mothers day hindi poem

मुझे स्वाद लगे वही जो ,
जो तेरा मन चाहा है ,
मुस्कराहट जो तुम्हारे होटों पे लाए ,
संतोष वहीँ कार्य में मिलता है।

बिटिया रानी सुनकर सारे जवाब ,
ताकती रही मेरे हाव भाव ,
फिर अचानक मेरे आँचल में आ गई,
हल्के अश्रु भरे और मुस्कान से बोली,

माँ तू है कितनी प्यारी ,
जो सारी खुशियाँ मुझपे वारी ,
संसार में सबसे अद्भूत और अनोखी माँ ,
तुझसा ना कोई है और ना कोई होगा माँ । 

- मीनल  

English Translation

Today my daughter said,
to play a game with her,
She said I will ask series of questions,
one by one I need to solve.

Thursday 7 May 2015

Welcome to Ek Nayi League

IPL, Indian Premier League’s slogan India ka tyohar(festival) is too apt, as this season does not have major festival to celebrate, but all are united in celebrating cricket. If one name game cricket, then Kapil Dev is not far away in discussions. Kapil Dev has been always associated with sports in one or another form; this time he is bringing a new form of league named “EkNayiLeague” and it’s left to us to guess what’s it is all about.

Kapil Dev clearly gives message to many celebrities that if they play this new league with all by heart then surely they will be hit wicket. Message to cricketers M S Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh also mentions that they need not play this league with emotions. Not only cricketers an encouraging message to Sania Mirza shows how important is for girls to play sports in India, the recognition achieved after playing is tremendous. Famous comic artist Kapil Sharma is also not left out, and Kapil Dev says if he plays all be heart then surely he will receive a googly.

A new league would bring in lot more practical approach not only in sports but also in any field of life. The game changer is the one who thinks with open mind keeping in mind all the pros and cons shall succeed and one who plays with heart would be out of the game. More details and videos can be found of this league at

After listening to various messages by Kapil Dev I think Ek Nayi League is to be played with

Alert Mind: Vigilance is always required in any field, be it sports or a life

Strategy & Planning: Planning plays an important role while playing and such decisions need to be taken by logistic side of person.

Reshuffling: Reshuffle your qualities to achieve the best, and such reshuffling does not need an emotional side of yours.

Following Rules: Rules are soul of the game, so do follow them religiously, Albert Einstein very aptly quoted “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” 

Dedication: Winning over a game needs complete dedication be it a game of cricket, tennis or any sport or be it a life what pays in the end is the way we approach and our instant decisions which brings in unmatched satisfaction.

So, play this nayi league with your alert mind keeping your heart aside. “To win over we sometimes need to think or we can say let our brain lead our heart and see how the output sparkles”. A little jingle for Kapil Paaji and his Ek Nayi League
A new league is on,
Kapil Dev blows the horn.

Come play with wit & valor,
to win the world over.

Join hands from any stream,
be a sport or from tv screen.

Looking forward to this new league and surely can't wait for all the fun it will unfold.