Friday 21 April 2023

Inside Story of Storytellers Bloghop

Spinning stories and weaving it's each thread with utmost care is an art that fiction writers do it brilliantly. With the thought to connect all fiction writers and push novice fiction writers; to dive into the love of fiction writing, the seed of StorytellersBloghop germinated in 2021. 

Storytellers Saga

A partner in this endeavor was a good idea; then we, MeenalSonal, approached our dear Blogger friend Ujjwal Mishra and crafted the shape of Storytellers Bloghop step by step. Ujjwal has workable ideas and is quick to frame guidelines on a particular subject. We all work in sync as we have worked together for decades. Each of us pitches in when the other two are occupied and keep the show running. 

Monday 3 April 2023

How to guide your child with a career choice

Now that the 10th boards have wrapped up, it's time to ponder the significant juncture of life and find the answer to the monstrous question, "Which career option to opt for in class 11"?

While most have clear goals and career paths in mind at this turning point, many children find this task very difficult. Significant boards like CBSE are working towards easing these students' confusion by allowing them to select basic mathematics for those who want to opt out of math in a future class. And for those who wish to pursue a career in fields where math is the primary requirement, then they can appear for standard mathematics board paper.

The significant role here is for parents who can better guide their child to plan a career graph wisely. Making this big decision is not easy for both parents and the child yet keeping in mind a few aspects can ease things out.

Guide your child with right career choice after 10th board

Let's see what five mistakes' parents should avoid when choosing their children's career options after the 10th board.