Sunday 30 April 2017

ZEAL – Main Ingredient

Couldn't find a single minute piece
My puzzle lay incomplete to tease

Every order I try hard to frame
All my ideas however go in vain

A little puzzled I stood in a nook
Realized where that piece could hook

A piece of dream plus dash of passion     
Quickly made my problem shun

Jigsaw puzzle like life is only complete
With the zealous heart all set to compete

A piece is dependent on other parts
As we related to many in life's part

If all fit in right place at right time 
Handling relationship is like song with rhyme 

Zealous heart is life's main ingredient 
Keeps everyone binded while situations being variant

Try new dish centering Zeal

Surely you will have content meal.

Writing for #AtoZChallenge April 2017, Day 26 - Letter Z - Z for ZEAL


With this post we have completed #AtoZChallenge of blogging 26 days with 26 letters. Had a great time writing for this challenge. To read all the post of this year's challenge, see here AtoZChallenge2017


Saturday 29 April 2017


Isn’t the title “Yes, I do” take you down the memory lane, when you had made promises to your loved ones.

YES to any promise comes with great responsibility, and enduring it is a major task too. When we make promise we are actually setting a goal for ourselves, which constantly remind us of our duties in that direction.

Promises to self or to others should be reasonably and practically possible or else you may find yourself in a big trouble. If you think some tasks are out of your reach then very politely say NO. As, every YES from you binds you for a long run challenge. This quote by Hannah Arendt rightly describes the situation “Promises are the uniquely human way of ordering the future, making it predictable and reliable to the extent that this is humanly possible.”

One thing that any person can have in abundance is Promise, irrespective of age, religion and richness, and Ovid says it aptly with this quote “Everyone's a millionaire where promises are concerned”.

However people should never underestimate the power of promise made, it can either make or break someone's heart. It doesn't matter to whom we make promise to but what matters the most is how we work to fulfill one. Lastly I would only say that "Make one to meetone".

Writing for #AtoZChallenge April 2017,  Day 25 - Letter Y - Y for YES


Friday 28 April 2017

Xerox Copy

Universal truth opposites attracts
But what is that eventually distracts

When two are sailing together in motion
Differences in thoughts leads to commotion

Your partner is a completely different person
You acknowledged it with love & compassion

Slowly dissimilar things were not merrier
You no longer enjoy distinctiveness in your carrier
Aura of thoughts - AtoZChallenge
Shedding dissimilarities is now unimaginable
You have chosen an individual with full potential 

Now you think making your clone was much easier
Than asking your partner to change with calmer

Don’t look for your Xerox copy forever
You have the original and best partner

Apprize the dissimilarity in between you two
Love and understanding only solutions to glue

This poem essays the need people feel to see the change in their partner as they wish, which is quite impossible. One should respect the individuality and love the person as he/she is like. I would say life would be great with dissimilarities and "If there is no contradictions, no thrill in life".

Writing for #AtoZChallenge April 2017, Day 24 - Letter X - X for Xerox Copy


Thursday 27 April 2017

Wealthy Relationship

I would like to put forth a set of questions, which would require some analysis. If we assume that unexpectedly one day we are asked to pack, most required items or we can say pack the things without which we are dependent in just 2 suitcases.
Most of us will pack valuables, clothes, cosmetics, our important documents etc. accordingly. But remember you have only 2 suitcases.
Aura of thoughts - AtoZChallenge
Now if I say that due to some unfavorable conditions we have cut short our things so that it fits in only 1 suitcase. Some of us would lessen the number clothes, cosmetics n many lesser expensive
Things behind and taking care to see the most valuables among all and into one.     
At last we were successful to pack the suitcase.
There is one last condition now, it is now we cannot take anything with us, yes - nothing!
That means we don't have anything we are empty handed.

So what! no worries we are still wealthy.
We have our education, our knowledge and our experience of life, plus family friends with us which are the most valuable assets. With these along we can do miracles. 

I just want to put forward a point that we are wealthy within. A person Is not dependent on materialistic things that one possess as the true wealth is in relationships.