Sunday, 30 November 2014

Wish Villa

“This way is your room Sir”, guided hotel porter to the enthusiastic family.  Jimmy and Lily being adventurous kids started pouring plenty of questions to the quiet porter.

He answered all queries and finally said, “Kids, this Wish Villa hotel is famous for granting all wishes, so frame your wishes while your stay” and took leave.

Next day when their parents decided to walk down nearby town, kids decided to cycle around and planned to go library at end.
Source - Friday Fictioneers

After reading the journal, they understood, “Keeping faith in self fulfills all wishes”, secret behind naming the hotel.

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Saturday, 29 November 2014

ताकतवर बोल ( Power in Speech )

The noble initiative by Indiblogger and StrepsilsIndia #AbMontuBolega  ,Visit to know about this.It will surely help in bringing about a change in our society. You can visit StrepsilsIndia on facebook and Twitter.Speech has a power which can transform many hearts. Ralph Waldo Emerson very aptly quoted “Speech is power: speech is to persuade,to convert, to compel.” Keeping this in mind we have jotted down our feelings in the form of a poem.

सब कुछ चुपचाप ताकते ,
मन ही मन सबको कोसते,
क्यूँ यह सब है सहना ,
अब तो कुछ है कहना । 

आवाज़ को अपनी बुलन्द बनाकर   ,
अन्तर्मन की सोच बदलकर ,
आज तो सब है कहना ,
मन मैं कुछ न रखना। 

घर आँगन को स्वच्छ बनाना ,
अपने मोहल्ले को भी जोड़ना ,
सबको इसकी एहेमता समझाना ,
कोई गलती करे तो टोकना। 

बड़ों को सफ़ाई का महत्व समझाना ,
नेता को भी यह याद दिलाना ,
सभी के साथ से चमकेगा भारत ,
लगा दो इसमें मन एवं लागत। 

कब तक बोल को टटोलेगा ,
भरी आँखों से चुपचाप सहेगा ,
कब तक सेहमा खड़ा रहेगा ,
अब तो  मोंटू बोलेगा। 

नयी रहें फिर देखो कैसे ,
उज्जवल भविष्य की ओर लेजाती ,
हर मन की आकांक्षाएँ जैसे ,
पूरी होती जाती। 

क्यों न अभी से ही प्रयत्न करें ,
हर एक पल का मूल्य समझें ,
हम भी बता दें सबको ,
आओ कुछ सिखा दें सबको। 

स्ट्रेपसिल्स इंडिया का है यह वादा ,

आवाज़ को बुलंद करें और ज्यादा ,
स्वर को ऊंचा ले जाएं जो,
देश की भलाई को। 

इंडीब्लॉगर के  यह उद्देश में ,

साथ है सारे हम ,
अपनी लिपि की ताकत से ,
बदलेंगे सबको हम। 

English translation :

Everything watching around us in silence,
Blaming everyone in heart,
Why do we have to undergo wrong things?

Now its time to speak.

Its time to raise our voice,
Change our way of thinking,
Today we need to say something,
Without keeping anything in our hearts.

Lets clean our house,
And join our community too,
Lets tell the importance to all,
Correcting all the mistakes.

Teaching our elders the importance of cleanliness,
Remind all our leaders,
Only then can India Shine,
With all our true efforts and wealth.

How long is he going to search for words,
With teary eyes and restless soul,
How long we he will stand frightened,
Now Montu will surely speak.

Then surely we will find new path,
Which will lead to a fruitful future,
Every desire will then be,
Surely be fulfilled.

Why not we start from today,
Understanding the value of time,
We can also teach someone.

Strepsils helps in making our voice bolder,
Taking all of us to a new level,
Which will help us,
For the betterment of our country.

We are all united in this  Indibloggers noble initiative,
With the power of our writing,
We will surely make a transformation.

@ AuraOfThoughts

Friday, 28 November 2014

How To Conquer

How to step up in a pain,
When miseries give a strain.
How to inculcate strength again,
Fighting all odds is the game.

How to grab every second in hand,
Seems slipping away as sand.
How to sing a lovely song,
In deep meadows and dark storms.

Every alternate seems to shrink,
not a second way to think.

Hope does the magic !

But, STOP said my inner soul,
Everything can't be a foul.

Surely there are paths to adore,
Storm can also lead to shore.
Circumstances comes and vanish,
Let's not allow hope to banish.

New horizon shall be soon visible,
Making life smooth and stable.
This is how to conquer a bad day,
Be it yesterday or today.

@ Meenal

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

GOD in Disguise

“Sorry Mom.”

“But what was the need George? See your swollen ankle.”

“Mom the essentials were missing there, whereas I have plenty in closet.”

“Can’t God disseminate equally, as you do with pie at dinnertime?”

"Son you did what God left midway."

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Past Attachments

“Why do you always stop here” questioned Varun.

“I feel magic in this place, may be my past is calling me here to complete some unfinished work”Harsha answered, gazing at old shut garage.
“Is it? Calling from last birth; I don’t believe in such things” irritated Varun winked and gave vocational courses entrance form to him.
Snowstorm by Maurice de Vlaminck
Harsha promptly selected spare part handling course, “Yes, this is my destination; no job is small, if done professionally”.

Sometimes we don’t need a plan to execute things they just happen, thought Varun shaking hands with Harsha, the largest spare part dealer.