Monday 27 May 2019

EBook Review : Letters from the Soul by Purba Chakraborty

This is the season of Ebooks I feel, as Blogchatter Ebook Carnival is up with 100 of ebooks of various genres right from Travel, food, parenting to Anthologies. The EBook “Letters from Soul” by Purba Chakraborty is our first to review under this carnival blanket and is part of Blogchatter Book Review Program

Poetry Book Review

Book Title:

Letters from the Soul. The title is so intriguing that essays a reader is going to witness writings with heart poured in it and having in depth meaning.

Book Cover:

The cover showcases the girl standing at the horizon with sea in the forefront, which gives many positive vibes while looking at the cover. And the subtitle also adds to the weight of the book that makes the reader to think about the soul searching and soul healing.

Wednesday 15 May 2019

NETTIPATNAM - Kerela Crafts

In last summer vacation I visited Kerela I must say I instantly fell in love with the weather. It was major relief from the scorching heat of Delhi to cool breezes of seacoast. The backwaters with the lush green surroundings were really bliss.

Kerela is known best for it beaches, backwaters and most importantly its handicrafts. It was so mesmerizing to see the beautiful artifacts at various places we visited. Few things caught my attention and one of those from Kerela crafts that made me to stop was Nettipatam. Its intricate design left me awestruck and so I decided to explore more about it.

Friday 10 May 2019

Book Review: Once UpOn a Genie by Durriya Kapasi

I stumbled upon this book on Half Baked Beans Facebook Page and downloaded it few months back. The title of the book, always made to start reading this book as a word Genie would take me to fantasy land. I am glad that this stumble was pleasant one, so now coming up with a review of this book.

Book Title & Cover:

Book Title “Once Up on a Genie” by Durriya Kapaasi will definitely makes many to pick a book and start reading as many readers want to be in a land where imaginations have no limits.

Book cover is yellow based where a Genie is appearing from the bottle and aback cover has main character Daisy and her best friend Darren.
Story revolves around these three characters and they do justice on the cover page.

About the Author: 
Durriya Kapasi is a Creative Writing Teacher, a foodie and a traveller. She is a cancer survivor and now she also supports and motivates cancer patients. Born in India and now she is best selling author with debut novel.