Sunday 31 May 2020

7 reasons to add Moral Education period in Schools : #EducationForAll #CauseAChatter

We have always heard about how education is very important aspect of life. You can refer our previous posts to know how education helps and has importance in us in various walks of life. Knowledge of subjects and its application does complete our education at certain level or is there something else that is being not focussed. Is there an area of development of child that is being completely neglected. Let us say for example a Robotic Engineer will have all the learnings about the design, the AI systems and physics involved in building a robot so, we can say engineer is a well-educated successful person. 


But can we also assume that this robotic engineer also has qualities like responsible, sensible, open minded and good human being. No we cannot, for that we also need moral education to be part of our education system.


Schools in the rush to complete huge syllabus and focussing on sports and extra co-curricular activities the exclusive moral science period is not added in curriculum. And due to this there are many situations in life where a topper student also fail to understand simple or sometimes misses to understand basic human behavioural traits.


Saturday 9 May 2020

Mother Earth keeps her heart out on this #MothersDay

Mother Earth is recovering, healing, evolving and gleaming with new energy. Her flora and fauna got back their long lost homes. She is safe as bad radiations will not harm her. But she is not looking happy and content, she obviously cannot be. A mother wants to see her every child happy and prosperous.

The human race is on complete turmoil so how can she ignore her child as being a mother her heart pours for everyone. She is praying to heal the sufferings fast, but she is afraid that this arrogant child of her will ever understand the importance of her creation, will respect her or will take steps to protect her. 

Nevertheless her nature is to give, give equally to all. She can only hope that this time there will be transformation in thoughts and her child will emerge as a winner who will never let her mother weep again. These poetic lines expresses what Mother Earth feels about the changes in her and in her child (humans).

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