Friday, 23 October 2020

Micronutrients that can help you boost your Immunity and control Blood Sugar Levels

We have been learning the concept of immunity from our childhood through science lessons and due to the current situation, immunity and boosting it has taken grip of the entire world. Our doctors keep telling us to follow diets that improve or build our immune system.

What is immunity?

The body's immune system is the fighting ability of the antibodies to resist the harmful toxins entering our body from causing damage. This immune system varies from person to person as it depends on a lot of different factors.

Why does immunity vary from body to body?

Persons suffering from ailments like high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels are more susceptible to complications as a result of infections.  

The uncontrolled levels of blood sugar can also cause a menace to the proper functioning of different organs that may be a welcoming sign to other ailments.  

Managing Diabetes - MeenalSonal

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Book Review : Along came a Spyder by Apeksha Rao

A story of a super spy teenager who is not afraid to dare anything which comes across her. This fiction series has in it all - the thrill, suspense, and action.  Let us see what more the book offers to the young and adult readers.

Book Title & Book Cover 

Along came a SPYDER

The cover of the book portrays the lead character of the book. The caricature has a striking resemblance to the author's facial features. Overall a simple, and bright cover gives an idea about what's inside the story.

The Spyder Plot: 

Samira Joshi, a 17-year-old teenager wants to pursue her career as a spy and dares to face any situation. Well, she has all this inherited from her grandmother and her parents. Her parents, Ranjit and Alka Joshi are uber-patriotic, smart, brave, and ruthless working as elite intelligence agents for RAW.

Samira had a very different upbringing, in childhood, she was asked to solve anagrams and numeric codes. By the time she was 5 she could speak eight different languages and was trained in counter-surveillance measures. She was provided with special Krav Maga training.

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Daydream of the Universal Wish : Haiku Poetry

Dreaming while sleeping is like entering the world unconsciously but when you Daydream about a particular thing then it is your subconscious that is making an effort to show you the desire deep burrowed. Dreams do talk about our wishes and miracles we expect to turn in our side in a flash of a second. 

In the below series of Haiku, we will express what we daydream of. To all the new to the poetic world of haiku, let us share with you all that Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry of 17 syllables distributed in three lines with the count of 5-7-5. We love penning Haiku as it expresses so much in fewer words. 

Daydream in Covid19 - MeenalSonal

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

9 Kinds of Moms in SCHOOL WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp groups have their own charm, and there are several groups right from school friends to society friends, from official group to non-official groups, from family groups to cousins groups, and not to forget moms WhatsApp group. Due to the pandemic, schools have created official WhatsApp groups to keep all students in sync.

One of the best stress-busters in the Moms WhatsApp groups, you can know by yourself once you read the chats, and we have varieties of mothers whose participation and non-participation rate make them stand out in the crowd.

WhatsApp School Group - MeenalSonal


Friday, 9 October 2020

Book Review : All That for a B-School , story of Dilemma in Life

"The sandcastles may have been fragile but the resolve in our hearts was as sturdy as ever".


I would like to start my review with this beautiful thought from the book ‘All That For A B-School?! by Swapnil Paranjape, Prajakta Sinai; depicting the childhood play at the beach or making sandcastles. The innocence of childhood and the firm resolve should flow throughout our life to face every situation in life. 

Book Title & Book Cover: 

All That For A B - School?! Co-Authored by: Swapnil Paranjape, Prajakta Sinai.

The book cover has the title at the forefront, and a university in the backdrop gives us a glimpse of a university. The book cover is simple, and the font used for the title is also plain simple.

All that BSchool review - MeenalSonal

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Best Natural & Organic Baby Body wash & its Benefits for Toddlers

All parents would agree that cleanliness and child happiness are directly proportional. To maintain a cleaning routine various products are used for the baby, and baby body wash is one of them.  Selecting a toddler baby wash has many criteria, with the ingredients and the make of the product plus package of the product. 

In this blog post, we discuss the main guidelines for the baby body wash, and that is best suitable for the baby's sensitive skin. We also share the best organic baby body wash for babies.

Why use a plant-powered or organic baby wash

Baby skin is gentle and sensitive to the slightest variations around. To ensure that the baby gets maximum benefits, one should always go for natural products. Nature has gifted us with bountiful products that have healing powers. The benefits of health rich ingredients like essential oils, plants, and herbal extracts are combined into organic products. The plant-powered natural extracts infused baby wash is safe on delicate baby skin. 

Tips for selecting baby wash - MeenalSonal

Sunday, 4 October 2020

सन्नाटे में शोर : परिवर्तन :: Roar in Silence : A Change

There is a need for a CHANGE, a positive change of our mindsets and attitudes. We all need to look forward to a change that makes a person the real HUMAN. We all need to roar for a change not only when such inhuman acts happen but also to work towards the change continuously. Why we all need reminders to act on positive change when such inhuman acts take place, and then there is utter silence until such acts happen again. 

This below Hindi poetry encourages us to roar for justice even when there is silence after indecent actions.  

Saanate mein shor poem - MeenalSonal Blogchatter

आज जिस बात पर इतना शोर है , 

कल यही पर सन्नाटा होगा | 

आज प्रश्न हुए है उजागर कई ,

जवाब कब मिलेगा यह पता नहीं | 

हाहाकार मचा चारों ओर आज ,

कल यही ख़ामोशी का बजेगा साज़ | 

फिर सन्नाटा छा जायेगा सभी पे ,

जब तक एक चीख़ उठे नहीं किसी कोने में | 

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

New Guidelines for Teachers in NEP 2020 : #EducationForAll #CauseAChatter

New Education Policy has brought in a fresh perspective towards education and also promised large recruitment opportunities for teaching staff. NEP 2020 has the foundation policy of flexibility that gives the educators and students an extensive layout of courses to build their careers in life.

Today in this post of the #EducationForAll series of the #CauseAChatter of Blogchatter we will discuss the opportunities and the guidelines in NEP2020 for teaching staff.

TeacherGuidelines in NEP 2020 - MeenalSonal

Monday, 28 September 2020

Movie with Four Versatile Love stories: Forbidden Love Review

Love has countless shades and to see it getting portrayed in a movie is a beautiful experience. Watching the movies, with twists and turns on the love genre is a treat to all the viewers, and ZEE5 knows this best. The latest ZEE5 movie Forbidden Love has a new concept. It has four love stories that have a model that is forbidden by society. These four movies make viewers think about the boundaries of love. In this post, we will look at the details of each of the films.

Sunday, 27 September 2020

Best comfortable Baby party wear dress in India

Parents give utmost comfort to their child and always look forward that child accessories are also safe on their sensitive skin. Dressing up the little bundle of joy is a great experience and a treat to eyes. One can enjoy the number of facial expressions toddlers make when they are getting dressed up and must tell you each one is a worthy catch in a smart device. I am sure the storage goes full yet, little fellas have so much to express. There are many kids wear range available that are stylish, colorful, trendy, and comfortable in varying prints and designs.


Dressing up Baby in Party Wear for special occasions:

On a special occasion, we want our child to look at its best; we even plan for it from months ahead. Choosing the clothing range for babies is a tedious task as we need to look at many aspects when it is time for opting party wear. We want our child to be comfortable, stylish, yet distinguished and cute. While selecting clothes for my child, I keenly look for these pointers as a parent.

Monday, 21 September 2020

Book Review of YA book The Itsy Bitsy Spyder by Apeksha Rao

We all want to be in a profession which gives us excitement in life and what will happen when the job itself is thrilling. Let us have a look at the detailed book review of 'The Itsy Bitsy Spyder' by Apeksha Rao.

Book Title & Cover:  

The title of the book 'The Itsy Bitsy Spyder'  is on the lines of a famous nursery rhyme with a twist in word Spyder, which tells us that it is going to be a story about a spy.

The cover is very eye-catching with colorful caricatures of the lead character in the centre while all the other characters who influence the lead surround her.

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Mystery Book Review : A Silent Takeover by Sarvananda Chandrashekaraiah

Media can go deep with the facts and find the truth of a superstar, the book ‘A Silent Takeover’ by Sarvananda Chandrashekaraiah tells us how it can be done and with what dedication the media person actually struggles for the story. Let us look in detail at the book review of the book.
Book Cover: The book cover has the title written in capitals plus it is simple with a girl wandering in woods to find something and spots a creature flying. This gives us a hint of ghost and psychic angle in the story.
Book Title: The title ‘A Silent Takeover’ makes the reader think in two – three perspectives with respect to the plot. The takeover of status quo, the partner or life on whole. A Silent Takeover title stands so true and will make it a complete effect till the end of the book.


Friday, 11 September 2020

खुला दरवाज़ा : New dimensions of COVID 19 Pandemic


Life is testing us at every single aspect in the pandemic situation, be it personal level, professional or social level. All the parameters have new dimensions besides the flow of information that we receive is also overwhelming. It is our duty to train the mind in positive features in the unlock phase of pandemic. This Hindi poetry focuses on the magnitudes we can make our life to emphasis on and how one can be at peace in this lockdown and unlock stages.

Coronavirus hindi poetry-MeenalSonal

दरवाज़ा है खुला पर कोई आहट नहीं 

काम है कई पर कहीं निकलना नहीं 

यह डर नहीं है दोस्तों समझदारी हैं 

अपने आप को रोक के बढ़ना , यह बड़ाई हैं | 

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Deepna Nagar Children Book Review: The Bug The Bear & Baby Boo

Children are fascinated with a story full of colors, surprises and of course love it when the animals are part of it. Today we are reviewing a book for children by Deepna Nagar, this book is introduced to us by the Writersmelon team.


The children's book is most difficult to pen, sighting the audience and their understanding level the author has to weave a story that is connected to children, have a message and a good percentage of work, let's see if all this is considered in this book.


Book Title & Book Cover:

The book title ‘The Bug The Bear and Baby Boo’ by Deepna Nagar catches your attention from the title itself. All the characters starting from letter ‘B’ makes the title interesting plus creates a jingle kind of line with the long title in a smart way.


The Bug bear & baby Boo - Book Review

The book cover as you see in the above picture is completely depicting the characters in a linear yet attractive manner. The letter B is prominent in the title and the design is well played to make the long title look remarkable for children.

Saturday, 29 August 2020

Importance of Vocational Education in India : #EducationForAll #CauseAChatter

Skilled person can make a living on its own, can create new avenues for self and even turn events in a manner that are fruitful in life. Let us see what is skill and how much importance it holds in personal life and how the education sector contributes to skill building. This post is a part of #EducationForAll series, today let’s focus on the importance of Vocational Education and its foundation in our education system of India.


Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Churails ZEE5 Original Review : Women empower for the justice

“A woman is like a tea bag—you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” Elenor Roosevelt


Women have the bounty full of patience in their kitty but if the level of the patience is broken then one can witness the side of a woman that was never imagined by any. Churails , a thriller web series of ZEE5 showcases the story of four women who turn to the avengers path to bring people on the right path.


Churails – Web Series Details:

Churails web series is ZEE Zindagi show that aired from August 11, 2020. It comprises 10 episodes , each being 55 minute each. With this show ZEE Zindagi begins its journey of multi-cultural shows and also looking forward for global ownership. This show is directed by Abbasi, who is famous for his work in Cake, which was picked by Netflix in 2019.

Churails Review - MeenalSonal

Monday, 24 August 2020

5 Best Natural Baby Massage Oils & Benefits

Baby massage with natural oils has surplus benefits to the baby and is also about nurturing an emotional bond with the little one.


Age-Old Tradition:

Infant massage is the age-old custom that is practiced to date as it aids in improving the physical development in babies. The knowledge about the proper massaging technique is very important.


Massage Timings:

The best time for infant massage is within the first three months as the development process begins and progresses at a faster pace. Massage to be done for the baby on an empty stomach as all the muscles and limbs are bent plus exercises are done so that muscles get strong. If the baby is fed just before the massage, the baby may vomit or feel uneasy during the massage time.


Proper Technique of Massage

The oil massage is done with very light hands keeping in mind proper strokes from head to toe. Massaging the baby with gentle hands not only relaxes the baby but also activates the development of healthy muscles and bones. Massaging a baby with ayurvedic body massage oil not only builds strong muscles but also develops a bond between baby and parent.


Emotional Bond building

Other than physical benefits massaging aids in intellectual development too. Massaging relaxes the baby thus improving sleep patterns and blood circulation. The beautiful connection between mother and child during the massaging process is something to cherish for.


Picking Best Massage Oil

The most important part of the massage is to pick the right massage oil that best suits the baby's skin requirements. Organic or natural ingredients infused oils are mostly preferred as such baby oil for skin nurtures the body too. One should also keep in mind the change in the season while choosing a baby massage oil. Like for example pick a rich moisture oil during winters and a light non-greasy oil during the summer season.

Massage Benefits - MeenalSonal

Thursday, 20 August 2020

6 ways to instill importance of 'MY INDIA' in children

A culmination of varied cultures, rich values, valuable history, brave people, diverse natural resources, colorful feast of attires, magnanimous heritage, multi-fold delicacies and what not. We can relate to our country INDIA very easily when we hear the above lines. 


This grandeur of Indian cultures and values should be known to every generation and that can be achieved when we involve the kids to do their bit for the nation. It is our foremost duty to introduce them to the worth of culture and traditions with proper justification.


Apart from restricting ourselves to showcase patriotism on only National Days we shall habituate ourselves to shower love and care towards nation ‘My India’ on each day. We all can do a few simple practises in our life to add a significant contribution to the nation besides these can be taught to our next generation.


patriotism in kids - MeenalSonal

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Family entertainment with ZEE5 Club pack & its benefits

It is seen that in a crowd of people we tend to get divided based on our liking, age and admirations. Each one of us certainly needs company of like-minded people and that is most enjoyed. Similarly when we pick something for our family we do keep in mind the taste of all the members and choose one that best fits our requirements.

 ZEE5 club pack has solved this dilemma for us, It has a combination of all types of serials, movies, programs which targets people of all ages and tastes. It is a bouquet of complete family entertainment which muses each and every member of the family.


ZEE5 Club subscription - MeenalSonal

1. Single platform Multiple Shows

When multiple choices come under a single OTT platform that’s the only wish one can ask for. The ZEE5 club pack also resolves many tiffs when a family wants to choose a single platform yet have variant choices. All the Alt Balaji shows are part of the pack, so Balaji shows such as Kumkum Bhagya, Kundali Bhagya can be viewed. Alt Balaji web series such as Rangbaaz & Rangbaaz Phirse which are popular in thriller section can also be viewed in this club pack.


Monday, 10 August 2020

Important Wishes from Genie I dream to fulfil

There is a haze and suddenly a genie appears, no not in reality but in a dream. I dream of a Genie where he asks me for three wishes I wish to fulfil. Being a thinker and knowing that wishes can’t be changed later on I grilled my head with the wishes which can change things for good. Yes, you can only edit in the digital world in reality till date you need to think before you speak. After a few minutes of battle between brain and heart I ended up three important wishes that Genie would grant me.

Genie Wishes - MeenalSonal

Saturday, 8 August 2020

4 Right habits to continue after #Covid19 Pandemic

The Covid19 pandemic has changed our way of living, be it inside home or outside. We all have learnt to survive and be happy in the essentials and even learnt to keep ourselves at peace balancing all the work be it home chores, professional commitments, kids’ online routines and cheering the house while taking utmost care of the family.


Coronavirus pandemic has taught us many things, firstly to be mentally strong and secondly to be physically fit plus it has imbibed new habits which I am surely not going to stop practicing few habits that started with this pandemic but surely will even continue after #Covid19 pandemic ends.


After Covid ends - MeenalSonal

1.    Prioritize Health:

We all knew Health is Wealth from our earlier days and many believed and practiced their life around this mantra. But now each and every person on the earth has started practicing this in real terms.

Building immunity has been core virtue and we all are working collectively to do that. Be it drinking homemade hot drinks that has all the goodness of health.

Eating Healthy has been started by many and we as a family also have started regulating our food more now. Fun in experiments with food has been challenging but this pandemic has taught us to learn this art also. Kids are also trying their hands in no-fire cooking or baking under parent’s guidance.

Exercising which was mostly rescheduled in the whole week chart has taken a first spot in the day and must say exercising in the morning fills the whole day with energy.

Friday, 7 August 2020

Story Time is best with MaPa Story App

Stories are our main ingredient in a dish called LIFE, they add so much value and show us the path in dilemma situations. Stories give us hope, take us to fantasy land and improve our imagination too. Children also like stories for the same reasons they like to empower the world with the story and win like the story characters. Listening to stories is children's all-time favourite task and later they turn into great storytellers.


 The art of storytelling is an ancient practise of communicating moral values, religious beliefs, rich cultures and varied traditions, valour of brave kings and queens. When we turn pages of Indian history we come across how storytelling was very much prominent and was effectively used to put across a point in a manner that was understood by people of any age. Since ages most of the beliefs are passed on from one generation to next through this method. 


Wednesday, 5 August 2020

5 reasons why Maths is important in our life

The moment we step into this world maths becomes an integral part of life. For example when a child is born we immediately start celestial calculations for finding the letter from which the child’s name will begin. Mathematics plays a very critical role in day to day life; at some point or the other we all need to use maths and its formulas in every activity we do. So we can say that maths walk with us till we are there in this world. Unknowingly Maths is part of  life which we cannot ignore and we all need to make partnership with it for running a smooth life.


Beyond this, Maths also helps to craft human behaviour and methodologies to look at things around us. Let us analyze 5 reasons why maths is important in our lives.

Why Maths Important - MeenalSonal

Friday, 31 July 2020

Implementation of New Education Policy 2020: #EducationForAll #CauseAChatter

Good news flowing in the education field with Ministry of Human Resources Department, stated New Education Policy of the year 2020. Former ISRO chief Dr. K Kasturirangan headed the nine-member team who written new education policy which also comprised members of MHRD.


The country is rejoicing, educators, academicians and students are looking for a positive change in the education system through the new education policy, NEP2020 proposal. Let’s have a look at the benefits of the new education policy and change it can bring in the education field and make India prosperous nation in this sector too.


Implementation of NEP 2020-AuraOfThoughts

Now many are concerned how NEP 2020 will be implemented and most importantly when NEP 2020 will be implemented. Parents, educators and students started raising their questions as this academic year 2020-2021 is itself a challenge in the education due to Covid 19 pandemic.


Tuesday, 28 July 2020

7 Free Awesome eBooks for all Book Lovers

As the Seven colors of the rainbow make it beautiful and each color has its own facet and distinguishes among others so are these eBooks published in Blogchatter Ebook Carnival. We have picked these seven books from more than 60 plus books published this year. The review of these books is short and in alphabetical order as it would be hard for us to rate them in any other manner. 

Book reviews of these books will leave with a collection of poetry, non-fiction where culture, philosophy to read plus health book, and in fiction from love stories to soulful letters. Be ready to ride with us on a book tour with some amazing free books to read. You can also check out which notable e-books Cindy, our blogger friend has picked who blogs

Free ebooks to download - AuraOfThoughts

Friday, 24 July 2020

Yaara Movie & its mesmerizing Khudkhushi song - #ZEE5 Original Film

In the midst of pandemic where we are centered with news of fear and anxiety, we all need to stay calm and have all precautionary measures. One of the ways to stay calm from all the anxiety is by diverting your mind therefore entertainment plays a major role in life. Watching movies is one of the means of entertainment that reaches masses and puts across the point well. Though most of us might be missing going to theatres to enjoy watching their favourite actors in action, this pandemic has taught us that movies could be equally enjoyable when the whole family is together at home. 


ZEE5 is coming up with many movies to be released on ZEE5 Original and one movie that has captured my attention is YAARA.

Yaara Movie Review - AuraOfThoughts

Monday, 20 July 2020

Book Review: Potpourri by Deepak Kaul

Potpourri are the emotions of many during the pandemic, it’s like naming the seven dwarfs of Snow-White story Happy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful, Dopey and most important one Doc. Similarly, varied emotions are captured in the book titled ‘Potpourri’ by Deepak Kaul.


Book Title & Book Cover:


As the name suggests Potpourri is a mixture of short stories depicting various emotions and taking a reader on a ride all over the world with these stories. Author Deepak Kaul very efficiently picked up the cover image of the book as one of the stories is based on US President ‘Donald Trump’.

Potpourri Book Review - AuraOfThoughts

Saturday, 18 July 2020

LOVE tested during COVID 19 Pandemic : #ShortLoveStory

This post has been published by us as a part of Blog-a-Ton 59; the fifty-ninth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with ​IndiCreator. For Creators. By Creators.. Share Your #LockdownTales at

“So, we have our guidelines set and hoping this roll-out to be smooth and not bumpy as last one. Ria you head the Developer team and Nits you Testing team. Take the charge and make the project roll out” Sonia the project lead addressed the team of 37. She added “Lets take a break while the onsite team makes the necessary settings”.


Everybody started dispersing from the conference room and started heading to the cafeteria and few to their cubicles.


“Ria, let’s grab a coffee before you start explaining inters their to-do”, Nitish asked her in a pleading manner. He knew Ria was little upset with last week advancements.


Ria instructed “Shweta, I am in cafeteria; call me if any alarming message comes from onsite” and walked towards cafeteria in silence though his love of life was walking beside him.


Nitish held her hand as they sat with their favorite Dalgona coffee but Ria slowly pulled her hand away from his grip.


“Nit’s I want you to say it before it’s too late”, Ria stated in devastating tone.


“Ria after two years of our relationship you don’t trust me” confused Nitish smirked.


“It’s Riana…Riana Sheikh. These nick names in the company is taking toll in my life”, Ria blurted in a single say.


Monday, 13 July 2020

Happiness Mantra that works for all

Happiness has varied dimensions and definitions. It's an amazing emotion that cannot be measured on scale, neither it has any boundary, it's not dependent on only big events, it just doubles when you share. 


In real sense happiness is within one and all, we only need to erase that fine line that stops us most of the time to feel the real happiness.


Each one of us has some reason to be happy and it absolutely doesn't matter how big or small it is. Once we start tasting happiness in every little thing we do, we start living life to the fullest. 


Today we also have a reason to pamper ourselves as we are penning our 500th post. This is a beautiful coincidence that the happiness post is our 500th post as our blog always focuses on spreading happiness through its aura of positivity.

Happiness Goals - MeenalSonal

We sisters Meenal & Sonal are glad that the journey till date was beautiful with memorable moments to cherish for that inspire us to reach many more milestones in future.


Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Know Journey of Sembaruthi Actors : ZEE5 Tamil show

Watching different shows and films in this Lockdown period has been a new experience all together and discussing the same with friends for recommendations is also new normal. In past few days while discussing the same with friends we heard lot of good reviews about the Tamil shows and specifically about Sembaruthi show and the cast of the show. Being in South India in growing years we are well versed with Tamil and Telugu language so looking for such shows is usual affair for us.


Shabana Shahjan PriyaRama - AuraOfThoughts

When looked for Sembaruthi, found that it is a romantic drama TV series airing on ZEE5 Tamil which has casting Shabana Shajahan as Parvathy, Karthik Raj as Aaditya and Priya Raman as Akilandeshwari. Sembaruthi story line is as situations makes Parvathy and Aaditya to marry secretly and Aaditya’s mother Akhilandeshwari who is an affluent woman has high hopes for his son but is annoyed to learn the secret of marriage. The drama and the emotions are well enacted in the show. Let’s take a look at the acting journey of the these three lead actors.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Solution to Education vs Hunger Pangs : #MidDayMeals #EducationForAll #CauseAChatter

We are going to ponder upon a very important aspect of #EducationForAll series of #CauseAChatter. Let us first read this fiction story titled ‘Difficult Decision’ before we move ahead.

School Education and meals - AuraOfThoughts


It was fine sunny morning, and the time when Kriti was sipping a cup of tea, while reading newspaper. She had finished her morning chores, and Kamu her helper was washing utensils, when suddenly she heard; “I want to , I want to Maa”. Kriti folded newspaper and took her cup to walk to backyard where she saw Vishnu crying and pleading to his mother.

“I will go to school today Maa, I can’t be at home.” said Vishnu in a shivering voice.


“Why not, I will myself drop you there; you won’t miss the school” replied Kamu with a heavy heart.

“That’s good Kamu, your son is so passionate about the studies, and one day he will become a successful man” Kriti said.  She gave Vishnu a packet of stationery and story book and patted him.

Saturday, 20 June 2020

How Failures can Lead us to VIRTUOUS PATH : Poetry

Life keeps throwing many challenges before us only to teach us its beautiful precious lessons. But the question arises as to why this learning is necessary at all?


Most of us know what to do when we achieve our dreams or how to celebrate this virtue of life but what if the path taken by us leads nowhere or what if we could not attain what we want?


This backward push of life is the most important chapter of life and handling these situations gracefully is the real test. Let not negativity creep in and stride with more passion to move ahead. These poetic lines will surely give a way to handle the failures and lead a Virtuous Path.

Monday, 8 June 2020

Learn How to Write Honest Book Review in 6 Steps

As words do magic for the book so does the words in a post for the ‘Book Review’. Writing a book review is an intelligent task as you have to put across the insights of the book in your words.  Book reviews are vital for any book be it paperback book, eBook or a book published on digital platforms like Blogchatter in eBook Carnival, Juggernaut, Pothi.


Today we are going to focus on up on few pointers that enhances the book review. So let’s see what it takes to construct an honest book review.

How to Write Book Review - MeenalSonal

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Laugh it loud with these Free Hindi Comedy Movies on #ZEE5

Laugh with your family and friends to the fullest, what else will anyone ever want more than this. A gala time spent with our dear ones is so refreshing and energy reviving that its goodness keeps lingering all the time making us more content and happy.


This pandemic has put in our pockets ample time to spend with our family and make the most of it. Watching comedy movies with everyone at home along with homemade popcorn and snacks is the best part to vouch for. ZEE5 indeed understands the quality family time and have a collection of comedy movies to choose from. These are few free Comedy movies on ZEE5 I can watch it multiple times with my family and have laughter echoing in the home.

Free Hindi Movies - MeenalSonal

Sunday, 31 May 2020

7 reasons to add Moral Education period in Schools : #EducationForAll #CauseAChatter

We have always heard about how education is very important aspect of life. You can refer our previous posts to know how education helps and has importance in us in various walks of life. Knowledge of subjects and its application does complete our education at certain level or is there something else that is being not focussed. Is there an area of development of child that is being completely neglected. Let us say for example a Robotic Engineer will have all the learnings about the design, the AI systems and physics involved in building a robot so, we can say engineer is a well-educated successful person. 


But can we also assume that this robotic engineer also has qualities like responsible, sensible, open minded and good human being. No we cannot, for that we also need moral education to be part of our education system.


Schools in the rush to complete huge syllabus and focussing on sports and extra co-curricular activities the exclusive moral science period is not added in curriculum. And due to this there are many situations in life where a topper student also fail to understand simple or sometimes misses to understand basic human behavioural traits.