Sunday 29 January 2023

Achieve Your Financial Goals in 7 Simple Steps

 As we have already entered the New Year, most of us must have planned a better financial year. Whether we are planning budgets to purchase our desired things or saving the amount for the future, whatever the reason, managing finances is a crucial part of every household. And being financially literate is one of the essential parts of life.

Sometimes the habits we have been following for ages also account for financial planning. Let us see a few ways to control finances and save money for future goals to meet.

Easy finance tips

Saturday 21 January 2023

What Is The Meaning Of the 21-Gun Salute On Republic Day?

It's our 74th year since the first inception of the Indian constitution on 26 January 1950. The day marks celebrations across the country, and we all look forward to the various events at the Rajpath in New Delhi. Our Republic Day processions include multiple events occurring in a particular order year by year with the same finesse and discipline. Each Republic Day celebration event holds its significance and historical backing. One moment that fills our hearts with pride is the 21-gun salute to honor our President of the country and our national flag. 

So, let's understand more about this honor.

Saturday 14 January 2023

Book Review No Shadow Without Light by Luke Gracias

With time, a person evolves, and with time nature changes. No Shadow Without Light by Luke Gracias is a fiction book that is a sequel to 'The Devil's Prayer.' The book deals with a subject relatable to everyone who loves nature and wishes for a sustainable life. Let us look at the gripping fiction story that takes you worldwide.

Book Cover: 

The plain black cover with a cross and devil sign merged keeps it clear that the story revolves around God & the Devil. A pinch of light sparkling at the cross justifies the book's title.

Story Plot: 

The story is set from the year 2014 to the year 2021 when Siobhan is on the hunt to find the reason for her mother's death. Her sister Jess and grandmother Edith are not involved at the start of the hunt, but later on, they are also roped in by the circumstances. Siobhan has to find 12 pages to save the world from falling into the devil's hand, and each step to each letter is filled with many difficulties. Inspector Luca Reginalli played a crucial role in the story walking hand in hand with Siobhan at each hunt for the Page. Can Siobhan gather all the pages of the letter, or does she stake her loved ones, for it is totally worth reading it?