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Aura Of Thoughts puts forth it' s own  quotes on a beautiful thoughts on Life Lessons, Life Values, CompanionParents which are expressed in various posts of  the blog.

“The innocence of a child is an astounding quality which if not withered away as they grow can spread love and happiness everywhere”

“Child’s mind is like clay, which gets easily moulded in a way we want them to.”

“New beginning accompanies new fears, new emotions and thus refine us…..”

“My father is the individual who has influenced me the most and is the greatest gift I have ever received.” 

“Whatever be the calling name the emotion and love hidden in it is same”

"Women are an inherent part of our society; set to rock the world though their shoulders are burdened with unsaid responsibilities.”
“Once you are content with learning then not much fun is left to live”.

“Unbound love, respect for each other’s feelings and honesty never fades away with distances.”
“Moments are junctures of life, which lead us to an unimaginable world”

"Best moments happen when they are Spontaneous, Prompt, and Unplanned and are Remembered forever."

“Mutual respect  & complete freedom in thoughts of life and having rhythm in walking the ups and downs in life makes a marriage successful.”
Excitement of life comes with change by adopting new ways and exploring the challenges ahead. It helps to keep us get going to unfold many more changes ahead”.

“Life always has paths with sharp turns, but a change in our vehicle called mind can make the turns smoother”. 

“Change is nothing but reorganizing, refining, remolding our priorities to metamorphose into a better individual.”

“Life isn’t a fairytale, in which every time a savior comes to your rescue; you yourself need to act in situations too.”

“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift”

“Balanced person Credits happiness J and Debits sadness L

“Habits are just such a repetition of consequences, avoid them and they will be out of your life one day”

"Have the time of your life...Because, u need it."

"Life without any goals set is meaningless; it makes us dull and boring. Passionate people can achieve anything in life. Thus, we should start believing in ourselves."

“Our inspiration is always our thoughts”

“Precious are those gifts which are given with a pure heart.”

“When you receive a gift feels the warmth, understand its true value and retain it in a treasure called heart”

“Make your mind free from cage (prior believes) and enjoy life with freedom of new and refreshing thoughts.”

"All answers for situations are instantly given by our instinct but we lower down such voices and try finding logics in our choice. "

“Thing which are good to look at, a pretty face, some ones stunning attire, those who are wealthy, things with vibrant colors....Is this the real beauty?”

“Beautiful people are not always good but good people are always beautiful.”

“We all are unique creations of god with alike pure heart.”

“Be watchful in whatever you do, as your deed in present decides your future”
“Humor is a key to unlock the door leading to a scintillating room of glee"

“Fill your hearts with so much colors, that you are never in shades of fear, anger, hate, ignorance and always with shades of knowledge, kindness, friendship, love, serene.”

“See life as white canvas; and our duties & the way we confront them, is nothing but adding colors to it.”

“Our Life is made by three simple things love, honesty, and dreams all mixed in different proportions keeps us get going.”

“Assume that everyone is operating with good intention until they prove otherwise.”

“Assuming certain things until facts are clear is good thinking, but being ignorant from facts and believing in presumptions is being foolish”

“Life is like changing masks of our face according to the role played and performing such multi faceted duties is a challenge."

“Breathe love n exhale worries”

“Never in life loose trust on a true companion, because once the bond of faith weakens it becomes difficult to maintain it.”

“Don’t keep either guilt or goodness only to yourself, express it”

“If you are doing good let your aura of goodness be felt by others.”

“Regulations set limits for one and set your mind free to work within it”

“As laughter adds natural glow & sheen on faces, they may not require any face packs for the outer beauty so just smile and look younger”


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