Tuesday 21 January 2020

Book Review: The Patriots Legacy FORBIDDEN TREASURE by Apurva Bhuta

What one can ask for in a fiction book is suspense, treasure hunt, multiple characters and an adventurous ride for readers delight. The book The Patriots Legacy “Forbidden Treasure” by Apurva Bhuta has it all packaged. I read this book few months ago and posted a mini review of it on social handles but I feel this book needs more attention for my readers to know more about this book. So here we have an analytical book review of the book.

Book Title: The Patriots Legacy FORBIDDEN TREASURE

Author : Apurva Bhuta
This book is Apurva Bhuta’s debut novel who is an entrepreneur nested in Mumbai. His interest towards storytelling started with the bed time stories to his kid. He is a dreamer and this adventure story is a hard-work of 3 years. Know more about him at Instagram/apurvabhuta

Thursday 16 January 2020

The Ultimate Wedding Gift Solution

Wedding season is booming and brainstorming for a good wedding gift idea can be challenging, for it should be according to the theme, taste and preference. To make your gift stand out and be remembered out of hundreds can be a tough task.
Don’t you worry, we’ve got your back. Here are some interesting and creative wedding gift ideas for the big day.

wedding gift solution- auraofthoughts

Why handmade portraits are the best wedding gifts?
Portrait paintings have their own role and importance since traditional times.  It’s more like an honorary gift idea for the buoyant occasion of wedding. With handmade portraits as wedding gifts you are gifting the couple a piece of memory that remains everlasting. They will cherish the memories and love the portrait holds.
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Tuesday 14 January 2020

Book Review : How to be a likable Bigot’ by Naomi Dutta

Today, we have a completely fresh book to review. Yes fresh in perspective and fresh in this approach; it is ‘How to be a likable Bigot’ by Naomi Dutta. A book that will make your burst in laughter with a strong message in hand.

The Book Cover:
The cover is simple yet catchy. The title of the book is one of the chapter names and also the major point that the author wants to put across.

About Author : Naomi Dutta:
Naomi Datta has been a television producer, presenter and writer working with a number of leading channels. She is the author of the satiricalThe 6 pm Slot. Naomi is a frequent and widely followed commentator on mass culture through her twitter handle nowme_datta and her columns in various publications.

A Peep Into the Book:
World today is not stable ever changing at a fast pace. To be a part of this fast track life and survive as a perfect human being is not everyone’s cup of cake. Naomi Dutta in this book has left no stones turned to guide us to emerge as the most liked one, to perfectly gel and come out pro.

This book is all about easy answers for the questions which seems complex. This is a handbook to seek complacency and stay in the race of different challenges at various stages of life.

Wednesday 1 January 2020

ज़िंदगी पलों में या पलों में ज़िंदगी - #EmbraceThePresent

Life is bundle of moments and those moments are treasure for life. A person gathers his/her life in motion of moments. But sometimes we have also seen that one particular moment make us feel alive and that itself showcases the real meaning of life. Embrace the present moment and live life to the fullest. This Hindi Poetry essays the definitions of life and the mantra for happy and content life.

You can also listen to the poem recitation in this audio by clicking the video below. Hope you all enjoyed this poetry as much as we did while writing it. With this post we welcome 2020 in poetic style with the motto "Embrace the PRESENT".