Saturday, 12 June 2021

Learn how to restore environment from Peepal Baba: #EnvironmentalTalks highlights

The environment needs to be restored and we all need to contribute towards this cause proactively, to understand how we common person can be part of this change; we invited Peepal Baba of Give Me Trees Trust in the #EnvironmentalTalks in Instagram Live to understand the current situation of the tree plantation and ways one can be part of it.

Peepal Baba & Give Me Trees Trust 

Azad Jain, popularly known as Swami Prem Parivartan, took yoga and meditation classes in the evening, and later, he started being called Peepal Baba as he and his trust has planted more than 1 crore Peepal trees in the nation.

His journey began on a simple note by following his class 4 teacher to plant the trees and later his maternal grandmother to look after the planted trees. The journey that began in class four continued from then and was no stopping for him for 44 years. 

Give Me Trees was started as a school project then later on when volunteers started getting associated it was formed into the trust. Nationwide more than 2 million trees are planted by them and they are sure to bring the change.

Monday, 7 June 2021

It must've been Love by Mayura Amarkant: Love story in poems

Books can give you the required solace you are looking for and if it is a poetry book then the words resonate with you for much longer. Today we have a poetry book titled ‘It must've been Love’ by Mayura Amarkant that has resonated with us effectively.

Book Title & Book Cover

The book cover has a heart with a bandage that showcases that poems have the emotion of loneliness, separation, and longing that fits the subtitle very well. And the book title makes the reader intrigued as it is a sentence that is reassuring to self and questions at the larger perspective.

Book with narration twist:

The book is one of its kind where the love story moves forward with a series of beautiful and heart-warming poetry combined with prose in each section. Love envelopes myriad emotions at various statures of life and the author has woven emotions in the form of free verse poetry.

Saturday, 5 June 2021

5 Notable Tree plantation NGOs in India: Each step counts

Today on World Environment Day June 5, we all pledge to keep the environment safe and also watch many inspiring stories about how people are contributing to the efforts towards the environment. But how many of us make a conscious effort to bring change to the environment and surroundings. Many groups and trusts are actively involved in the tree plantation activity, and today we list with you 5 significant tree plantation NGOs in India working towards the betterment of the nation and in turn restoring the environment.


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Thursday, 3 June 2021

5 Best Baby Liquid Laundry Detergents in India 2021

A little bundle of joy is added to the family and the entire routine and the things surrounding us change completely where each parent wishes to give their child the best of the best. Parents look for the best baby lotions, best baby wipes, and best laundry detergents. The care of the tiny tot skin is very essential as the baby skin is very sensitive and can have reactions on the skin even if the chemical levels are slightly higher than required.

In this blog post 5 Best Baby Laundry Detergents in India 2021, let us discuss the laundry detergents that are more nature-based and made up of approved chemicals for baby skin at the same time and also the pointers to consider while doing laundry task of the babies.

Important pointers to consider for Baby Laundry

Washing baby clothes is a tedious task and needs to be done with a procedure for the little ones. Newborns and toddlers have much clothing at their disposal at regular intervals. It includes bed sheets, blankets, bib, dresses, nappies. Few tips that help to ease out the laundry work

Always separate the lowers and nappies from the laundry. Potty needs to be shed off before nappies are added to the laundry basket or tub. 

Food items also need to be removed from the bib and dresses, shirts so that the whole laundry does not get stained with it.

Read the instructions on the label, and follow the instructions as written such as need only hand wash, or 2 washes separately then can be added to the machine and drying instructions such as direct sunlight or indirect

Toddler's clothes are generally easy to fold, so folding them quickly after drying will cut off the ironing stage.

Always store the clean clothes on a different shelf than in used ones.

It is advisable to wash each cloth that a child wears, whether it is summer or winter washing newborn clothes is always advisable

Don’t use strong fragrance detergents, this may cause discomfort to the babies.

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Teach your child artistic expression and true flair with Calligraphy classes

If you’ve been seeking fun, invigorating and engaging online hobby classes for your little ones, calligraphy for beginners could be an option. The art of lettering as Calligraphy is often called, has gazillions of benefits to offer to children and basically everyone! The term came from Kalli or beautiful and Graphia or writing which are both Greek terms. It is not just about beautiful Calligraphy fonts or Calligraphy writing. Participating in an activity of this nature has a lot to do with the pursuit of artistic excellence, expression and achieving a state of true expressionistic flair in a manner of speaking! 

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Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Cinco of Shrav vs Sana by Suhasini: Children book with life lessons

Blogchatter EbookCarnival has released so many books in May 2021 and the great news to all the readers is that all of them are free for download. We have also downloaded several books and will be coming up with Book Reviews for most of them.

Today we are sharing a book review of the book Cinco of Shrav vs Sana by Suhasini, Shravmusings, the mother-son duo. We read the book titled ‘My friends from Mythological world’ of this duo earlier too which had many mythological character stories with life lessons and liked the child perspective in it. Let us see what this new book by this duo has to offer to us.

Book Cover & Book Title:

The cover has the main characters Shrav and Sana with their personality description that gives the reader glimpse about the characters. The title states ‘Cinco’ which means 5 in Spanish, so we have 5 stories of Shrav and Sana.