Friday 25 June 2021

Bloggers Unplugged: Blogging Guide Book for Beginners by Ruchi Verma

Blogging is a vast field and there are so many factors and knowledge required to maintain a blog that makes a vital place in the reader's heart. Today we are sharing a book about Blogging titled “Bloggers Unplugged” by our fellow blogger Ruchi Verma.

Book Cover: 

The book cover truly features all the elements of the book and has a smart girl on the cover, she is also featured in all the creatives in the book. Ruchi has very well caught the reader's attention start from the book cover.

Blogger Unplugged:

  • Book has 26 chapters that showcase the myriad of blogging terms, with each chapter author tries to explain the truth behind each element.
  • The author has distributed all the blogging components in letter-based chapters and each chapter has pointers to understand.
  • The author breaks many myths surrounded in the world for Blogging and explains each most thoroughly. For example, author Ruchi explains how to maintain integrity in the blogosphere by writing posts in a tone that matches with your persona than copying others.
  • Book also focuses on the hard work blogger puts in publishing a single post, right from headline to length, keywords to the promotion of the blog post.

Prominent Features

  • The illustrations are quite eye-catchy and keep the humorous side of the book intact.
  • The book touches upon all the aspects of Blogging from PR to reviews, to being ethical in the Blogging world.
  • The author tries to explain each Blogging element in the simplest of language so that any person can be inspired to start the blog.
  • The conclusion and the secret tip in each chapter are like a word of advice from the author, who herself is a prominent blogger.
  • The book also shares the limitless thinking bloggers do for their blog and how the energies are given in the making of the blog and majorly maintaining it.

What we wanted to look at more in the book:

  • Being an ebook, reference links to the blogposts or particular websites, such as Yoast, Moz rank calculator, can help the budding blogger to understand the concept clearly.
  • Few chapters are too crisp which makes the reader look for more information in another resource.

Final Word:

If you are a budding blogger or want to enter the blogging world then the book Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma is the perfect guidebook to understanding all the elements of Blogging. It not only highlights the ways to make place in the blogosphere but also has secret tips that an experienced blogger can only share. With the best illustrations to grasp the key message in the book with the pinch of humor, this book wins the hearts of every blogger. 4.5/5

About the Author:

Ruchi Verma, well known and multiple award-winning Blogger listed among the 50 topmost influential content marketing professionals and Certified Teen parenting practitioners. She started her blogging journey as she wanted to share and learn with everyone. 7 years in this blogging journey she learned a lot, and this book is her dream to share back the knowledge with others that she gained.

Book Details:

Book Name: Bloggers Unplugged

Author: Ruchi Verma

Genre: Non-Fictio, Self Help - Blogging Guide Book

Format: eBook, pdf version

Pages: 52

Availability: Free Blogging Guide book

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  1. I have read the posts from this series. Ruchi has picked up a wonderful topic for her book. Blogging is a vast topic and it is a combination of many small topics. This book will serve as a guide to many new and even experienced bloggers.

  2. Ruchi's book is a perfect encyclopedia for not only bloggers but also for them who wants to know what actually bloggers do. You have brilliantly reviewed the book by considering every hit of it.


  3. I have also read and reviewed Ruchi's book and agree that it is great resource for new bloggers. loved your review dear. you have covered all points of book so well in this review post.

  4. I have read and reviewed this book and agree that this can be a handy guide for all the budding bloggers. Ruchi tried and incorporated almost of the termenology related to blogging world which makess iy easy for the aspring bloggers to read and understand if needed google for extra info.

  5. This book is a must read for all the budding and aspiring bloggers. The Termanology which is used in bloghing sphere is well explained with some great creatives. I have read it and recommend it too.

  6. Thank you so much for choosing my book 2 review and so glad that you like it and shared your honest feedback. I hope this book will help as many bloggers as it can.

  7. Thanks for sharing the review. I was planning to read this book. But now I am going to read it for sure after reading the review. It will be helpful

  8. I read all of Ruchi's A2Z posts. They were quirky and fun. Her book is indeed a wonderful guide for budding bloggers and has been well-received too.

  9. I have been hearing some raving reviews of this book. I have read Author's blogs and would love to learn a thing or two from her. Will surely pick it up soon :)

  10. Ruchi has done a huge favor for new and budding bloggers who need a guide and right information to start blogging. Her writing is as always fabulous and her book is worth a read for every blogger.

  11. Ruchi's book has caught attention and with all the secret tips that you mentioned are in there, it's definitely a gem.

  12. Another wonderful review of Ruchi's book. Looks like it has struck a chord with many Bloggers. Adding it to my TBR after reading your review.

  13. Bloggers unplugged is a selfless book by Ruchi. In an era when people are getting competitive and selfish a blogger writing to help other bloggers is awesom.

  14. This book is Blogger's life in a nutshell, I have read it and lived through the entire idea of creating this book. You girls have reviewed it so well.

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  16. How wonderful that Ruchi has finally put a book together for newbies! I am certain, as you too have mentioned in your review, that it is quite fabulous. She is a good blogger and very helpful I have seen her online for years now.

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  21. This is a really useful and handy resource for bloggers who are embarking on the blogging journey.

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  24. This is one book I am so willing to read. I have always liked Ruchi's work and would love to know her take, advice and suggestions about blogging.


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