Tuesday 1 June 2021

Cinco of Shrav vs Sana by Suhasini: Children book with life lessons

Blogchatter EbookCarnival has released so many books in May 2021 and the great news to all the readers is that all of them are free for download. We have also downloaded several books and will be coming up with Book Reviews for most of them.

Today we are sharing a book review of the book Cinco of Shrav vs Sana by Suhasini, Shravmusings, the mother-son duo. We read the book titled ‘My friends from Mythological world’ of this duo earlier too which had many mythological character stories with life lessons and liked the child perspective in it. Let us see what this new book by this duo has to offer to us.

Book Cover & Book Title:

The cover has the main characters Shrav and Sana with their personality description that gives the reader glimpse about the characters. The title states ‘Cinco’ which means 5 in Spanish, so we have 5 stories of Shrav and Sana.

Book Plot:

There are 5 stories on the kids Shrav and Sana, each story has a theme, a problem, and a solution to it. How both the kids understand each other and help each other to overcome their problems is a delight to read. The banter between the kids is also present and parents also get involved in their talks to make them understand vital life lessons.

Striking Cinco pointers of the book:

1. Story with practical approach

Each story has a problem that is common in children and at the end of it, we have the solution for it, both from the parent perspective and the child perspective.

2. Children understanding

Shrav and Sana have their understanding and also deals with the situation in their way. Kids express the feeling and sometimes it’s only another child who can understand the situation better than an adult. This book offers such situations where kids solve the problem on their level with little or no intervention from adults.

3. Universal Book 

This book is both for kids and adults. Yes, children aged above 7 can pick this short 27 pages book to learn many life lessons such as facing fear, being humble, and respecting each other plus many more life traits. Parents have much more from this book, they gain how to solve problems coming to the child level, understand what’s running in child’s mind, and learn a new way to look at any particular problem in parenting. This book is perfect for parents for any storytelling day.

4. Perspective matters

This book highlights how perspective matters in life and children also have perspectives to share. Parents need to learn their perspective and respect that and if children assume or have any wrong notion in life that can be explained to them with life examples. One example of being the same yet different given in the second chapter Best and Worst explained with help of kinds of fishes in lake and aquarium make kids understand the concept very well.

5. Illustrations

Illustrations of each story have the notion of the story yet keeps the curiosity alive without depicting the end, the characters in them express the storyline so well. Keeping interest of the readers illustrations are adding value to the story.

What more we looked for in the book:

  • More stories with life lessons under various life lessons categories such as fear, humility, kindness.
  • Quick fixes in few stories, where few factors can be understood by a parent but not by children easily, so more detailing in structuring the solution. 
  • Another round of scrutinizing the stories for easy flow of the reading that removes unseen errors.

About the author: 

Shravmusings is the pen name of the Mother and Son duo. Suhasini (the mother) has teamed up with her son (Shravanth) to capture the amazing journey of Shravanth through his childhood on their blog Shravmusings. Most of the stories on Shravmusings blog are the real happenings in their lives. At times, this mother-son duo would also try their hands at creative writing too. Son starts weaving the tale and mommy completes it. Shrav selects the pictures, edits the storyline. 

Mommy, Suhasini, is a trained Kids Life Coach and a Mental Health blogger. She blogs about her Parenting approach, her discoveries on Kids Mental Health, and the books she reads at MommyShravmusings. 

Book Details

Book Name: Cinco of Shrav vs Sana

Author: Suhasini aka Shravmusings

Genre: Children Fiction, Self Help

Format: ebook, pdf version

Pages: 27

Availability: Blogchatter Library for free

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Thank you girls for such a wonderful review. It really motivates a storyteller/author if the reader is able to understand the finer points from the stories. Thanks a lot for the motivation

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