Thursday 29 July 2021

7 Best Organic and Safe Baby Washes in India 2021

Babies and their every stuff is there to adore, and the cuteness is overloaded around. We also ensure to give the baby the best of the best in every manner, be it a selection of baby lotion, baby massage oil, baby wipes, or be it a baby wash.

We always select the baby care products after a good research and also by the recommendation of our family and friends. There are 6 factors that I look into buying a baby wash that will help to keep the baby clean and at the same time is good for baby health and hygiene.

6 Factors to choose the Baby wash for new-born:

Baby skin is gentle, and one needs to be careful to purchase the product as any experiment with it will lead to skin rashes and allergic reactions.

Saturday 24 July 2021

5 Unique Gifting ideas for Friendship Day

A friend can be defined with many profound words as they hold exceptional value in life, so expressing the feelings in these poetic lines of Tanka poetry

Secret possessor

Groupie in every mischief

Foundation for trust

Buddies success and descend

Understands my inner soul

Friends are so special and every friendship bond is unique in its term. All sets of friends are the same yet different in the way they keep you going in life with uplifting words and also correcting you when required. Gifts to friends are also distinctive, so we are listing 5 unique ideas that can make your friendships day special for your lifelines.

Friend Gift Ideas - MeenalSonal

Saturday 17 July 2021

Poetry : Persistent Change : Breaking barriers to Rise

Turns and folds of human brain,

Builds numerous cages out of fear and despair.

Ambiguity of future paints our mind,

Plotting a change resembles an arduous time.

Tend to build heavy boulders with stones,

Every possibilities overlooked and back-turned. 

100's in number the thoughts muddle,

Uncertainty screams, sterility jingle.

Sunday 11 July 2021

How to win over Dilemma in life with 1 simple step

Were you in a dilemma to decide to work from home or go to the office? Or 

Were you in a dilemma to visit loved ones or stay at home for the safety of both?

Who among us has not been in a dilemma in recent times? We all are in a situation where we want more options for making the best decisions. Dilemma word itself means “A situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives”. From hundreds of options, you have to make the apt choice for yourself and others which varies from shopping, cooking menu, relationships. But why does such a situation arises?

To understand the dilemma let’s have a situation in the poetry manner where Keshvi is in the dilemma when it rains.


Saturday 3 July 2021

Midnight's Star : Friends to Lovers Book by Shilpa Suraj

Love has no boundaries and it crosses every hurdle. 

This stands true in the book titled ‘Midnight’s Stars’ by Shilpa Suraj in the Blogchatter book review program, where we write an honest book review in exchange for the book.

Book Cover & Title:

The book cover has a dashing man with shades with a slight frown. So we come to know though he is rich there is some problem in his life. When readers read the blurb they get more connected with the cover as the leading man of the book ‘Dev Arya’ is posted on the cover and he is visually impaired. The title does justice to the storyline.