Wednesday 23 March 2022

Why I take deliberate Shallow path : Poetry on Life decision

Deliberately each step afar downbeat tie,

Tried hard, struggled to connect right.

You remained untouched, commotion in me;

Each sign unfolded, lost you with hope key.

My existence turned ghost with dire smile,

No reason to walk an unaccompanied mile.

Monday 14 March 2022

Can reading make you a happier person

Reading is a solo activity that makes you indulge in this being involved leaving behind the world. World of responsibilities, the world of tasks, the world of judgments just vanishes when you open the book. You enter the world of happiness, contentment, experiences, and lessons.

Yes, such is the power of reading that can be experienced by everyone. The only effort one needs to do is to pick a book and open it.

how to read more - auraofthoughts

Sunday 6 March 2022

Questions that raises Gender Bias in the Society

In the 21st century, where each necessity is turning out to be digital, where the world is getting shorter with the help of technology, we all are heading towards a progressive world, but are we progressive in the thought process that makes society a better place for women.

This year's women’s day theme is #BreaktheBias, after more than a century of celebration(1911 to 2021) of International Women’s Day we all are still standing at the cross path where society is creating gender bias.

If you think you are supporting women by giving them options and freedom to choose then society at the same time is asking questions to women that are creating a huge gap between gender roles played and also passing statements that are subtle judgments. The Social pressure theory states that women are under high pressure than men due to this. 

#BreakTheBias  - Auraofthoughts

Tuesday 1 March 2022

10 Simple Ways To Overcome Stress During Exams

Stress and anxiety is a common scenario in each home as month of March starts ticking , not only for the students who take up board exams also for students appearing for the exams. 

With Covid 19 cases going down the graph all the schools nation-wide are conducting the offline examinations of the senior classes and children who were confident earlier are now doubting their abilities and anxieties are building up. 

Let this stress play a positive factor in your life rather than stressing one. Children needs to just stay focussed and follow simple ways to overcome the stress and give their best during examination. These are 10 simple ways that have worked well for my children, sharing with you all

1. Early & Easy going: 

begin your schedule early, it shall always keep you ahead of time, besides it gives you an ample of opportunity to prepare your calendar according to you. Setting your challenges and starting early helps as the hurry makes the best of things also go in haywire direction. A mountain cannot be climbed in a day, so primarily do not stress yourself with unrealistic goals. Make timetable that does not overburden you at the same time work hard honestly by pushing your boundaries to the best of your capabilities.