Friday 18 February 2022

Why Feather Diapers are Best for Your baby?

The parenting journey teaches us many aspects of life and one of the most important is to be a provider of all the necessary things that are best for the child. Parents take utmost care while selecting baby care products ranging from clothes to lotions, baby massage oil to diapers. With the rise in baby care range we get to know about brands that are making products that are best for the baby skin and today we are sharing about R for Rabbit Feather Diapers with you.

feather diapers review - auraofthoughts

Tuesday 15 February 2022

Unseen future of a Girl : Short Story

Sudha was a bit contented today, two pot full of water was the reason for her smile, "Ahh! this will be sufficient for Baba, Imli and me". Her lonely eyes were not in sync with her subtle smile, she was missing Deepa who used to accompany her walk.

Sunday 13 February 2022

Simple ways to build healthy lifestyle with PUER

Our surroundings are changing day by day, and so is our lifestyle, but one core value that ensure our happiness is to keep our family members safe and healthy. During the pandemic, we all have upscaled our cleaning routines and also adhered to a diet that builds our immunity. While trying many products that fit best for my family, I came across the brand PUER that has a wide range of naturally-derived home care and personal care products.

To ensure a healthy regime we have to be specific about the foods we consume and the time of its consumption, but don’t you think we are missing one crucial factor of a healthy diet? We are unconsciously overlooking the health of a plate in which we consume food. Yes, it is vital to check the condition of the utensils in which we cook and consume food and for that, we need a good cleansing agent. 

Wednesday 9 February 2022

Aura of Thoughts Logo Story

 With time things change and accepting the change with composure and smile is what we do each time. If you are a keen observer of our blog posts, then you might have noticed our logo in our creatives since the beginning of the year and if you have not observed it then we believe you might have focused more on words than the image. In both ways, that’s a win-win situation for a content creator.  Let us share with you the thought process behind our logo, first let us share the logo here with you all. 

For us, simplicity is what we look for when we created the logo and we are sharing the same in the thoughts in our blogposts. Here are each detail and meaning behind it in our logo.

auraofthoughts logo

The shape

Though a logo can be made in any shape, we choose a circle as we firmly believe life is full of circles and we are a firm believer in karma too. A circle also gives us the sense of completeness, and to walk relentlessly on the path to achieve the goal.