Sunday 13 February 2022

Simple ways to build healthy lifestyle with PUER

Our surroundings are changing day by day, and so is our lifestyle, but one core value that ensure our happiness is to keep our family members safe and healthy. During the pandemic, we all have upscaled our cleaning routines and also adhered to a diet that builds our immunity. While trying many products that fit best for my family, I came across the brand PUER that has a wide range of naturally-derived home care and personal care products.

To ensure a healthy regime we have to be specific about the foods we consume and the time of its consumption, but don’t you think we are missing one crucial factor of a healthy diet? We are unconsciously overlooking the health of a plate in which we consume food. Yes, it is vital to check the condition of the utensils in which we cook and consume food and for that, we need a good cleansing agent. 

PUER Dishwashing Gel

Cleaning cooking and eating dishes with a chemical-free dishwashing gel helps to build a healthy habit to consume food. 

Nature-based product

PUER dishwashing gel is made-up of natural ingredients that clean the dishes to the best.

Using the product has ensured that my family members do not consume any residual harmful chemicals that’s left on washed utensils from the dishwashing soaps we use. Having a chemical-free kitchen is of utmost importance for us and especially for kids and elders in the house as it affects their immune systems.

High Efficacy 

PUER dishwashing gel is effective from the first use itself. It cleans the toughest stain that is left unattended on the plates for a longer time.

Additionally, it also has odour control technology that helps to keep away stale and strong odor of foods.

With regular use of PUER dishwashing gel, dishes shine like new without having to put any extra effort.

Just a simple switch in the dishwashing gel can solve most of the problems, and also ensure benefit for the body too.

Next, we talk about the area we live in – our homes! With pandemic stretching years, we are bound to stay indoors. Keeping indoors tidy and clean is one of the most important tasks. In ‘s home care section, I found PUER floor cleaner which stood tall for all its factors. 

PUER Floor Cleaner: 

When we vouch for the cleanest home, we cannot forget the role of our mighty floor cleaners. We have to also consider whether floor cleaners also have the power of disinfecting the floor! I always look for floor cleaner that solves my multiple problems of hard stains, dirt, and disinfecting in a go. I was happy to learn about PUER Floor Cleaner that best suit all my needs.

Powerful Cleaner

Its powerful formula acts strongly on messy greasy stains leaving the floor perfectly clean. The most important aspect of this product is that it is completely safe on the hands as it is manufactured using natural ingredients.

Natural Fragrance

I was very skeptical about the fragrance before using it as I am allergic to strong fragrances but, PUER floor cleaner is infused with a very beautiful natural fragrance that lingers for a long time.

A clean home welcomes happiness and satisfaction. Our physical well-being is connected to the ways we adopt. By using products that are close to nature, we protect ourselves from infections. PUER products with its mesmerising fragrance, and delivering a 100% on its promise, has become one of my favourite home care products. 

We do everything to live better, so we should not compromise on using the right products for our homes that make will make our life healthier.


  1. I like cleaners with natural fragrance. Artificial smells give me headaches. I am not sure if I will find PUER here but I will recommend it to my sister.

  2. I heard a lot about it. It seems like a great cleaners. I surely like to switch to better and natural cleaners.

  3. I am hearing a lot about PUER products all across the web. I loved the fact that they are chemical free and have natural fragrance. will surly visit their website to explore more from my side.

  4. PUER is a good brand and helps us keep our family healthy and safe without it's plant-based formula. I'm using it too and agree with your thoughts.

  5. I prefer to use products that are chemical free . Thanks for sharing these with us. I am surely gonna check these out. Available on Amazon?

  6. I have started hearing a lot about this product. I am glad that their products are chemical-free and have natural fragrances. Hope they start delivering here in Oman also.

  7. I am familiar with PUER. Have tried their products. The entire portfolio is brillaint.

  8. We always prefer our floor cleaners and dish washers to be free of harsh chemicals. Puer seems to be just right, considering that there products are nature based and have natural fragrances too.

  9. Puer floor cleaner is something that's a wonder product for people like us who have small kids crawling and jumping around. It is best to have chemical free. Also I would like to try the dishwashing bar for its efficacy sake.

  10. I normally order cheapest floor cleaner and dish washing gel while ordering groceries but this post has made me think that it is important to buy right essentials. And Puer looks like to be a good brand.

  11. Been. Hearing great reviews about this brand. Glad they produce products free from harsh substance which is a major plus point
    - sindhu

  12. I find Puer products so safe for me and my family. I have tried the Puer dishwasher soap in India after the strong recommendation by my cousin and I must say product deserve to be on the top list.


  13. Puer products are such a blessing in disguise. I'm going to place an order for both Dishwashing Gel and Floor Cleaner today. Thanks for the detailed review and recommendation.

  14. Puer is a all in one brand. I have used their products and they never disappoint. Truly said, simple ways to build lifestyle with Puer.

  15. I would love to have these in my shopping list, the products seems quite promising and with great utility value. Thank you for sharing your feedback about these products and the brand.

  16. Manisha - I have used the products from this brand and these are really good. the floor cleaner has such a pleasant smell that it really feels good after using it.

  17. Natural fragrance is what I have been looking for. I am allergic to these toxic chemicals and their smell.I will surely try this one.

  18. I always prefer natural and plant base products when it comes to my home as I have kids and pet. I have been reading some amazing reviews about this brand and this brand and I will check it out for my house too.

  19. To be Frank i never knew about such product.i was always in search of natural fragrance product as i am allergic to strong smell.very helpful !


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