Thursday 28 August 2014

Each POLICE alphabet means...

The one profession that can’t go malice,
That is none other than POLICE.
POLICE word itself is very meaningful,
As each alphabet meaning is powerful.

If P stands for Protector,
And not to be mere judicial traitor.

O stands for Observing the laws,
And correcting the one with flaws.

L is for doing Legal assistance,
And not be just mere existence.

I is to Inspect situations being careful,
 And not to miss any by being vigilant.

C is to catch hold of Culprits,
And make sure you hold them tight.

E is to execute the judgment,
That is only correct movement.

If each one of duty done up to mark,
Then no one will be left in dark.
Numbers of crime should come down,
Or else each one is just as a clown.

If you ever think to go corrupt,
Then surely all lives get interrupt.
Full fill your duties with bravery,
Or else duties turn into mockery.


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Wednesday 27 August 2014

In conversation with Lord Ganesha

A door opened with a bang; it was Miya, who came home after school.

“Hey! Miya, What’s wrong with you dear? How was your day today?” her mother asked.

“Nothing mom I am tired, I want to take some rest”, saying this she entered her room.

Miya is a high school student, energetic and an all-rounder. Just about a month ago she was made the head girl of the school. All her teachers always appreciated her for the great efforts she put in studies, as well as the way she performed her duties as the head girl of the school. But today she was upset and her mother understood that she is worried about something.

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Coincidence : Destiny or Myth

What can we call the following incidents :

    1.When we choose a different route from the usual one, which never seems busy and suddenly we stuck in a traffic jam as though all traffic was diverted to this particular route. Or
2.Whenever we wear a particular color clothes, everything seems to be falling in place. Or
3.When we think of someone of whom we haven’t met from long time, and suddenly doorbell rings, when you open the door, the same person is standing in front of us. Or
4.Why always I land up parking my car at the particular parking number of a shopping mall.

Let's say if 1st is getting Unlucky, and 2nd is Luck, then what are 3rd   and 4th fate or destiny or shall I say all these are mere coincidences. Douglas Coupland very interestingly quoted “Every single moment is a coincidence.” Then according to this each and every thing is coincidence, in fact you reading the post too. 

"But what are coincidences & what is its importance in life and why they happen or Do we make them happen?”

Coincidences, to me are events in life that happen suddenly, and we don’t understand why it is happening besides sometimes its repetition makes our belief stronger; that we try connecting things with each other. We land up in many circumstances, which muses us at times & difficult to understand. When an incident good or bad occurs, we start analyzing it, the factors behind it and somewhere relate with the particular day of the week, the colour of clothes, the numbers associated with it. For example if a person got all appreciation from seniors on Wednesday, then professionally that day is lucky. Or if by wearing a particular ring one get’s all deals cracked, and that is lucky ring. Are these lucky charms or it just boosts our confidence levels and morale unknowingly to work further in same circumstances. To this Emma Bull cleverly quoted ” Coincidence is the word used when we can’t see the levers and the pulleys.”

Does coincidence decide fate - Aura of thoughts
Coincidences happen and not created

Is connecting our success or failures to coincidences right? Or are we looking for some other stuff to put blame on; as one can relax after that. For e.g. when one is not able to handle situations, it’s very easy to accuse the day or a particular colour; as they don’t defend back. It is very aptly quoted that “Nothing is just coincidence every tree in life’s garden bears significance.”

It is we who create coincidences and often visualise a situation in only one direction, rather for evaluating the conditions responsible for that. It’s true that coincidences happen but one shouldn’t make it a belief. Each and every situation is a part of life and if there were failures today, tomorrow success would definitely be yours. So build up such confidence that no color or number or thing can refrain us.  And few believe that coincidences are sign of God, but that should not stop anyone in doing their tasks. Patricia T Holland very rightly quoted that “Coincidence is a small miracle in which god chooses to remain anonymous.” And according to Bhagavat Gita too, “One need to do Karma, irrespective of desiring the results in future”

Finally I would only say, “Don’t mistake coincidence for fate, and if things happens, there is a logical reason for it.”

Linking with Light & Shade Challenge Dec 3, quote prompt "The only sure thing about luck is that it will change."- Bret Harte


Monday 25 August 2014

In a Quest for Conversation..contd

Enjoy reading the first part of the story
I was left amazed to hear my name, when a voice called out saying “Hello Bench B-P-12, how are you?” I eagerly replied, “I am fine, but are you really talking to me?”. I was happy to meet a stranger and more in joy that a stranger was talking to me.

Then the little boy aged around 7 said, “Yes, I am talking to you”. I was so happy to hear someone talking to me, “What’s your name child?” I asked.

He answered, “I am Zen, recently shifted to nearby apartments”.

“Oh! that’s great, so now you will be regular visitor of the park and my companion too.”, I replied cheerfully.

Zen answered, “No, I don’t think so, I get bored here”.
I was perplexed to hear that how can a child say no to park and asked him, “Why is it so? Don’t you like playing here?”

Zen sadly replied, “I don’t know anyone here, all my friends are left behind.”
Zen was bit hesitant to talk to the other kids in the park but, I could see a quest of conversation in his eyes. I knew how important a companion is and decided to motivate him to make a start.
“Oh! c’mon you can make friends”, I assured.
Short stories - Conversation - AuraOfthoughts
 B-P-12 is happy to have company
Zen eagerly asked, “Is it that easy? How I can start a conversation with them?”
I tried to make him a bit relaxed and answered his anxious question ,”Why don’t you do the same way you started a conversation with me.”

“But, what if they don’t allow me to play with them?” Zen asked.
I told Zen don't hesitate to initiate a conversation and be confident, and in the fear of rejection you will stop making friends. You can always make friends by saying a “Hi or Hello with a big smile”.
Zen who was keenly listening said, “That’s it”.
I also added, “Yes, I know making a first move for conversation is difficult, but once done all will go smoothly.”

By taking my encouraging words Zen rose to start a few steps and turned back to say “Thank you B-P-12”.
And I said happily,” you are lucky Zen.You can have friends, they are precious part of life, and now I am too to have you.”

Suddenly a ball came bouncing towards him, and was asked to pass on. I immediately prompted Zen to say Hello and start a conversation.

Then Zen smiling started “Hello I am Zen, Can I play with you all” and all the kids around smiled and nodded in yes.

I have my share of happiness seeing Zen playing regularly in park and of course Zen is happy to have friends around.

“Inspiration can be taken from anyone or I shall say anything; important is to start, naturally it will have smooth finish”

@ AuraOfThoughts

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Thursday 21 August 2014

In a Quest for Conversation

In a huge well-maintained lush green park where bushes were carved in shape of the animals and benches were placed in a row at equal distances all around the jogging track; where each one denoted by a unique number. And I am Bench number P-12, in short I am B-P-12. I am placed beside a bush shaped out into an elephant; I too feel majestic and strong along the bush.  Even I hold a special place in the park, as I am little bigger than the other benches.

My morning starts by witnessing fitness lovers who start their day with morning walk, jogging and exercises; few are in their own world with headphones on. And then there are batch of little aged people who walk at their own pace to stay fit. I really love to listen when they discuss about how things were in past and how everything is changing rapidly.  

I often see that two complete strangers get seated to take some rest,  just pass on a half a smile, that justifies they are here for sitting and not for any conversation and I get bored. I like people whose landmark is my place, and they would say “Let’s start morning walk tomorrow from B-P-12 bench”. I feel the importance as I am marking start of their fitness journey.

And there is another set of people, which are similar to me as they just sit and gaze at the sky, or surroundings in a deep thought, may be they find peace of mind by sitting alone on bench rather than walking or jogging in park.

Afternoons are calm, and from evening, park is filled with children and elders again. I like people around me, which make me happy and lively in the world.
Conversation story auraofthoughts
B-P-12 looking for a company
Sometimes I think, I have witnessed a peaceful soul, endless chat, tears of person, and been a support to very old people to stand, a test for toddlers to climb upon me, sometimes a security for people’s belongings for few hours and sometimes for days. Many come and go, but at end I am alone; I give accompany to many but, who accompanies me”?

“All are busy bees, no one would just stop and talk to me for a while”.
“When I would be in a conversation and not mere an alibi of a conversation?”

When I was doing self-talk for refreshment, a voice saying “Hello Bench B-P-12, how are you?” left me stunned.


Sunday 17 August 2014

Why I worship & love Lord KRISHNA the most

Why I love Krishna the most,
This question I am being always post.
Here is my answer, to all those questions,
Krishna’s simple sayings mention.
Charming face mesmerizes all,
And my worries of towers fall.
He is like my child, when I shower care,
For whom I take utmost care.

Aura Of Thoughts - Why worship krishna
Belief in KRISHNA becomes stronger

When he loves, he doesn’t bother,
He just wants others to prosper.
He is best as the mentor,
As his advices never make you wander.
He is omnipresent in every verse,
Even in his mouth resides universe.
Though Krishna is divine,
But somewhat he is like mine.

Krishna Aura Ofthoughts
His magical flute says it all,
Spreading love among all.
Love, happiness, anger, pain,
All this is what Krishna’s tame.
He played pranks and tricks on loved ones,
And rescued all from dangerous evil demons.
Trumpet, drum, harmonium that cannot say,
His aura of magical flute plays.

Just feel him everywhere,
When you are in despair.
Boundless, fearless are all his deeds,
This never let your eyes weep.
Make his portrait permanent in your heart,
See how you bounce back for a new start.
Is Krishna here today, is this what u say,
I believe in my heart he always stays.

Thursday 14 August 2014

15 Questions raised on a National Day

John F Kennedy strikingly quoted” Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. This thought really made me ponder for a while, and a series of questions were raised in my mind and put forth before my soul on a national day. I want to share with you all these questions that made me spell bound.

1. Why that is the patriotic feeling is felt only on National days? Why not we feel the same every single day?
2. Am I treasuring to be part of an independent country, which was gifted by our national leaders and their followers; who sacrificed their life only to give their future generations a beautiful place to live freely?
3. Is there any match to freedom fighters valor and love for their nation which makes our eyes wet?
4. Is just discussing about politics and the changes required will make the difference? Or any actions are also taking place?
5. What as a citizen of a country I can contribute for its further betterment? Is my share useful?
6. Does paying taxes, completes my responsibilities?
7. Or just supporting my nation’s team in world championship?
8. Does sharing forwards on betterment of nation fullfil my duty? Or displaying pictures of national symbols showcases my patriotism?
9.  Do I have become selfish and forgot my duties? Why at times we ignore or forget our duties towards our country?
10. Is patriotism in today’s time is only left in army, navy and air forces?
11. Is my duty over by electing lawmakers and national & state elected representatives?
12. How can I conserve my country’s Natural resources and its rich heritage? Am I doing something for that?
13. Am I standing against for every wrong deeds happening around?
14. Is respecting the laws and abiding to each bit of it should be my foremost duty?
15. What as a citizen I am teaching my kids? How can I work to set an example for my future generations?

My country is my identity, my pride, my strength, my home, and my life…I from today, in fact from now on will try my best to contribute my bit in whatever way I can. Do let me know how can I answer my soul….

“Be the change you want to see in the world”-Mahatma Gandhi

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Tuesday 12 August 2014

I am free

Feel free to be free - Aura of thoughts
I am free
When I speak my mind
With me being my kind
I am free

When I sing a song
With all cords singing along
I am free

When I pen my thoughts
With keeping my heart out
I am free

When I express my views
Without taking other’s clues
I am free

When I support someone
Without answering a question
I am free

When I dance
Without given a chance
I am free

When I walk
Without chalk to mark
I am free

No bonds can hold me strong
As I am soul flying so long

Don’t capture & analyze me
As I am free & Born to be free

@ Sonal

Sunday 3 August 2014

A need of FRIEND in every relation

The moment you are born, you are related to so many people, you have parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, uncle and aunts and so on. The only relation you make by yourself is a friend. Friendship is such a unique bond that everyone searches a friend in all relations. For example if you say your parents are like your friend, that statement itself says a lot to it. It holds true in case of sibling’s n cousins too. Even your life partner is first your best friend then life mate. If you are a parent, you want to be your child’s first friend, where child can share all in heart without hesitation. And moreover at every stage in life one requires friends.


Is priceless
Is a gift
Is melody of life
Is a person who believes in you
Is there by your side in need
Makes you smile when tears are rolling
Makes everything around lively
Makes no rules
Makes no fake promises
Evolves you
Stands above all
Brings best in you
Corrects you
A friend in every relation

Friend has voluminous meanings in one’s life, and friendship holds key value in life. On this friendship day (international) dedicate your friends with best quotes listed here and wish them “HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY”