Wednesday 27 August 2014

In conversation with Lord Ganesha

A door opened with a bang; it was Miya, who came home after school.

“Hey! Miya, What’s wrong with you dear? How was your day today?” her mother asked.

“Nothing mom I am tired, I want to take some rest”, saying this she entered her room.

Miya is a high school student, energetic and an all-rounder. Just about a month ago she was made the head girl of the school. All her teachers always appreciated her for the great efforts she put in studies, as well as the way she performed her duties as the head girl of the school. But today she was upset and her mother understood that she is worried about something.

“Well! Dear I’ll be waiting for you, we will have some snacks after an hour”, Mom thought not to disturb Miya now; later on she may discuss the matter with her.

Miya was gadget savvy and used the technology efficiently for her work to shine best. She switched on her laptop and saw a message and startled to receive it from Ganesha .
SpeakingGanesha -Short Story- MeenalSonal

Miya : “Lord Ganesha! How come you are here?”

Ganesha :“Why, can’t, I have an account? I am also hi-tech now- a- day’s as you all people say a lot on Internet. I also sign up to talk and check every one’s status.”

Miya : “Oh wow! I can’t believe it. But Ganesha, I will not chat with you I am angry up on you”.

Ganesha : “Me ! What’s the matter? What have I done?”

Miya : “You don’t know what happened in school today. You are Lord and omnipresent, isn't it”.

Ganesha  :“Aha! I was there, but you tell me what have I done?”

Miya : “My science project was not selected for the inter-school competition.I was not able to believe it.How come my project was rejected”.

Ganesha : “But ,how am I responsible for that, I am no way connected to your project.”

Ganesh chats with Miya - AuraOfThoughts
A Hi-tech Lord Ganesha 

Miya : “Why my project was not selected even after praying to you a lot. You are God and my friend too, you can do anything you wish to.”

Ganesha : “Yes Miya I am there with you always.”

Miya : “Then why my project was rejected?”

Ganesha : “Look, Miya it’s you who have to put all your efforts on your project, and if selectors did not find it up to the mark then you need to look out for the reason behind it; because it’s the hard work that only pays. I can only help those who really work hard with true spirit. Just sit and analyze that what has gone wrong this time.”

Now Miya understood that after becoming the head girl her way of looking at things changed, she became a bit over confident and started thinking that she can achieve anything in life as till date she did not faced the failures.

Ganesha : “Miya, just remember one thing in life, that our success should not desist us from going still further in life.

 Suddenly the laptop screen went blank due to low battery and Miya heard her mother calling for snacks. Miya was amused whether it was Ganesha who really chatted with her or just an imagination.

“Determination should never be less, even if one reaches on top.”

This post is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, on festival of "Ganesh Chaturti".

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  1. Beautiful lession for a growing child for future

  2. What a lovely story with a beautiful message

  3. What a great lesson!! We cannot blame God for every thing which goes wrong with us.

  4. Replies
    1. God always send his message, if we understand it early then great!

  5. A story with a valuable moral. Good one, Meenal. Thank you for sharing! :)

  6. Wonderful lesson, we got to rely on our work efforts rather than praying for upliftment.

  7. Great life lessons, when we pray and still things don't go as expected we start blaming god rathan than doing introspection.

  8. A wonderful story with a life lesson and message that we all must remember and act on. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Beautiful story, interesting till the end. Wishing you and your family many happy wishes for Gaensh Chathurthi

  10. I would like to read this to my lil cousin tonight! Ganesha is his fave! 😃

  11. That's a nice lesson... Before blaming someone or circumstances, one must look within.

  12. Such a sweet story. Lord Ganesha happens to be a favourite of kiddos.

  13. Know what, I had such conversations with God when I was in college too. I complained cried and for lost opportunities but he spoke from inside me always. Better things are bound to happen.

  14. This is a beautiful conversation with Lord Ganesha. I too have such conversations as they make me feel good.

  15. Thats a beautiful and very important message conveyed through a small conversation. Kids need to learn to accept set backs. When they are given some responsibilities, it raises the expectation bar. Being over-confident is a very common trait that is seen among kids but how to take them towards a fruitful end is our responsibility.

  16. Beautiful story. This is a simple story that conveys a very important message to kids. It gives meaning, context, and understanding. I would like to narrate this story to my kid today.

  17. Wow such a wonderful post. the conversation between Ganesha and Miya were really good and bappa has taught her many imporant life lessons with this chit- chat. will ask my girls to read this post. I am sure they will love it.

  18. Two quality being resilient and perseverance can take anyone a long way in their lives. Very important lesson was conveyed in this story. More importantly positive attitude towards hatdwork always payoff.

  19. Loved the entire concept of Miya's convesation with Ganesha.The learning of Miya is a great learning for all of us and for the millions of students who flock Ganesha temples. We need to do our efforts wholeheartedly and then leave it to Ganesha.

  20. That is such a wonderful take on the prompt. Love how you have weaved in the story around conversation between Miya and Ganesha. Loved how the child learns to accept the failures or set backs as well. In fact till date when I am a mother of two kids now I still have these conversations with god wherein I open my heart out and most of the times thank him for things that i didnt get in life as that was his plan of giving something better and making me excel in life.

  21. What a beautiful conversation. I usually have such conversations with Lord Ganesha too and it helps me in many ways, especially in knowing that I am not alone when there are dark times.

  22. What a beautiful story! The last line about success not going to your head stuck with me. A lot of people stop after they have tasted success. Success should not deter you from going further. That is such an important message.

  23. This is such a beautiful conversation with lord Ganesha. There is a beautiful lesson for our young generation in this story. I loved it

  24. This is such a cute story with an important message. Set backs are also normal and both kids and parents need to realise that.

  25. This conservation between Lord Ganesha and Miya had so many things to learn from. What a wonderful way of putting across some important lessons in life. Beautiful post.

  26. You took me to my childhood. I had this habit of talking to God as if he or she is my friend. What an innocent conversation.

  27. Such a soulful post buddy, i loved the lesson Ganesha gave to Miya I really feel children must get this learning


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