Monday 13 March 2017

Colgate Magical Stories: Space Theme

Colgate has once again come up with wonderful concept of story telling for kids where kids weave story with their imagination and we all know once a children has a fore foot in story you are surely to visit various places in the story line. Keeping this in mind Colgate has all new Space & Interstellar based characters and themes printed on their packs, which can be easily cut out by children on the dotted line (under adult supervision). Colgate theme is Space & Interstellar and to name, few are ‘Space Launch, Space Walk and Alien planet’.  Definition and informative bits about the cut outs is also given, which makes kids more intrigued with the story. Colgate in association with Blogadda has sent me a packs of theme based Colgate toothpaste, so here is the story my daughter has created.
Cut outs of Colgate packs

Jake & Ruby are best of buddies and decide to complete their science project of Solar system together. They have a magical book which opens up on their special call “Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh, create Astronomical land” and in few seconds all the devices and gadgets and even rocket are generated. Jake and Ruby wears space suits and gears up for their science project, which is to calculate length between the planets. Rocket is launched successfully and they are in space in no time. (As this is kids story they reach within minutes, though it takes many days to reach there J)

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Be Bold for Change - Poetry on #WomensDay

We were never silent;
voices were made transient.
ready for responsibilities;
Are you ready to share from her kitty.

Born bold without any hitch;
why many compare and stay in fix.
We are and will be as heart says;
be ready for bold change that essays.

Advices and conditions are plenty;
Rules and regulations are petty.
Girl grows courageously into woman;
Is society ready to see fearless woman.

Change is important in mindset;
Attire and degrees is just a crescent. 
Acceptance of her identity is critical,
Its the need of hour and essential.

This poetry is shared with Poets United for the prompt - Be bold for change on this International Women's Day. We hope this poem reaches to hearts of society who wish to see the change but find it difficult in accepting one.

Wishing all the women in the world "Happy Women's day", wear an attitude of change and enjoy the womanhood to the fullest.

Finally would end this post with a message " Women are no comparison to anyone as they are and will be super one".

@Meenal Sonal

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Book Review : Open-Eyed Meditations by Shubha Vilas

Open Eyed Meditations is a self-help book which finds positivity in every aspect of life and help one to get over the difficulties of day to day life . As our blog also believes in this mantra this book was very good read. Here are few pointers from the book.

Book Cover:

Book cover is simple and portrays the human side face with multiple colors, which depicts the layers of thinking a person has. The book title “Open-Eyed Meditations” is catchy as meditation is always symbolizes closed eye thought process. The liner “practical wisdom to everyday life” upon the cover surely conveys the message of self-help book.

About the author:

Shubha Vilas holds a degree in engineering and law with a specialization in patent law. But in essence, he is an author, a motivational speaker, lifestyle coach, and a storyteller par excellence. Shubha Vilas also authored Ramayana – The Game of life Series books.

Shubhavilas book on meditation - auraofthoughts