Monday 4 March 2019

Book Review: How I TAUGHT my GRANDMOTHER to READ and other stories by Sudha Murthy

Reading stories of great personalities and understanding the thought process behind it always tops my list when I read autobiographies. But my daughter is young to read and understand such philosophies, so I gifted this book to her on Christmas. And guess what I also could relate with each of the story in the book.

What’s Book About:
The book ‘How I taught my Grandmother to read and other stories’ written by Sudha Murthy is a collection of 24 short stories, each packed with bundle of wisdom. I feel people like Sudha Murthy has so much to convey in each story that one can take out at least 2 morals from each story. Stories from her personal note are so interesting read that one could follow the path of her journey to be a person like her.

How I taught my Grandmother to read and other stories book review @AuraOfThoughts

What’s Special in book?
Stories in the book are real incidents that occurred in the life of Sudha Murthy. How the decisions and perspective change in the world is a great capture by her. Even the story with the title same as the book is a real life incident, where Sudha Murthy teaches her grandmother how to read Kannada. This story emphasis on the need to education and the strong will that can cross many barriers of self and society at an elder age too.

Another favorite piece from the book is story titled ‘A Journey Through the Desert’. This is a story of 2 boys who used to clean Sudha Murthy’s car at a petrol pump. She used to narrate stories to her from famous classics and used to gift them books as these boys were interested to read and saved money to join night school to continue their studies. How in life one single story impacts one of the brothers is a worthy read. One wisdom thought can change a person’s living is what this story depicts.
Magic Spelling Book:
If you ask me what’s keeps you glued with this book that is a collection of 24 short stories is I say it’s the magic spell of Sudha Murthy. From the start of the tale one can match the frequency of characters so well that at the end reader feels enriched by it.

Star of the book: Narration style of Sudha Murthy is so simple and characters leave a special place in readers mind. This book speaks volumes in tit bits, so hold it with utmost care.

Who can read this book: Though this book is more focused for children as their audience, we adults also have handful of advices in this book. All stories are so well captured that children above 8 can easily relate to it. Illustration in the book adds a flavor to children. A must read for all short stories lovers and who want to know more about the author.

Book Details:
Book Name: How I TAUGHT my GRANDMOTHER to READ and other stories.
Publisher: Puffin Books
ISBN: 978-0-143-33364-7
Availability: Hard book & E-book
Genre: Children for age above 8

This book review is a part of Write Tribe Reading Challenge, I select the prompt "The book written by Female Author" ( Prompt no:2). This is second review and for the month of Feb 2019. You can find other book reviews here at Write Tribe .



  1. Short stories are my favourite. .they keep me glued till the end..specially the ones based on true stories..will definitely read them

  2. Looks like a very interesting read. Will definitely check ! Keep up the great work going 👍

  3. I just love short stories, I can catch them during small breaks and then go back new stories. Will going to check it soon.

  4. Nice informative review of the book. I have never read Sudha Murthy but this one surely compels me to do so.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  5. The book really sounds like a great collection of stories with lessons for children. I’ll certainly go through it

  6. Sudha murty is one of my favourite authors and seeing her on this blog made me commemorate certain memories.

  7. I rarely end up picking shirt stories and yet they form the best in-between reads and also are perfect for children. Like you said Sudha Murthy's writing is simple and makes for an easy read.

  8. I am so excited to read this book! Thanks for sharing!


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