Tuesday 26 July 2022

6 Reasons How Sleep Helps To Manage Stress

Sleep deprivation can become serious if not given its due attention. People should be aware of their sleep patterns as it is one of the powerful ways to connect to self for a good mental health. In a world where we depend on many people and gadgets, one point is valid till death: a person can help oneself more efficiently than others helping them in any circumstances. However, we are not counting here scenarios where one would need medical attention by experts. With a fast pacing world, the amount of stress also increases with super speed. Mental well-being is very crucial to staying composed to handle day-to-day activities. Let's look at six reasons how sleep helps to manage stress levels.

Sleep helps in managinf stress to a great extent

What do the facts say about mental health?

According to reports, nearly 48% adults and 68% teenagers reported that bad sleep affected their mental health.

Thursday 21 July 2022

Facts Of Miss India Beauty Pageant Crowns

When we say representing our country on the global platform, we count on many events like sports, entertainment, business collaborations, and beauty pageants.  Beauty pageants are a delight to watch, and my favorite part of the pageant is the question-answer round and, of course, the ultimate crowning moment. So, let's have a look at some of the fascinating facts of Miss India Beauty Pageant crowns.

Femina Miss India 2022 :

Designs of Miss India crowns are unique and inspired by many different elements like nature, ocean waves.

The Femina Miss India beauty 
pageant recently wrapped up its 58th edition of Femina Miss India 2022. At the event's end, Manasa Varanasi of Telangana crowned her successor, Sini Sadanand Shetty of Karnataka.

Sunday 17 July 2022

Book Review- Guide Book On Podcasting, Wellness & Monetization by Dr.Amrita Basu

Learning is a life-long process, and one becomes young at heart when he/she starts learning. We have always been good learners, so when it came to learning about podcasting and blogging, we picked the book ‘Podcasting, Wellness & Monetizing for Writers in India’ by our dear blogging friend Dr. Amrita Basu. It is certainly a Guide Book On Podcasting, Wellness & Monetization.

Book Review- Guide Book On Podcasting, Wellness & Monetization by Dr.Amrita Basu

Dr. Amrita has been creating content since 2018 in various forms, so the book is well researched and comes from the experience of her creative writing. We always appreciate the wide range of her work that is done with complete honesty. 

Book Cover
The cover of the book has all three categories written well on it showcasing the reader has pointers to learn category-wise. It is designed uniquely by showcasing all three categories as thumbnails.

Friday 8 July 2022

Single-use Plastic Ban In India And Its Effect

We enter the second half of 2022, and a big change shakes the nation, that is Single- use of plastic is banned in India. The government of India has banned many items that were part of our daily life from usage. The huge step by the government of India will help the nation to combat plastic pollution. In this blogpost, we shall cover, how the single-use plastic ban affects the nation, how it affects the manufacturers, and what people have to do, with alternatives for plastic things.

Why ban Single-use plastic products?

These items are not recyclable and do not degrade with time. After the usage of these items, they land up in the trash where the landfills are filled. We have to make it a stop sooner or in a few decades, we will be witnessing mountains of plastic near us. The adverse effect of single-use plastic causes severe damage not only to the terrestrial ecosystem but also to the aquatic.

Single-use Plastic Ban In India And Its Effect