Thursday 30 April 2020

3 Pillars for Right Education : #EducationForAll #CauseAChatter

Education comes to us in varying forms and styles for example through formal learnings in class rooms and informal way through experiences of life. The learning curve progresses towards positive scale and allows us the power to judge what is right for us, for our family, for our society we live and our nation. 

Gaining knowledge is not a process that has some specific time frame, it walks with us throughout our life making us little by little educated. The three step process that can clear the haze of understanding the fine line between good and bad is to Accept, Adapt and Reflect. Education gives the power to control all the these.

In the third post in the series #EducationForAll with Blogchatter under #CauseAChatter let us focus on how these 3 steps can make a smooth sail in tough times of life as an individual and as society.

right education for all - AuraOfThoughts

Saturday 25 April 2020

Cherishing these 4 GOLD Virtues on Akshaya Tritya during Lockdown

Akshaya Tritya or Akti or Akha Teej is annual spring festival celebrated on the third lunar day of Vaisaikh month and is considered very auspicious in Hindu Religion. This day is marked with many auspicious beginnings according to Hindu mythology. 

Akshaya in Sanskrit means money, never endingness in sense of joy prosperity, hope and success. Akshaya also means that which does not diminish or decay.

On Akshaya Tritya it is believed to churn out the best in you and bless you with prosperity and success. It is believed that anything started on this day will result in high prospects of wealth and satisfaction and so this day is also regarded as the day of 'Auspicious Beginning’s. This day also marks newness in many lives as marriages on this day are marked as very auspicious and believed to be prosper in all means.

akshaya tritya message on GOLD - aura of thoughts

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Thriller Series Rangbaaz & Rangbaaz Phirse on ZEE5 for action during Lockdown : #StayHomeToZEE5

During Lockdown we all need to stay positive and be calm and for that there are various methods right from home workouts, meditation to healthy eating and of course keeping us occupied with well crafted shows. ZEE5 has huge variety of shows that are quite captivating and keeps you engage to forget the crisis situation by getting you involved in them. In thriller section I was totally enthralled by Rangbaaz and Rangbaaz Phirse series. These shows are like get the action going without stepping out. Let’s look at the plot and star cast of both the shows which are based on true incidents and personalities.