Saturday 25 April 2020

Cherishing these 4 GOLD Virtues on Akshaya Tritya during Lockdown

Akshaya Tritya or Akti or Akha Teej is annual spring festival celebrated on the third lunar day of Vaisaikh month and is considered very auspicious in Hindu Religion. This day is marked with many auspicious beginnings according to Hindu mythology. 

Akshaya in Sanskrit means money, never endingness in sense of joy prosperity, hope and success. Akshaya also means that which does not diminish or decay.

On Akshaya Tritya it is believed to churn out the best in you and bless you with prosperity and success. It is believed that anything started on this day will result in high prospects of wealth and satisfaction and so this day is also regarded as the day of 'Auspicious Beginning’s. This day also marks newness in many lives as marriages on this day are marked as very auspicious and believed to be prosper in all means.

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Also on this day is also considered auspicious to invest in huge amount so people generally invest in Gold and property. As the time passed the festival was mostly looked forward to invest in gold and property only which are materialistic things in life and forgot to invest for joy, hope, success and prosperity. And soon newspapers were filled with advertisements from gold accessories show rooms that made everyone think of only gold in materialistic form is important and nothing else. So on this Akshaya Tritya let us all remind ourselves the true meaning of the festival and also cherish the genuine values of the festival.

During lockdown each festival is being celebrated with a different perspective which we all might have never witnessed before. This lockdown has taught us to feel the real essence of the celebration and not distracting ourselves on things that are not really required. It is the time to understand the core importance of the festivity and its existence in our life. 

So, let us understand what exactly this festival is all about plus let us all leave the materialistic GOLD behind and lookup to celebrate the real inner wealth of ours. 

Gratitude towards Others: 
Every relationship in our life teaches us new lessons each day. They putforth us new chapters and life lessons which makes us ponder. For all the challenges we face or the love we receive we must be grateful for all those who are someway or the other related to us. Being thankful to others is very important thing that all should practise. Being grateful for what we have and are today is most important. And also self-care without any guilt is also important aspect, read slef-care tips during lockdown for keeping yourself happy and filled with gratitude.

Organising priorities: 
A well-organized tasks are the tasks already half done. Use time wisely and have the ability to adapt to the changes to bring out the best results. Access the value of time and importance of each work and complete them with honesty. A well-managed work schedule imparts satisfaction and happiness within which is incomparable to any materialistic property or wealth. So always give priority to work rather than its outcome.

Learning new ways:
New beginnings gives new hopes and in turn fills us with positive vibes. This is the right time to work on our strengths and churn out the best. This is the time to access ourselves, refine our way of approach and bring out the best. A novel perspective can make us glitter from within and would be the best way to celebrate this sacred day. So, let the learning curve scale higher up always in life.

Decoding lives with loved ones: 
In the rush of our life, this time during lockdown has challenged us in mental and physical ways yet the vital point is that we are with our family to deal the crisis. This is for sure that these testing times are smooth sail when we have family beside. Our loved family is the core strength in our life to deal with any situation. Reigniting the spirit and spending more time with family is certainly person will cherish in the future.

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Wishing you all ‘Happy Akshaya Tritya’ and praying the bundle of  joy, success and prosperity be multifold and wellness & healthy life for all the mankind. Consequently we can have these 4 virtues with us as a treasure to hold for our life.

G - Gratitude towards Others
O - Organising priorities in life
L - Learning new ways
D - Decoding lives with loved ones



  1. I liked the full form of Gold you made 😀

  2. What a refreshing and wise way to see this festival. Love your thought process. I have always associated it with buying Gold, will see it differently from now on.

  3. Happy Akshaya Tritya to you too. And yes this Lockdown has taught us many beautiful lessons that have to be cherished and remembered as long as we live. Your four golden virtues are brilliant and correct

  4. Wow that's a beautiful abbreviation of Gold. Hope more people concentrate on this one more than buying gold.

  5. Very well explained. This time we too celebrated akshay tritiya in a slightly different way. All of us started learning something new as learning too is akshay

  6. The way we celebrate festivals has changed in the wake of current events. The virtues you've shared are going to be a great guide to follow in life, always.

  7. seriously when I see around I find Gratitude towards others majorly missing in our times. Of lately, though on face level we are showing gratitude towards doctors and medical staff for serving in Pandemic but if see actually there are many instances where the staff had to face backlash from the society they were living in. This is disheartening.

  8. This is so different than we usually do or believe to do during Akshay Tritiya . Gratitude is the main thing to do .

  9. I have learnt that gratitude towards others make us feel so good. It is a very good habit that i incorporated in my life.

  10. Yes it's so important to understand the real values of this festival, it's much beyond Gold and Jewellery!


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