Tuesday 30 June 2020

Solution to Education vs Hunger Pangs : #MidDayMeals #EducationForAll #CauseAChatter

We are going to ponder upon a very important aspect of #EducationForAll series of #CauseAChatter. Let us first read this fiction story titled ‘Difficult Decision’ before we move ahead.

School Education and meals - AuraOfThoughts


It was fine sunny morning, and the time when Kriti was sipping a cup of tea, while reading newspaper. She had finished her morning chores, and Kamu her helper was washing utensils, when suddenly she heard; “I want to , I want to Maa”. Kriti folded newspaper and took her cup to walk to backyard where she saw Vishnu crying and pleading to his mother.

“I will go to school today Maa, I can’t be at home.” said Vishnu in a shivering voice.


“Why not, I will myself drop you there; you won’t miss the school” replied Kamu with a heavy heart.

“That’s good Kamu, your son is so passionate about the studies, and one day he will become a successful man” Kriti said.  She gave Vishnu a packet of stationery and story book and patted him.

Saturday 20 June 2020

How Failures can Lead us to VIRTUOUS PATH : Poetry

Life keeps throwing many challenges before us only to teach us its beautiful precious lessons. But the question arises as to why this learning is necessary at all?


Most of us know what to do when we achieve our dreams or how to celebrate this virtue of life but what if the path taken by us leads nowhere or what if we could not attain what we want?


This backward push of life is the most important chapter of life and handling these situations gracefully is the real test. Let not negativity creep in and stride with more passion to move ahead. These poetic lines will surely give a way to handle the failures and lead a Virtuous Path.

Monday 8 June 2020

Learn How to Write Honest Book Review in 6 Steps

As words do magic for the book so does the words in a post for the ‘Book Review’. Writing a book review is an intelligent task as you have to put across the insights of the book in your words.  Book reviews are vital for any book be it paperback book, eBook or a book published on digital platforms like Blogchatter in eBook Carnival, Juggernaut, Pothi.


Today we are going to focus on up on few pointers that enhances the book review. So let’s see what it takes to construct an honest book review.

How to Write Book Review - MeenalSonal

Tuesday 2 June 2020

Laugh it loud with these Free Hindi Comedy Movies on #ZEE5

Laugh with your family and friends to the fullest, what else will anyone ever want more than this. A gala time spent with our dear ones is so refreshing and energy reviving that its goodness keeps lingering all the time making us more content and happy.


This pandemic has put in our pockets ample time to spend with our family and make the most of it. Watching comedy movies with everyone at home along with homemade popcorn and snacks is the best part to vouch for. ZEE5 indeed understands the quality family time and have a collection of comedy movies to choose from. These are few free Comedy movies on ZEE5 I can watch it multiple times with my family and have laughter echoing in the home.

Free Hindi Movies - MeenalSonal