Friday 27 August 2021

Book Review Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef : Dream to become Chef

We are in a world where the change is constant and the change has to begin with the mindset. The book Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef by Vibha Batra published by Scholastic brings in the spark of change with the storyline. The detailed review shall give you insights into the book and whether you wish to pick this one for your or your child.

Book Cover & Book Title:

The book cover is very appealing with a multi-storied colorful cake and chef Pinkoo Shergill with chef cap and whisker. There is a shooting board in the backdrop too that gives us the hint of the entire blurb of the book. The title Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef essays the passion of Pinkoo towards baking. 

vibha batra pinkoo book - auraofthoughts

Thursday 12 August 2021

Valorous story of Brave Indian Soldiers : Avrodh, The Seige Within Web series

We all might have read about the valorous stories of our national heroes who gifted us an Independent India sacrificing their lives. While we have a peaceful life, our brave army confronts all the suffering ensuring a safe and happy place to live for us.

Watching movies based on their amazing deeds where they narrate the stories is truly an enriching experience. They immensely inspire us to strive for our country selflessly with great valor. I must confess that few of the movies are showcased for a decade, and to date that sparks the same fervor among us.

If you are willing to watch new web series based on the Indian army that truly makes your heart swell with proudness and drop a tear by seeing the effort of each officer in the army cantonment then this Avrodh web series is for you.

Avrodh Web series review - MeenalSonal

Tuesday 3 August 2021

Book Review Mystery Book : The Pandora’s box was left open

Pandora's box and the stories related to it always make a person curious to know more, the mythical story of the Pandora box is that a man left a box with her lady and she opened it out of curiosity, and then emotional and physical curses were released to mankind. This is an ancient Greek myth. The book titled ‘The Pandora’s box was left open’ by Dyumani Maheshwari made us also inquisitive to read the book. And we picked this at the #BookChatter at Blogchatter. So, let us see in detail the book fair at the curiosity level.


Book Title & Book Cover:

The title ‘The Pandora’s box was left open, Part 1st’ makes the reader incline towards the book, and being 1st part makes sure you have not missed any of the stories. The book cover has graphic images of detectives and their search for clues. With revolver and Mysterious file in the backdrop urges the reader to start the book and look for mysterious file talk.


Pandora Box Book - MeenalSonal