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Book Review Mystery Book : The Pandora’s box was left open

Pandora's box and the stories related to it always make a person curious to know more, the mythical story of the Pandora box is that a man left a box with her lady and she opened it out of curiosity, and then emotional and physical curses were released to mankind. This is an ancient Greek myth. The book titled ‘The Pandora’s box was left open’ by Dyumani Maheshwari made us also inquisitive to read the book. And we picked this at the #BookChatter at Blogchatter. So, let us see in detail the book fair at the curiosity level.


Book Title & Book Cover:

The title ‘The Pandora’s box was left open, Part 1st’ makes the reader incline towards the book, and being 1st part makes sure you have not missed any of the stories. The book cover has graphic images of detectives and their search for clues. With revolver and Mysterious file in the backdrop urges the reader to start the book and look for mysterious file talk.


Pandora Box Book - MeenalSonal

Inquisitorial Storyline:

Investigating officer ‘Om’ has a reputation to solve all the cases till now and has been quick with his logical and theoretical skills to nab the murderer sooner or later. Every year he is assigned a task to select an assistant for himself, and that is also done skillfully as Inspector Om wants perfection to the core. Shiv becomes his assistant and starts solving cases with him. The mysterious file is also handled to Shiv as Inspector Om believes he can look at the aspects where Om might have slipped. Will Shiv brings justice to the cases or he has a motive to join as the assistant to Om.

Gripping pointers of the book

  • The book starts with a preface that states; ‘no murder is full proof’ planned as the murderer leaves some or the other hint, and it is the responsibility of the officer to look for it. The preface is quite catchy and makes the reader start reading the book immediately.
  • Language is fluid and easy to grasp, which in turn is a good part as the reader is engrossed in the case and its complexities.
  • With multiple cases to discuss in each chapter, the author keeps the curiosity level intact right from chapter one and the last chapter is bang on with the twist also evokes the curiosity to wait for the next part of the book.
  • Other characters such as constables Sohan and Makhan, Om’s daughter had a good part in the story without too much dependency on them in the plot. I liked the way the storyline has a pace from start to finish.
  • The book has 10 chapters, and all are well structured in the length and title to each chapter adds charm in the mystery thriller book.

Loosening thread of the book

Another editing round would bring the book to the next level for readers to enjoy the book.

Final Word:

If you want to tickle your curiosity meter, then pick the book The Pandora box was left open, by Dyumani Maheshwari and dive into the detective world that makes your analytical brain function to the best. With easy language, this book is recommended to Young adults too, and one can start reading mystery books from this book if you have not started to read in this genre. Pick this book and solve cases with Inspector Om and his assistant ‘Shiv’. With a length of 99 pages distributed in 10 chapters, it is a quick read over the weekend. 4/5

Book Details

Book Name: The Pandora’s box was left open, Part 1st’ 

Author: Dyumani Maheshwari

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Format: eBook, Kindle 

Pages: 99

Availability: Amazon & all leading sites.



  1. The title itself made me curious - Pandora's Box left open...
    Pandora's box always bring with it mystery, curiosity and suspense too.
    I love thriller and thanks for your review as it brought this book to my notice.

  2. Wow !! Love the title of this book. Sound interesting. Thanks for your genuine review.🤗, and the best part is ..it is available on kindle ✌

  3. This book looks like something amazing. The Pandora's story is quite famous and this mystery book looks promising.

  4. I am half way through reading this book and agree with all the pointers you have shared here about book. yes, the language of this book is really simple and even a young adults can give this a read. as usual, your review was crisp and you have covered all pointes so well about the book.

  5. I have never read a book in this genre, but after reading your review , I would like to give it a read. This mystery book is looking like a good read for all

  6. This is such an amazingly well penned review dear. It sounds so interesting to me. Adding it to mu tbr

  7. I loved the gripping pointers you mentioned in the review. Loved the way you pen down the review which gives us a clear idea to take the decision to buy or not to buy the book

  8. The title of the book sounds interesting and the next amazing thing is the mysterious story. Would love to try this one. Thank you for the wonderful review.

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  10. Sounds quite an intriguing crime thriller. Would love to pick this book for the storyline and ease of reading. Thanks for the review.

  11. Interesting book! Just by reading the title of the book makes me wonder what it is about. What is in that Pandora's box? Why was it left opened? Was the Pandora they're referring to the same Pandora we now nowadays?

  12. Interesting book! Just by reading the title of the book makes me wonder what it is about. What is in that Pandora's box? Why was it left opened? Was the Pandora they're referring to the same Pandora we now nowadays?

  13. Curiosity and detective I just love ..so to the point review with all points. Mystery books with simple words can be easy for anyone.

  14. This sounds really very interesting book. I will definitely include this in my reading bucket list. Great book review 👏👏👏

  15. Thats an interesting title. I like such books and I will surely try this book out. I have been hearing about it a lot.

  16. Mystery books always grab my attention. Pandora's box is sure going to be my next read🙂

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  18. The book sounds very interesting. I love the story plot . And yes ,the write up is so simple and easy to read . Very nice book


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