Sunday 24 March 2019

Why my Baby is crying?

When a newborn baby cries and is in discomfort, new parents are in a great worry for their child. They want to comfort their baby as soon as possible. But most of the times the reason behind baby crying amuses them and they keep guessing the reason and try various options to comfort the baby.

When a baby hardly expresses it is very worrisome when newborn and toddlers cry often with pain. This pain could be mainly due to indigestion or colic and constipation and gas formation. Fussiness of a child can be easily removed by a simple home remedy. Age-old #AyurvedicHomeRemedy is to mix a pinch of hing in lukewarm water and then apply on baby tummy which gives a relief to baby and helps them to ease.

Wednesday 20 March 2019

Book Review: Killing Time In DELHI by Ravi Shankar Etteth

Book Cover: 

The book “Killing Time in Delhi” has a sensuous lady of its cover. With a butterfly tattoo on its back and wearing a Japanese theme dress and holding a hand fan makes us think the connection between her and Delhi.

Story & its Characters:

This story rolls around an elite Delhi lad Chaitanya who is called as Charlie in his circle. He lives in famous Delhi area and has worthy home and business. Charlie does not take life seriously until one night the consequences start turning hostile to him.

Sunday 10 March 2019

Mamma Perfectionist in a trouble

Shanaya was pleased to see her mother when she arrived to stay back with her for a week.  After hugging her Shanaya tears dropped, this was unusual as Shanaya and her parents lived in same city and would meet often.  Shanaya’s mother Madhulika sensed something was not right with her daughter. Madhulika was a lady with a strong aura and was leading professor of soft skills before her retirement.

Shanaya’s son Yuvin made Madhulika visits her daughter more often these days, but this visit was not for Yuvin it was for Shanaya, as she could make out that Shanaya is worried over something and was not sharing. Madhulika was waiting for the right time to talk to her daughter.  Shanaya very carefully prepared meals for her 15-month-old toddler and instructed her helper for each task with minute details. Her mother knew how perfectionist is Shanaya but some thing was taking toll on her.

When Yuvin was taking afternoon nap Shanaya sat with her mother to chat and simultaneously switched on laptop to book tickets and hotels for their upcoming vacation with her son for the first time after Yuvin was born.

Madhulika asked Shanaya, “What happened Sanu”, she called Sanaya Sanu with love.
Shanaya took few seconds and said “Nothing Ma”, and peeped into laptop with more confusion.

Monday 4 March 2019

Book Review: How I TAUGHT my GRANDMOTHER to READ and other stories by Sudha Murthy

Reading stories of great personalities and understanding the thought process behind it always tops my list when I read autobiographies. But my daughter is young to read and understand such philosophies, so I gifted this book to her on Christmas. And guess what I also could relate with each of the story in the book.

What’s Book About:
The book ‘How I taught my Grandmother to read and other stories’ written by Sudha Murthy is a collection of 24 short stories, each packed with bundle of wisdom. I feel people like Sudha Murthy has so much to convey in each story that one can take out at least 2 morals from each story. Stories from her personal note are so interesting read that one could follow the path of her journey to be a person like her.

How I taught my Grandmother to read and other stories book review @AuraOfThoughts