Wednesday 31 March 2021

Why we need to replace Plastic Toys for Green Environment

In our 3rd post of #EnvironmentalTalks of #CauseAChatter, we will bring your focus on the toys that are an integral part of every household. According to the statistics, 70% of the toys are made of plastic and most of them are not one-time-use plastic that means toys are manufactured with materials that are difficult to recycle. Have you ever thought of recycling the toys or what happens when we discard the plastic toys and did you ever ponder upon the old plastic toys and their effects on children? 

Let us take a closer look at toys and their effect on the environment and how we can make the environment better with few changes.

Toys & their production:

Toys are produced in large numbers but India produces only 0.5% of the toys in the toy industry whereas China produces 80% of the toys in the world. The majority of the toys are plastic made and the life of it depends on the nature of the plastic and the usage of it.

Check the age of plastic toys:

We often keep toys of the elder child for the younger one and plastic toys are easy to handle and care additionally the colors don’t fade and they look as new once washed. But the older the plastic toys more harmful for your child. Earlier production of plastic toys did not go through vigorous checks on the quality of the plastic and it affects a child’s health once the child chews it. So discard all the older plastic toys which are 5-7 years older and it is good if they can be recycled.

Tuesday 23 March 2021

How & Why Top Industries work towards better Environment

Change is evident in the world and the change-makers can make the change towards the betterment of society. In our previous post of #EnvironmentalTalks of #CauseAChatter, we discussed the importance of explaining the reasoning to children about the protection and care towards the environment. In this post, we shall have a closer look at the companies and industries that are working for the betterment of society plus taking decisions to revive the lost environmental areas.

Why Industries need to focus on Greener Solutions:

Industries have always been considered a major role in environmental pollution, therefore looking for a solution in this sector is the priority of the nation and the world. Industries are one of the largest growing sectors in India and with many upcoming entrepreneurs paving way for manufacturing the products on their own instead of importing. It is the responsibility of the owners to make the environment more greener with their efforts and also make sure that the industrial waste is minimum. Additionally properly dumping the industrial waste is the key aspect.

Wednesday 17 March 2021

How to complete AtoZ Blogging Challenge with an ease

Bloggers do take up many challenges in the Blogosphere and the sense of achievement in completing the challenge sends an adrenaline rush. One of the most popular Blogging Challenge across the globe in the Blogging field is AtoZ Blogging Challenge. This challenge has been run over a decade and lakhs of bloggers register for it and many complete it with a smile on their end.

AToZ Challenge Steps - MeenalSonal

What is AtoZ Challenge:

In the AtoZ challenge bloggers write in the whole month of April and publish their blog posts on all days of April apart from Sunday. The first post starts with Letter A, second with letter B, and so on till you reach letter Z. Each letter signifies in the title and all over the blog post. 

Why AtoZ Challenge 

Many bloggers can’t understand why people register for this challenge and all the hullabaloos around it. We would say once you are in the challenge you get to know the excitement of publishing the posts continuously and seeing your posts flowing among the readers. As a blogger, you will 

  • Be more consistent
  • More creative juices start flowing
  • Interaction with fellow bloggers during the challenge
  • More readers on your blog
  • Bank of posts for the future to promote your blog

Sunday 14 March 2021

Why inculcate Environment awareness in Children

Environment and its uses are exposed to the children from an early age at the same time we also need to make children understand the awareness of the factors that are causing harm to the environment. 

Kids Environment awareness - MeenalSonal

Why inculcate Environment Awareness 

Children are the torch bearers of the future plus they are the ones who can bring in change along their growing years.

Childhood habits create a great impact in life additionally kids with the proper understanding of the environment will make the future manufacturing of the products in a manner that minimizes the harm to the environment. Can you imagine a world with environment-friendly products? If you are nodding in doubt then let us say that this can be a reality soon if we cultivate habits that are environment friendly in our children. 

The below pointers will help parents and educators to inculcate Environment awareness and the practices that can be followed for the betterment of the Environment.

Saturday 6 March 2021

नारी की ज़िद : Hindi Poetry on Women's Insistent Nature

Hindi Poetry on Woman - MeenalSonal

नारी तू इतनी ज़िद्दी क्यों हैं ?

कितनी बार गिरती फिसलती है ,

ढलती है फिर उठ खड़ी हो जाती है | 

कोई सोच, कोई सीमा तुझे रोक क्यों नहीं पाती है,

कोई ऐसी मंज़िल नहीं जहाँ तू पहुंच नहीं पाती है | 

नारी तू इतनी ज़िद्दी क्यों है?

सारा बोझ अपने कन्धों पर लेके आगे बढ़ती जाती है ,

जितने पड़ाव आते , उनको पार कर जाती है | 

सारा जग तुझे कभी प्रेरित करता तो कभी तिरस्कार ,

कोई टिपण्णी कोई खबर तुझे नहीं भटका पाती  | 

नारी तू इतनी ज़िद्दी क्यों है ?