Thursday 30 July 2015

Unconditional Love

Behind her she heard screaming of her inner soul, “didn’t you deserve that position more than anybody else? Just don’t let this opportunity go.”

"Hey Samantha!step on to the stage for the rehearsals", said Neeta in a metallic voice.

"I am not a part of stage performance now but would love to assist backstage“, said Samantha hiding her teary red eyes underneath a polished frame while convincing her innersoul.

“This is your dream project and how can you just let someone take your position, this last minute replacement is disheartening”, said Neeta worriedly.

“Chirs is an optimal choice, my dream will be fulfilled when I’ll see him dancing”, said Samantha.

She added, “there is nothing above love in this world and love is supposed to be unconditional, isn’t it?"

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Tuesday 28 July 2015

Tribute to a legend in itself : APJ Abdul Kalam

Sir Abdul Kalam was a visionary and supreme soul,
who taught us success can be achieved without foul.

He was student’s role model to excel with spark,
who just joined abode sparkling universe of stars

Known as missile man of India for his contribution,
as Science and technology were his passion.

As the President of India, he was loved to fullest,
those who met him had experience to cherish.

We would always in lifetime need such a special hand,
to enlighten us with his unmatched magic wand.

A teary good bye to a humble soul,
pledge to meet your set goals.

Abdul kalam-tribute in poetic way

Let us pay tribute to Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam by following his vision of India and doing our bit towards building the nation he dreamt of. This post is a sincere acknowledgment to a man who polished era of science with his efforts and dedication and who raised a hope in every Indian.


Monday 27 July 2015

Book Review- Panther

The book 'Panther'by Chimmi tenduf-La is his second book which portrays how life of a boy,Prabhu,is affected due to the war and what kind of problems he faces in his journey of life.

Book Cover:
The front cover of the book gives an idea about what could be the base of the story. The map of Sri Lanka gives a clear picture about the location of the story or some special connection with the country. Cricket is been obvious by the cover and lures to start off.
Panther by Chimmi Tenduf-La
Chimmi Tenduf-La is half English; half Tibetan grew up in Hong Kong, London, and Delhi and finally settled in Colombo, Sri Lanka with his family.He has written plays and fiction for local publications.His debut novel is 'Amazing Racist'.

The story kick starts introducing the hero of the story, Prabhu Ramanathan, a Tamil young lad , an all-rounder who is extremely good at sports especially cricket. The story revolves around him who is one of the sufferers of the war between the locals of Sri Lanka called Sinhalese and the Tamils.
His father fell victim of the terror group which changes the life of his family. He was left alone and was forced to take shelter in a very clumsy camp where the minimum facilities seemed far off. 
Being very good at cricket he somehow gets admission into a fancy school which brings in some hope to improve.It was a totally different world and experience for him but failed to prove fruitful as at every walk of life he had to face many unpleasant situations for being a Tamilian.


  • Prabhu and his cricket counterpart Indika sets a good example of friendship. One Tamil and the other Sinhalese Sri Lankan show everyone that there is no place of hatred.
  • Also liked the different code names used in the story for the members of the war groups.

  • The story keeps dodging into past and sets in present in every alternative chapters which creates confusion.
Final Word:
The book is surely a one-time read to know what the title of the book “Panther” represents here.The characters are portrayed beautifully and the shortcoming of a rivalry is pictured well. It deciphers a message through the story that war leads to nothing.

Thank you Chimmi Tenduf-La for giving the opportunity for reviewing the book.It was pleasure reading it. Looking forward for many more.

Book Details:
Name: Panther
Author: Chhimi Tenduf-La
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
P-ISBN: 978-935177-220-0
E-ISBN: 978-935177-221-7
Pages: 263
Price:  Rs 299
My Rating: 3.5/5


Friday 17 July 2015

Chocos संग अनोखा बचपन

सलोना  एवं अनोखा बचपन ,
लगता जैसे सब स्वपन ,
हर ओर हँसी ठिठोली गूंजी ,
सिमट कर आँगन में यह पूंजी । 

मासूम सवालों में छुपा सारा ज्ञान ,
बूझो इनकों तो बन जाओ महान ,
Kellogg's Chocos लाए ऐसे मस्ती भरे पल ,
जहाँ नन्हे कदम होते सफल । 
चुपके चुपके कैसे यह फुलवारी ,
बन गए ज्ञान के भंडारी ,
खुले विचार वाले नन्हें मन ,
न कोई होड़ न कोई उलझन । 

चौकस सारी बात बनाता ,
कोमल अधरों पर मुस्कान ले आता ,
अनगिनत चुस्ती स्फूर्ती में मगन ,
Kellogg's के संग खुलजाये बचपन । 

Kellogg's Chocos पर मुझे हैं अटूट विश्वास ,
नाता इससे हैं बहुत खास ,
स्वास्थ और ममता से भरा हर प्याला ,
खोल दे हर घर में ख़ुशी का पिटारा । 

ऐसे अनोखे स्वाद को नमन 
Kellogg's Chocos के संग खुलजाये बचपन । 

English Translation :

Pretty and unique childhood,
Seems like everything a dream,
Everywhere echoes of laughter heard,
All these moments are treasured.

Hidden enormous knowledge in innocent questions,
If solved could become a wise man,
Chocos brings in these fun moments,
Where the tiny feet reaches its success ladder.

How slowly and steadily tender saplings,
Became treasures of vast knowledge base,
Open minded tiny hearts,
No competition and no complications.

Chocos makes every moment lively,
Brings smile on delicate lips,
Lost in healthy environment,
Kellogg's unwraps childhood.

I have complete faith on Chocos,
Bonding with it is very special,
A bowl filled with health and affection,
Opens the doors of healthy life.

My salute to such an amazing taste,
Kellogg's unwraps childhood.

With kellogg's Chocos the quality time spent with kids is very fruitful as the moments open up the inner talents of the child.

I made my child learn the number counting
one Chocos at a time goes in milk ,
then two Chocos goes dip dip dip ,
then the third splashes briskly,
the fourth make it chocolaty,
fifth gets high five and so on.....

Each time spent eating Chocos makes my young one all the more genius.Thank you Kellogg's for this marvelous sumptuous product.

@ Meenal

Sunday 12 July 2015

Missed Connection

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Keshav was crawling hastily to reach end of the cable tunnel, he paused when surprisingly heard a voice saying “ponder again of your whole deed, will it give you peace”.
Source - Friday Fictioneers
He looked around the aloof tunnel, shut his temporary good side thinking it is utter nonsense and missed connection with inner self.

He then searched bag he robbed at the railway station.

Bag contained few pictures, documents and timeworn laptop.

He was shocked to see his father’s visiting card in the bag; he was disgusted to feel that he missed connection again.

#Word Count - 92

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Friday 10 July 2015

Sweetness of life - Dabur Honey

Life can never be complete if there is no sweetness in it; it could be sweetness in thoughts actions and speech. Sweetness comes from a healthy life and a healthy life is possible through honey.

Honey = Health =sweetness in thoughts, actions and speech.

Health is wealth is well said and holds a deep essence. Health is what we are all concerned for these days where mostly our work place requires us to be stationed at one place. In such a scenario where our mind overworks than its capacity, concern for a healthy lifestyle is the obvious thing. Almost all might have grown up listening to our mothers concern about incorporating healthy and timely eating habits.

A healthy body is joyful, stress free and active. All these qualities can be gained by one unmatched product –Dabur honey. It’s a boon for people of all ages. Its mantra is its ease with which it gels with our daily food habits. This amazing quality gives it an upper hand; this palatable syrup acts as a taste enhancer with bundles of nutritional benefits.

Honey is used from ages and holds with it lot of nutritional qualities. It is a marvellous product that nature has bestowed on us and we can say it is a precious gift that Dabur has taken it to the present. Dabur has bought the natural product in it’s original form with it’s values intact. Since generations honey is been used in numerous ways be it medicine, cosmetics and as a substitute for sugar.

One best quality of honey is that it can be easily mixed with many dishes which enhance it aroma and taste. I really like a dash of this sweet all-rounder on my pancakes. The sweetness when blended with fruits is all the more heavenly.
aura of thoughts - dabur honey
Weight issues are a major concern where honey plays a very important role. As soon as we think of diet it is a general tendency of cutting down our regular food intake thinking that eating very less will lower our weight. But we indeed forget that diet is all about eating right and not about eating less. Slowly our body starts diminishing its potential nutrients and welcomes most disease causing viruses thus affecting the immunity levels.

It is also the product to savour when on crash diet. Honey with warm water is a miracle for those following a diet plan. The nutrients which are flushed away from our body during a crash diet could be replenished with honey.

The sweet tooth cravings can be fulfilled with a spoonful of honey and it guarantees that it will not make us scream when we board our weighing machineJ.

Let us bring home Dabur honey and indirectly open our doors to a natural, healthy and sweet lifestyle. View  for more details.