Friday 31 January 2014

Spur Of The Moment

Moments hold multitude of synonyms like
teach us lessons,
filled with emotions,
are short lived,
gives internal strength,
holds a lot of prominence in our life.

Moments are  junctures of life, which lead us to an unimaginable world. Our life is filled with such countless moments, and few are really close to our heart and their memories can't be erased. Some moments are planned and a few we create for our loved ones to mark their special days.

Moments  fill our life with great surprises, which we have not imagined at all. Like a lucky moment of this sort, assume that  you are standing in an electronic showroom admiring its advanced features of a new launched television. You dream t of having one at home, but couldn't purchase it because of its exuberant price. Now imagine there is a lucky draw in that showroom and you have also registered for it.  Suddenly when the results are out you realize that you have won the lucky draw and would receive the same television you wished as a gift. Imagine how exiting it will be. That spur of the moment would be amazing.

Monday 27 January 2014

Rules - Parallel Track of Life : Importance of Rules

Life and rules are like parallel sides of a road, one compliments each other so well that our journey is a smooth ride. But few think that they are burdened by following many rules. Rules should not be considered a burden, as they are meant to ease our day to day activities. Every house follows certain rules, which are set by elders keeping in mind the interest of each one in the family; house runs perfectly. And likewise in a country; if each one of us follow them everything around us would become easy to handle. A society without rules would be a complete mess.

For a few seconds imagine that all the rules and regulations just get vanished …...Phew....and all are free to do what they want to. You are free to do anything, yes anything…..the feeling itself brings smile to persons who are burdened by plenty of regulations.

But doesn’t it sound absurd to you. On one side its fine we can do what our heart wishes for, but just think if someone else wish doesn’t match with ours. If one person wants to celebrate an event and wants to play the loud music and party all night, and suppose that person turns out to be your neighbor and moreover you are not invited to party. All your requests for a quiet surrounding goes unheard, for a good and sound sleep and you can’t force them to do so; remember the world is now free of rules. UFF! Life would be more challenging. This was just an example. World without rules;…….a big NO for me.

Thursday 23 January 2014

Look, Who's Knocking !!!

I knock the door of the one who are hard working, passionate and have a vision to achieve something..
Nobody can avail me leisurely...
A person needs to analyze and make apt decisions as to how to fulfill their dreams...and utilize me to progress ahead.
I open up new window of satisfaction and success...

Guess who am I...
I am none other than an Opportunity.
Come on ,welcome me with positivity.

Opportunities is what for we long for in our life.One has to become very cautious and aware of hearing the knock of the opportunity. A good opportunity can be availed with immense hard work, we can use it to showcase our abilities,qualities and effectiveness.It is up to us how we answer to the opportunity,which knocks only once and the way we answer it makes us different from all.

Right set of circumstances are necessary to grab a right opportunity.There are times when in spite of putting in lot of hard work we are refrained of a good chance to prove ourselves.There are times when we ill judge a situation and take decisions in haste and land up in worst situations in life Such situations should never shake us from attaining our goals.Obstacles in life teach us to be stronger from within and makes us a more refined human being.

Monday 20 January 2014

New Chapter, New Emotions

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First day of any beginning is exceptional and remembered even after many years of it; and that experience is cherished in our heart. First day of college or first day at office or first day at kitchen or first day at gym….the list goes on. We remember each of first days and its incidents pretty very well. But how many of us remember our first day at school. Every parent has to decide and look when is your child ready to to play school, and that's a tough decision.

At such early age, we generally don’t remember anything; neither do I. But parents of child remember it very well. The greatest twist in my early parenting was so special. Even today I can recall everything with all minute details, as it was just another day; when my child was about to go to pre-school; I was nervous, tensed and heart was beating faster as if I am going to attend an interview. I knew that it’s just matter of few hours of separation but unable to digest it.

When I left the little hands, there was question in sparkling eyes “Where are you going leaving me behind?”

And I could only answer through my reassurance smile conveying “I will be there”.

Back at my place, home suddenly seems silent as never before; which I wished was when I was doing really important work earlier. Floor was clean and no more toys to tumble upon, everything looked perfect but the life of the house was missing.

And suddenly, I felt clock had stopped ticking, checking my phone made me realize each second was passing like a minute. Somehow after dragging each task to the fullest, the time to receive my child was there. I was anxiously waiting, and when little hands came across my shoulders, I was relieved and took a deep breath. My child reacted as though, whole world was once again normal. There was satisfaction in eyes and was elated to return home.

Generally, a child at early age thinks why parents send me to school? What they want me to learn? Is school such a good place, that even if I cry to my heart out, they leave me there.

Parents keep their heart strong yet looking at the weeping child and takes decision from mind for the better future of a child. Though at start, both parent and child take some time to adjust to the routine but later on get accustomed to it. This first day of school, just marks the commencement to our wonderful ride of education, and from here we get our wings to fly in the world. New chapter opens in our life unknowingly, which in future leads to open up many more chapters. Gratitude to our parents who started such a beautiful journey for us……

“You’re off to great places. Today is your Day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” - Dr Seuss

“New beginning accompanies new fears, new emotions and thus refine us…..”

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Wednesday 15 January 2014

Is Life always picture perfect?

In our life we have clicked several pictures on various occasions; time flies very quickly when you are looking at albums or a slideshow of your pictures, they take you back in the memory lane and many times we get lost in them. We cherish those pictures a lot.

Best of the best pictures are framed which are in fact gentle reminder of our happy times; many people frame pictures of their achievement and hard work; that reminds them that they have the capabilities to come over the tough times.

And the ones which you dislike are deleted from your picture gallery or the hard copies are buried under old books. Yes we would always want our best memories to be placed in front of us.

When all is going according to our wish life seems to be picture perfect. And you want the time to just freeze and wish nothing changes. It is like picture perfect moment of life.

But to any person life always cannot be path full of rose petals, thorns are part of the path too, and this lesson needs to be imbibed in our children. We elders need to convey kids that though struggle makes the journey difficult but at the end you achieve the result. For example it’s like unless your hands are messed up in colors your painting isn’t beautiful.

Saturday 11 January 2014

Parents - Architects Of Our Life

Whom we adore, idolize, acknowledge our upbringing, achievements, and knowledge are none other than our beloved parents. They are precious.

From the day we are born our parents are always there to look after us. We are nurtured by our parents with utmost love and tenderness. They take utmost care with total devotion and make sure that their children are not devoid of any comforts. Our cheerful faces fill their heart with immense happiness. Their selfless love and faith is what we always cherish for.

Our parents don many kinds of roles for us. At times they act like kids, running every hook and corner for getting things done, like a friend with whom we like to share, a teacher for making us a good citizen. They mold our life and adds a meaning to it.

Parent and child learning is a two way process. Some times a parent tend to learn many things from a child. The latest trends and aspects are introduced to them through their young ones. The younger generation teach them the use of new technologies and gadgets to make their life more comfortable.

A child imitates its parents. We always observe and try to tackle with situations like our elders did. Their past experiences prevent us from repeating the same mistakes and acts as a shield against all odds. We always remember the moral stories told by our grandmothers, Those stories imbibed in us give us knowledge and to deal with various kinds of scenario in life with great fortitude. The values taught are passed on to next generations too.

Our parents protect us from worst circumstances. We feel safe under their guidance. They help us in selecting a righteous path and teaches us to assess what is apt for us. They always motivate and strengthen us by their blessings and support. No matter how old we become, we never forget the values taught to us and we always try to follow them.

                             P - Patience 
                             A - Able
                             R - Respect
                             E - Emotion
                             N - Noteworthy
                             T - Trust

Thursday 9 January 2014

Life - A Statement

When I receive the card statement I zealously open the envelope and keep aside all the pamphlets and the offers bank is providing to me and look upon the statement carefully. Though I know my expenses roughly I am more interested to look on to my earnings and to make out how much amount is credited to my account.

Simple cash back or a petrol surcharge waiver makes me say hurrah!! I know it’s only 2-3% of my expenditures but still that makes me happy.

Life many times to me feels like a credit card statement or similar to journal entry in balance sheet, as in debit and credit columns; our life too credit many things and debits few.

If considering life as a statement then credit and debit columns will be filled with a bunch of experiences few good and few bad. And each entry has a special place in our life’s journey. By each entry in column or I should say by each passing incident, we gain an experience which is priceless. Learning from such experiences makes us more enriched person and if we fail to learn then surely it shows its impact in future.

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Living In A Time Frame

Millions n millions of people around the world jostle every minute to perform their daily chores on time, like attending office on time, reaching home on time, studying on time, eating on time, sleeping on time and lot more time bound activities.

We keep on performing our duties from time to time. The world around has become so materialistic where recreation has no space in today’s life style. We all of course strive hard each day for giving our family good life by providing them with all sorts of comforts they need. But we forget that it not the luxury and the gadgets what the family requires, it is the jolly time spent with them makes the bond stronger.

We should be thankful to god that we are gifted with a beautiful life amidst our loving family members and friends. It is the family which stand by us always. A happy family is a great asset. Spending some quality time with our family should be the primary and the most important duty. By rearranging our time a bit we can make our life more contented and it gives us eternal happiness.

Stop leading a robotic life with no emotions and values. Time is the only asset that we have. It depends on ourselves how well we utilize it to. One should not let work take us under its control and cripple us. Maintain an equilibrium in life. Set your priorities and devote your quality time accordingly for a balanced lifestyle.

Ponder for a few seconds why and for what are we running for? Are we really enjoying our life? Are we getting some quality time to spend with our near and dear ones? or we have just become the slaves of time.

A few things that could be taken up during weekends can be planning an outing with family for example for some nature walk and adventurous trips, playing with kids, trying doing things that you never tried out before and lot more keeping in mind the interests of each one. Be wild and crazy and enjoy life leaving behind all sorts of work load. A break from our daily activities refreshes us and boosts us to start afresh.