Thursday 9 January 2014

Life - A Statement

When I receive the card statement I zealously open the envelope and keep aside all the pamphlets and the offers bank is providing to me and look upon the statement carefully. Though I know my expenses roughly I am more interested to look on to my earnings and to make out how much amount is credited to my account.

Simple cash back or a petrol surcharge waiver makes me say hurrah!! I know it’s only 2-3% of my expenditures but still that makes me happy.

Life many times to me feels like a credit card statement or similar to journal entry in balance sheet, as in debit and credit columns; our life too credit many things and debits few.

If considering life as a statement then credit and debit columns will be filled with a bunch of experiences few good and few bad. And each entry has a special place in our life’s journey. By each entry in column or I should say by each passing incident, we gain an experience which is priceless. Learning from such experiences makes us more enriched person and if we fail to learn then surely it shows its impact in future.

We always wish to get more from life in different aspects of it but we sometimes lack to put the required efforts. Striving to attain ones goal we need to work infinitely and dedicate all our energy and passion positively towards it.

By hard work, sincerity, and motivation towards education one credits indisputable knowledge and by performing duties towards nation one credits pride and harmony. For example if every citizen works for betterment of nation and try to contribute his/her share towards it, you are observing your moral responsibility.

In a similar manner smiling to neighbor or plain good morning wish creates a positive aura and which in turn credits friendship.

At the end of the day you will be credited for your efforts. Sometimes the fruit of success is delayed but never denied in life. You will always get your share of success sooner or later.

If life is all about journal entries then I would like to credit great friendship, love and care from family, goodwill from society, and rich experiences of life and so on…And debit stress, sorrow, regrets and all unpleasant factors from life.

Yes we can debit unlikable habits, bad memories and unpleasant events only by crediting creative hobbies, self motivation and of course by self belief. Habits are just such a repetition of consequences, avoid them and they will be out of your life one day.

It’s in our hands which entries to be made in journal of life, so always credit factors that keeps you and your loved ones happy and debit such as strain, misgivings and selfishness.

So at the end of the post I would say just give a minute to this thought and list out your credit and debit entries and what in future would you like to achieve (credit).

“Balanced person Credits happiness and Debits sadness ”


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