Tuesday 7 January 2014

Living In A Time Frame

Millions n millions of people around the world jostle every minute to perform their daily chores on time, like attending office on time, reaching home on time, studying on time, eating on time, sleeping on time and lot more time bound activities.

We keep on performing our duties from time to time. The world around has become so materialistic where recreation has no space in today’s life style. We all of course strive hard each day for giving our family good life by providing them with all sorts of comforts they need. But we forget that it not the luxury and the gadgets what the family requires, it is the jolly time spent with them makes the bond stronger.

We should be thankful to god that we are gifted with a beautiful life amidst our loving family members and friends. It is the family which stand by us always. A happy family is a great asset. Spending some quality time with our family should be the primary and the most important duty. By rearranging our time a bit we can make our life more contented and it gives us eternal happiness.

Stop leading a robotic life with no emotions and values. Time is the only asset that we have. It depends on ourselves how well we utilize it to. One should not let work take us under its control and cripple us. Maintain an equilibrium in life. Set your priorities and devote your quality time accordingly for a balanced lifestyle.

Ponder for a few seconds why and for what are we running for? Are we really enjoying our life? Are we getting some quality time to spend with our near and dear ones? or we have just become the slaves of time.

A few things that could be taken up during weekends can be planning an outing with family for example for some nature walk and adventurous trips, playing with kids, trying doing things that you never tried out before and lot more keeping in mind the interests of each one. Be wild and crazy and enjoy life leaving behind all sorts of work load. A break from our daily activities refreshes us and boosts us to start afresh.

Emerge from the frenetic lifestyle and enjoy life by rightful planning. That doesn’t mean one should not value time, but also ponder that we don’t miss out our precious moments with our   family which we cherish the most and which cannot be recreated.

                        Have the time of your life...BeCoz , u need it.


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