Thursday 31 January 2019

Book Review: Time Stops at Shamli by Ruskin Bond

Book: “Time Stops At Shamli” by Ruskin Bond
Book Cover: The book cover looks like a fresh painting with colours just drying and the single swing tells many stories.

Book & Its Contents:
This is my first book of Ruskin Bond, yes to my memory from the time I started with reading challenges last year, this is the first book of the famous author Ruskin Bond.

Saturday 26 January 2019

What are RULES & How do they affect us in life

Rules has varying definitions to all, this poetry has few of its shades and its characteristics. 

either means world to some,
or just a line in a document.
Such are varying definitions.

Tuesday 22 January 2019

My views for Mother Sparsh new launch of #SensitiveBabyWipes

A baby product sometimes needs some customization keeping in mind the sensitivity and weather conditions. With this in mind Mother Sparsh always strives for healthier baby as they have launched their all new brand of wet wipes. These baby wipes are 99% water based and are thick enough to use them easily. My priority for water wipes also    increases in winters as for every little mess kids make we cannot    ask them to wash their hands instead a handy Mother Sparsh wet wipe has an ability to just blow away all the germs from the little curious hands. It’s equivalent to washing hands with water.

This Mother Sparsh pure wet wipe was launched in October 2018 and after using it for weeks, I have come up with few important pointers for parents to consider upon.

Monday 21 January 2019

How to Stay Calm & Win over anxiety

Energy flow of body and the energy flow of universe if matched then one attains serenity. I have read these lines in a devotional book that makes me believe that one should gather calmness to stay in tune with universe.

In a rush to complete many tasks in little frame of time with many distractions beside, we tend to loose calm attitude. And by doing so sometimes we mess up with our work or sometimes the tasks are done half heartedly and sometimes without your perfection level. And later we realize that we could not stay calm in situations and the result is not as expected.

Deep down we all want to be calm in every stressful situation and act wisely. But does calmness come on its own or its inherited? So how does one attain calmness and peaceful attitude in crisis situations? Not losing our temperament and maintaining a calm demeanor comes with constant exercise. Practicing in a proper way can imbibe in us the beauty of peacefulness. So lets follow these 5 guidelines to stay calm.

Wednesday 2 January 2019

Easiest way to be SMART in today's world

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

You are a smart person!

in writing articles,

in executing things,

in organizing event

at official meetings

at home work balance

and the list goes on..

Well I would be modest at the above compliment and would not like to take the entire credit for self but share this credit with smart devices that help me, and millions of others to execute their day in perfect or near to perfect manner.