Wednesday 2 January 2019

Easiest way to be SMART in today's world

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You are a smart person!

in writing articles,

in executing things,

in organizing event

at official meetings

at home work balance

and the list goes on..

Well I would be modest at the above compliment and would not like to take the entire credit for self but share this credit with smart devices that help me, and millions of others to execute their day in perfect or near to perfect manner.

Advantages working with SMART devices
·      As we are heading towards a time where everything around is changing drastically each one of us is compelled to keep up the pace yet giving our best. 

·      The fast paced life looks for options that assist in competing with the speed, devices that can simulate us, or rather imitate us taking decisions on the go. 

·      I am talking about the SMART devices, nothing but the 'miniature giants' which can be easily programmed and assist us in our day-to-day tasks. 

·      Hats off to the innovations and the ideas, which keep pouring such incredible devices in every field. 

·      Be it in major industrial sector or civil work sector or medicine or agriculture or our home these innovations have tremendously changed our outlook. 

Evolution of Technology in our lives

Yes, evolution of technology is must in every era and to adapt the technology with its features is also a sweet transit. Technology always thinks of the betterment of human lives and using such technology always makes a person feel artistically intelligent using devices built in with responsive technology. SMART devices help us and I not only term them as helpers in our life I would say they are our partners for life.

Smart Home Revolution

Now, you need not remember each task of home as SmartHomeRevolution has changed the entire scenario. You can easily concentrate on other stuff than ringing like alarm bell to yourself or to your family. This is even a boon to the parents as they can easily monitor their child entertainment time be it television or tablets. Everything monitored by you at a single go and the best part is you can do this even if you are away from home.

Smart Lights

Smart home revolution does not just stop here; Smart lights also make your home look into many shades and environment as per your mood and setting. What you need to do is just choose the right setting and you are done. Tada! If it is kids party or evening cocktail party the mood is set. You need not put effort in the setting the scene with the other lightings or decor as Smart lights provides the best aura you need for the state you want.

Smart Fitness Bands

Taking medical intelligence in to account these devices can be termed as mini doctors or one can say medical assistant as the smart Wearable products like watches can be programmed to remind us to walk or run or as simple as to drink water at regular intervals. Smart watches and fitnessbands are so comfortable and do come with fashionable bands attached so your fashion quotient remains intact here too.


Smart Assistant

One may not depend on others or self call to do stuff

Automatic reminders and setting according to ones need fills each day with a schedule. Our brain can work on many more critical tasks than to keep reminding self and family for it. Save your energy from mundane tasks schedule you’re to do lists with smart devices.

Smart Devices – Life Saviour

Hence smart devices for me are must for sure are like life savior in many aspects. Smart Device is like magic wand that helps me, listens to me, executes things as per my wish and up on all takes care of me.

NexGen Mantra of Smartness
Use SMART devices and show off the world your SMARTNESS.

So don’t be upset if world doesn’t understand you in a certain way your smart devices surely do! Don’t believe me you need to try one for yourself and get yourself freed from mundane tasks that irritate you the most.


Time has changed and so our needs

A click away is a world of seamless smartness proceed

Simulating you and me, with perfection indeed

MY WISH - Language Translator in Smart Devices

Though we are heading towards generation next where there is tremendous use of smart equipments I feel that what is most important is to ease of using the appliances. Most of us are reluctant to try to a new appliance as most of the instructions written on it are in English and it is not understood by everyone, here language becomes a barrier. So what I wish is an in-built language translator in the appliances where one can choose the language to be displayed on buttons. 

For example, washing machine should have a display panel which instructs buttons like "Safed Kapde", "samay", "Turant saaf" in hindi instead of White Clothes, Timer and Quick Wash. This may surely bring in a major change and make our smart appliances friendlier not only for the generation next but for one and all.

What I wish is for language translator for multiple language in smart devices.

FLIPKART- House of Smart Devices

Flipkart has a major hand in spreading the smart revolution by introducing us to this seamless smartness. When I need to buy electronics items by online store I trust on Flipkart as they understand and deliver as per customer needs and there are many options to choose too.  Flipkart also believes to revamp each home India SMART in a SmartHomeRevolution campaign that will reduce the mundane tasks and give us time in more productive tasks.


So why not go grab one for yourself and enter the New Year with a bang and lots of happiness and peace. 




  1. Smart devices are new generation technology which are very helpful in day to day life. .my fitness band keeps a track of my calories burnt, heart rate, pulse rate etc..its a mini doctor at home

    1. Fitness bands are really a helpful device, a constant monitor for us .

  2. Smart devices in today's times are a must. Will check out Flipkart for more on smart devices.

    1. Do check out Flipkart has cool devices for fitness.

  3. Technology has advanced a lot and these snart devices are killing it. Perfectly summed up things on your blog.

  4. smart devices are becoming must haves today. Have to check out Flipkart now.

    1. Yes Tina, must haves in busy world to track our health goals.

  5. This is so truly said! Advancement in technology is a boon to mankind.

    1. Definitely a boon to mankind and we should use it in proper channel.

  6. Flipkart has some greta smart devices that you can use to make your home smarter.

    1. Yes smart home for smart people with smart gadgets.


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