Tuesday 26 April 2022

Perfect Guide in Life - Inner Expressions : Poetry

Managing our emotions is a very difficult task as our emotions are likely to be influenced by others' actions and the circumstances prevailing around us. If mastered, then it can help one to fight against all odds. There are situations where we need to control our emotions for example, in our work culture; we come across all walks of people there, and therefore we may face many moods and emotions related to them.

Expressing our feelings and thoughts makes one self different from others. If there was a day marked only to express what you feel about life, then a single day may not be enough for me whereas few others may convey it in few lines. We can understand our inner expressions and need to careful of it not to be influenced by the outer world. 

Monday 11 April 2022

MeenalSonal's new blog addition Dhoopchaanv धूपछाँव

A new beginning brings along a lot of happiness, excitement, and joy, and of course with it brings nervousness, slight anxiety about the performance, and mainly responsibility.

We always look for ways to excel as we firmly believe in accepting the change and moving ahead with time and simultaneously bracing ourselves for a novel approach.

You might be thinking about what new Blogging duo Meenal Sonal is going to bring, few asked us is it about the new category in our blog or the new format at our blog but let us tell you it is not about auraofthoughts blog. Then what, you must be guessing.