Tuesday 29 December 2020

Story of misplaced gifts by Santa Claus

Santa Claus gift - MeenalSonal

"Add cocoa powder in the list of groceries, kids will be back for me to bake a cake today", voiced Aryan's mother from the kitchen as she shelved the utensils in the kitchen.

Aryan got up by hearing the mother's voice but rolled up on the other side of the bed thinking the winters and blankets are a stunning combination which cannot lose any duo competition. When he was about to pause all thoughts and go back to slumber, his mother handed him a cordless phone saying Rohan has called thrice till now and he has mentioned its urgency. 

With much difficulty and remembering his friendship vows he took the phone and whispered Hello…

“Hey dude, you are still on your bed, what’s wrong with you. Don’t you know what’s special today”, blurted Rohan in a gasp.

Wednesday 23 December 2020

Understanding the relationship between Diabetes and Nutrition

An important aspect of healthy living is a balanced diet and following an effective routine. The routine can help us manage major diseases well. Managing diabetes also requires the same balance of diet and exercise. But the major question which confuses us is about the appropriate diet plan.

Is there anything called as an appropriate or a perfect diabetic diet?

This is a worrying aspect when we question ourselves about what and how to conquer the goal of healthy eating habits. What is that perfect plate which will satiate our palate and is healthy as well?

Diabetes Nutrition - MeenalSonal

What does science say?

It all depends on you! 

Yes, science says there is no specific diet that is perfect for all. It all depends on the individual. There is no formula to calculate and establish the perfect diet plan. What is required is a balanced portion of meals and a physical workout. Each body responds differently to various food habits and so your ‘perfect diet’ is dependent on your own choices and preferences.

Friday 18 December 2020

Lessons learnt in the year 2020 : साल 2020 की सीख

Year 2020 was the year of learnings, some of which were lost in the hush hush of life's race and a few were just ignored in our own bliss of comfort. This year will hold a special place in each ones life and so do ours. 

Year 2020 has filled our hearts with immense emotions and must say a varied thoughts too, we have penned our thoughts in the poetic form that shares the lessons learnt and importance of them.

Aideu 2020 Poem - MeenalSonal

इस साल की शुरुवात भी हर साल  की तरह थी ,

नई  उमंगो से भरी कई बातें थी | 

पर धीरे-धीरे थमी घड़ी की टिक टिक ,

ना कही जाने की जल्दी ना किसी के आने की दस्तक | 

यह साल भागते कदमों को थमना सीखा गया ,

ज़िन्दगी की भाग दौड़ में ज़िन्दगी जीना सीखा गया | 

Friday 11 December 2020

Woman Entrepreneur Ms Roshni Mukherjee : Shaping the Education World

Women and education were totally on different pages a few centuries ago but as time passed women understood the power of education and proved their mettle to the world. Women can change the world with their thoughts and actions and education is a powerful tool for them. And in today’s era, women and education are on the same page, most women now understand the importance of education and are imparting the commitment towards it. We all would agree that ‘an educated woman can shape the world better’. 


Woman Education Quote - MeenalSonal