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Understanding the relationship between Diabetes and Nutrition

An important aspect of healthy living is a balanced diet and following an effective routine. The routine can help us manage major diseases well. Managing diabetes also requires the same balance of diet and exercise. But the major question which confuses us is about the appropriate diet plan.

Is there anything called as an appropriate or a perfect diabetic diet?

This is a worrying aspect when we question ourselves about what and how to conquer the goal of healthy eating habits. What is that perfect plate which will satiate our palate and is healthy as well?

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What does science say?

It all depends on you! 

Yes, science says there is no specific diet that is perfect for all. It all depends on the individual. There is no formula to calculate and establish the perfect diet plan. What is required is a balanced portion of meals and a physical workout. Each body responds differently to various food habits and so your ‘perfect diet’ is dependent on your own choices and preferences.

So that means you have choices, lots of them!

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Here are some things to keep in mind while thinking about nutrition and diabetes in India:

1. Include lots of non-starchy vegetables like radish, carrots, leafy veggies, tomatoes, etc.  and reduce intake of processed foods.

2. Trust Ensure Diabetes Care by Abbott, a scientific formula for diabetes specific nutrition: a partner in your treatment goal. Ensure Diabetes Care powder has modified maltodextrin, which provides slow release of energy to help control blood sugar levels.

3. Don’t go for extreme diets like removing carbs from your diet or reducing the intake of carbs.  Fad diets can harm you and have an adverse effect on your overall health. Instead, choose a well-balanced diet that can keep you full and help you manage your diabetes as well.

4. Incorporate exercise and active lifestyle in your daily regimen as you’re making changes to your diet. A healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet can help you lose weight which can help in diabetes management.  You can also use Ensure Diabetes Care as a pre-workout drink to keep your energies up while exercising.

5. Switch less healthy food options with their healthier counterparts. For example switch butter with olive oil, include season fruits in your diet, add whole grains to your food and reduce your salt intake. 

Diabetes Nutrition -MeenalSonal

Remember to go with your preferences:

Each individual has his or her own preferences and habits. So work with your nutritionist and doctor to prepare a diabetes-friendly plan that works for you. 

You can also use Ensure Diabetes Care that can be mixed with the food of your choice to make it a complete meal for managing diabetes.

Diabetes does not have to be about forgoing your favourite foods or giving up on physical activities. It is about reaching your desired treatment goal. With good nutritional diet, you can keep a check on your diabetes and live well. 



  1. This is such an important pst for anyone who has diabetes. I will share this with my parents.

  2. Very nice and informtive post. I would appreciate if you check my blog.

  3. Thanks for sharing this informative article with us. My aunt has diabetes will recommend this product to her.

  4. This is quite important to be aware of. I didn't know ensure helped with so many ailments. It's good that we Bloggers educate the others about such things

  5. Such a comprehensive post of diabetes and nutrition. Diet is one pillar of diabetes management and it solely depends upon the patient and thhe care giver to stick to the prescribed diet

  6. As ypu mention diet and exercise have to be customized based on the individual when it comes to diabetes care. Ensure is really helpful in diabetes patients.

  7. It's so true good nutrition and healthy lifestyle with little but sustainable changes can make great difference in our health.

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  12. This post has been an eye opener for someone like me who has never thought about the relationship between diabetes and nutrition. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I am a prediabetic and can totally relate to your post. I have even started making subtle changes with my lifestyle. Diabetes can be cured if we choose to adjust our lifestyle habits and move towards a more holistic, healthy approach. Thanks for the wonderful insights.

  14. A very informative post and I wish everyone read and understood the importance of nutrition for diabetic patients. Yes taking the right vegetables and doing the exercises are so important.

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  17. Absolutely people often confused what to eat in diabetes. My father is also taking #EnsureDiabetesCare from last year. It helps in maintaining his blood sugar levels

  18. Thanks for suggesting Ensure Diabetes Care as my mother in law too has started taking it. After reading your post it seems she is doing right in taking it.


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