Saturday 31 January 2015

Viewpoint Matters

“Get into your bed, it’s time for bedtime stories”, instructed Kriti while switching on the new night lamp.
Source : Friday Fictioneers
“It resembles a depraved face, switch it off”, exclaimed Sunny holding his mother tightly with his cold hands.
Source : B-A-R

“You know dear, I feel exactly opposite; I see a bright moon, a boat sailing towards the three dots which are hope, dreams and happiness”, described Kriti caressing Sunny hair.

She added, “We can make our mind powerful with right set of thoughts, always try to look at scene with more positivity”.

“Thank you for a great lesson mom”, Sunny kissed good night fearlessly.
Aura of thoughts quote fear
Unwind curtains of FEAR
#Word Count - 100

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Thursday 29 January 2015

Pimple Crush Saga

After college, let’s go to my place for quick snacks and then to Dhruva’s birthday bash, Mili kind of ordered Sneha than asking. These two were best of friends and could resolve any thing in world, be it Sneha’s admission in same section or Mili’s two-wheeler license, together they felt, they could conquer the world.

After reaching home, Mili went to freshen up and Sneha sat with a phone in one hand and apple in another, which she picked while entering into room after greeting Mili’s mother and grandmother in lobby.

“Yes yes yes, yippee”, Sneha started dancing keeping her phone beside.

“What happened? Are drama team selection results out”, inquired Mili wiping her face.

“No”, Sneha said with a smile and a spark in eyes that made Mili to think.

“Then why are you dancing, I thought you were eagerly waiting for results”, Mili questioned and threw the towel on chair and started looking in to the mirror.

“I cleared level 280”, smiled Sneha while feeling proud.
Mili n Sneha play Candy crush- Aura of thoughts
Sneha and Mili favourite game - Candy Crush Saga
“And I am still at 8”, dull Mili responded.

“How it could be? We both were at same level”, Sneha doubted with a surprise.

“I am not talking of Candy crush Saga, it’s the score of Pimple Crush Saga on my face”, dejected Mili replied, still looking at pimples closely, now in a concave mirror for a closer look.

“When did you enter Pimple Crush Saga levels”, Sneha teased Mili, for she named pimples outburst on their favorite game ‘Candy Crush Saga’.

“You are laughing and making fun, see this one is just a day old and these are whose levels crossed”, Mili pointing and giving level numbers to pimples, made Sneha laugh out loud.
Aura of thoughts- fiction-Pimple Crush Saga
Mili looking at pimples while getting ready
“I am serious Sneha!”  “What will I do if I am selected to play lead in ‘Beauty and Beast’ play?”
“How will I end up on final day?” Mili posed series of questions to Sneha.

You are a good actor, beauty is not mattered while acting,” Sneha tried calming Mili’s worry.

“But the role demands a flawless skin, and how could I end this increase of levels each day, every morning to my surprise, level keeps on changing”, Mili still analyzing pimples in mirror.

“No worries, you forgot that we can win over any situation”, Sneha reminded Mili, of many impossible tasks they completed together.

Sneha quickly asked query in so-called ‘Love for Beauty’ whatsapp group about pimple problem.

Mili’s grandmother entered with a plate of snacks saying, “Girls, here I come with your favorite snacks”

Seeing Mili irritated with pimple problem, she advised “Many times I told you dear, to make and apply neem paste on your face, to avoid such skin problems”. Sneha and Mili picked up snacks as Granny continued “Neem is very beneficiary and keeps skin flawless and radiant”.
Aura of thoughts - Crush Saga
Neem - magic booster
“But Daadi, I don’t like making neem paste there is so much hassle in that”, Mili hesitated at the idea of making a paste.   

Sneha phone beeped endlessly with notifications of group message, and to her surprise maximum members recommended Garnier Neem face wash as a solution.

Sneha exclaimed with rejoice saying, “Daadi’s formula can be applied, without any hassle, as Garnier product “Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash" has all the extracts of Neem and fades pimple hitch".
“You have wonderful product like Garnier which is ready to use with same benefits, this generation has many advantages I must say”, and Granny smiled and patted Mili to ease off her worry.

Then what was to wait, two of them rode on magenta scooty to nearby shop to get the face wash. And results were quite satisfactory and after few days, Sneha said again “yes yes yes…. you are selected for lead role and I as narrator.

Both gave hi-fi with a confidence that was flawless as Mili’s face now.

This post is purely fictional and a part of Indiblogger Garnier activity where I strongly believe that the beauty is not about attaining a higher skin-tone, but having a flawless skin. Minor problems such as pimple shall not banish our dreams, let us vanish them with our confidence in nature. As nature has remedies for all problem, the need is to look around and identifying it. Neem tree is one of the miraculous solutions to many skin troubles. So next time you are in trouble, look around solution maybe nearby.
AuraOfThoughts - Nature remedy
Natural remedy
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Tuesday 27 January 2015

Evolve in Solitude - #SelfGrowth Poetry

Evolving in Solitude is like diving deep within the soul in search of answers. In many crisis 

situations or in dilemma such solitude act help us to come up with answers that are deep 

hidden in our soul. This below poetry is the series of Shadorma form of poetry.

Near a lake
On calm dark night
Pondered deep
Moments passed
My isolation helped to 
Explore the real

What I held
Forever with me
Grasps strongly
Amicable solitude
House of emotions

Craft unrefined thoughts
My Ego
Lend a hand to encourage
Evade through darkness

The time spent
Is not frivolous
But precious
Brighten up
A journey that builds a root

With my solitude


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Thursday 22 January 2015

The Majestic Blue

“Why you lay abandoned here”, questioned sea to the dull boat.
Abandoned Gloomy Boat-Source
“I am parked here as I can’t face voracious waves”, clarified boat.

“So will you stay here forever” quizzed sea; to which gloomy boat responded, “What else I can do?”

Do you wish to know “What is it that I really want to say?” sea asked and then proceeded after boat’s nod, “You need to be adaptable with situations, be brave and undergo changes if required; there shall be wear and tear in such cases, but surely you will learn and earn through this”.

Boat sailed away from shore…. 

Aura-of-thoughts-Majestic Blue
Overcome your fear

Word Count #100