Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Riddle - Who wears this mask

In this riddle you need to guess a person who wears the mask of the qualities described in the poem. Clues are given in form of poem and answer is at the end, no scrolling down without reading the clues :)

The one who never says “no”,
Even if facts are not known.

The one who always says “yes”,
Without thinking of its fuss.

The one who is a perfect in copying,
Poking nose all around and blabbering.

The one who keeps updated information,
On every hook and corner of workstation.

The one who dreams of big credentials,
While stepping on others potential.

The one who is afraid to walk alone,
Likes to stay in a blissful bond.

The one who sticks as a chewing gum,
And Head back when situations go numb.

The one who is more annoying,
And you feel like disowning.

The one who speaks to flatter,
And can do it with much butter.

The one who portrays things nicely,
Even if job is done poorly.

The one who takes advantage,
Mending situations in outrage.

The one who wishes to shine,
By singing praises for poor wine.

The one who likes bosses every initiative,
Even if team wonders what so creative.

Did you guess such person?
The one found in every season.
Source - TOI

Yes it’s the great sycophants,
“Chamcha” is often they called on.

Beware of such Sycophants
The person anyone really wants

Sycophants are now a days every where, commonly called as "Chamcha" in India. This post is an humorous take on topic "The Great Indian Chamcha". 

Hope you all liked it and this post is “an entry to the The Great Indian Blogging Contest, as a part of the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival 2015.” Great Indian Circus & Kolkatta Bloggers.
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  1. I know all of these--don't we all--sometimes all in the same person. I think what's funny is seeing them all laid out in detail. And of course, ultimately we have to laugh and recognize a little of it in ourselves. Thanks for posting!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes we see them every where and smile and leave it.

  2. Love this.. illustration in particular....
    Woe betide those who do not grovel to king cock for they will be banished LOL

    1. Yes Rallentanda we need to banish such people, kind of irritating some times :))

  3. Wow! A refreshingly new take on the prompt.

    1. Thanks Saket, couldn't think of any another posts when I saw Indispire Masks prompt :))

  4. I'm afraid, I know so many of them :-( ....Ohh... :-(

    Nicely put in the poem, their attributions, I must admit... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna.
      It's good you know who wears such masks; keep a hand distance ;-)


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