Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Journey from OR to AND : Sunita Ramnathkar

Today women have evolved a lot and have spread their aura in all walks of life. They not only stand as a pillar of strength for their family but also play a great role in their respective work place. Brigham Young Says, “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” Woman is powerful, lovable, Smart, Sensual, Caring, Giving, Tolerant, strong at heart, emotional, responsible and the list goes on in the virtue of them. Women are an inherent part of our society; set to rock the world though their shoulders are burdened with unsaid responsibilities. Every woman always keeps their spirit high as sunshine, no matter what the circumstances are.

A better managing quality is one of the main reasons that women are able to play myriad roles thus breaking the myth of OR in their life where they have to choose among the family or the career. Women can definitely handle personal AND professional tasks with ease, as they are gifted with the power of “AND”.

One such woman who is my inspiration is Sunita Ramnathkar, Founder of Fem Care PharmaI have read a lot about her and in some way her success mantra touches my heart. She had a well-settled luxurious life, but the itch to do something more and not settling with a housewife tag only she moved ahead in life to explore another part. AND the zeal to achieve something in life was her main driving force.

Sunita Ramnathkar showed the world the power of Indian market, which was a boon to all the women. The Fem fairness bleach turned out to be the best product till date. She is wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, a manager and what not. Justifying all her duties and responsibilities moved ahead to fulfill her dream.

Most dreams of a women are just being buried deep behind fulfilling the duties of family, now it’s time to overcome and show the world that we can embrace the AND in our life like Sunita Ramnathkar.

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  1. Wonderful expansion for 'WOMAN'.

  2. Loved your feelings being a woman. Thanks for sharing about Sunita Ramnathkar :)

    1. Sunita Ramnathkar is a great example of how women excel when it comes to managing. We are minis administrators and micro managers in our homes, the scale just gets bigger for us when we go up the ladder.

  3. Or is a "choice" and AND has a message which says "as well". Woman has a tremendous potential to manage multiple things. But yes, she puts her dreams on the back burner.

  4. Sunita's journey is really inspiration. yes, in our society, it is hard for women to come ahead and fulfill their own dreams after getting married and have kids. woman like sunita set an example for other women and shows that if there is will, then there is way.

  5. Women educates a whole generation.very well said

  6. Well said. I remember reading the journey of Sunita in one of the books. I think it was connecting the dots. Her story was truly inspiring

  7. Such inspiring stories really motivate. I am happy that you have shared Sunita Ramnathkar Story with us !!

  8. There are so many women all around the world who are breaking the stereotypes and inspiring us to think out of the box. Good to know about Sunita Ramnathkar.

  9. Such an inspiring woman and glad to know the face behind Fem which was very famous right from when I was in school.

    Thanks for. Sharing about her.


  10. Wow such stories are always inspiring and motivates alot. Thanks for sharing about Sunita Ramnathkar, her story is amazing.

  11. Sunita's journey is an inspiration. I had read about her in detail a while ago and how she built her empire is absolutely inspiring.


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