Saturday 28 February 2015

Book Review : When She Smiled

The book “When She smiled “ is the debut novel written by Ritoban Chakrabarti, is  a story of a teenager boy who finds his destiny hidden behind a ‘Smile’. The front cover of the book is well designed and attractive which tempts the reader to start off.
Book : When She Smiled
The story is set up in the backdrop of mesmerizing Shivalik  ranges in  Shimla which is well known for its picturesque beauty. The story revolves around a fifteen year old boy,Mrityunjoy Roy ,who returns from the Sainik school to join his previous DAV school  and was delighted to meet his buddies after a long gap. He is a boy who likes to participate in almost all kinds of competition, has the passion of doing something different and is a day dreamer.

Here, he meets a girl ,Akansha who is the most beautiful girl in the school and is captivated by her smile and gorgeous eyes. Slowly the teen love takes a leap when she joins Roy’s tuition classes. They used to walk kilometers together to spend time with each other enjoying the beauty of Shimla. He always thinks of impressing her and drawing her focus on him. Her one smile would give him all the answers to his questions. The sweet innocent love story just takes lead mingled with myriad of emotions.

The other characters in the story are introduced very well. Roy’s parents were very particular about studies and disliked any kind of the extra-curricular activities .They fought on petty issues which annoyed Mrityunjoy a lot. But the pillar support was his elder brother and sister who were his role models and guided him in all walks of life.

Then suddenly a very sad incident just changes his way to approach life and he decides to move on .A smile that once made him crazy now lighted his path to success.

  • The descriptions about the scenic beauty of Shivalik, in and around Shimla are very refreshing.
  • The poetry which Mrityunjoy writes on the request of his girlfriend, Akansha is the real strength of the book.
  • The story is able to decipher a very good message for our youth ,that one should move on in life if things fall apart rather than wasting  time repenting, thus making the situations worse.
  • The student life is portrayed beautifully .The competitions and the school fare just took me back to my goody school days.

  • The book just doesn’t keep the readers engrossed. There are dialogues that seemed repetitive. 
  • I was not able to connect the speaker of the dialogues at times it was confusing as to who is speaking. 
  • The ending was quite hasty and could have been more interesting and also came across few grammatical mistakes. 
  • Few portions were explained in detail but as we reach towards the end the things are rushed and hence were unsuccessful to strike the right cord.

Final word:
The book is written in first person and is narrated by Roy. The language used is simple and easy to grasp.

The author seems to be a nature lover and portrayed the perfect picture of the exquisiteness of Shimla through his writing. This book could be a good pick to revive the memories of the teenager life and could be a one-time read sipping coffee in leisure time.

Book Details:
Name: When she Smiled
Author: Ritoban Chakrabarti
Genre: Romantic Fiction
Publisher: Notion press
ISBN: 978-93-84878-25-2
Pages: 217
Price:  Rs 215
My Rating: 3/5

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Thursday 26 February 2015

Voluble Waves

Sitting on the shore of the mighty Bay of Bengal at Puri, Odisha mind just comes to a standstill and is lost in the glory of observing the gushing waves which touches the shore. They envelope us in their mesmerizing charm.
But have any one ever pondered what they really teach us, do they come to us with a message, did we ever tried to hear their whispers?

Sitting on a rock, beside a peaceful bay,
Gushing water touches, the shore in a way,
What a serene visage it dons to sing,
Whispering something to mend broken strings.

  Every wave with lots of force,
And with a collected support,
Bounces to reach to a destination,
With complete devotion and altruism.

Look out what it whispers with grace,
Want to teach some gestures of life’s race,
Collected strength gains maximum score,
Then why not assemble more n more.

Puri, Odisha

Then, why sometimes twinge to head alone,
Draught of proud overshadows our tone,
Partitioned heart is an empty bowl,
Lay defunct like farms during drought.

Break the curdle of ego in mind,
Gel with oneness and thoughts refined,
Bonds of selfishness is merely a paper tiger,
The strength of oneness makes one tougher.

This ultimate message that waves spread,
Nature teaches us lessons best,
Oh! Why not we all unite,
See the world with thoughtful sight.

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Friday 20 February 2015

Quiet -Tanka

Source-Magpie Tales
If quiet on wrong
I am piece of furniture
I shall speak, evolve
Being effulgent, content
I am sober, self faithful

This is Tanka, a form of poetry that follows 5/7/5/7/7 syllable count exactly.
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Thursday 19 February 2015

A Good Night Sleep

“Each one of us on this earth are the actors of a play written and directed by God”; is well said by a famous author. Yes, we do play a myriad of roles in our personal as well as professional life. Each role play includes complete dedication and commitment to perform duties. Life is like changing masks of our face according to the role played and performing such multi-faceted duties is a challenge. And a lot of expectations from each role to be fulfilled are what life all about is. 

Our life takes a steep turn with the welcome of a child. The 
sweet journey kick starts with utmost delicacy and warmth. Throughout the day we have to don hats of many duties for kids but, the best time which I like to spend with kids is the time when I put them to sleep.

A child feels protected when we spend some time with them before kissing them goodnight. My daughter too always wants me to be by her side and so I make it a point to postpone all my work for her. I have become good at many things like singing , acting, a story telling, mimicry and what not:)

 I have penned down some of the ways which I enjoy doing with my little one before a good night slumber.

Being a mom is a delight, it is a job I do with a pride,
Coupled with an emotional stake, now my life needs no brake.
How hurriedly the days went on, I have no time to even yawn,
What a bliss it instills in me and a transformation I have undergone.

Little footsteps halt when night, tired of days naughty ride,
“Mamma” she calls in her cute voice, it’s time for a lullaby.
Singing in a loving tone, narrating how little stars shone,
 Golu molu moon has come to say, close your eyes to welcome another day.

Aura of thoughts- good night

Sometimes there are stories from fairy tale world,
At times are narrated with puppets unfurled.
Dear tube light and fan are her real superstars
Zip Zap zoom her dolly drives a car.
Aura of thoughts-Shadows

Playing with shadows is often her choice,
A sound of animals and birds makes her rejoice.
Roary lion and the choo-choo bird at a nearby lake,
serving all the little ones a good night cake.
Aura of thoughts-Parenting-quote

But, when too tired she just needs a caressing touch,
A sweet little gesture of warmth and nothing much,
All naughty actions has come to a full stop,
only to start with more energizing hops.
The diaper which keeps dry makes no little one cry,
Pampers are remarkable for kids as there are no leaks,
Leaves the action of tots uninterrupted,
Adds fun with no hassles lasted.

It is a great thought that Pampers has put in for the tiny tots which keep their actions undisturbed, thus making all the mothers happy to find their little ones cute smiling faces.


Sunday 15 February 2015

Resilient bond over Blurry distances

Anjali viewed their valentine destination from the train for the one last time and lost in thoughts that were interrupted when Akshay queried, “What are you thinking my dear”?
This weekend was perfect with flowers, cakes, sweets and most vital part of celebration was our jointly time”, enthusiastic Anjali essayed the content feeling.

But time is constrained when we get back to our home, you will return to ship and again distances open up and takes place of love”, worried Anjali conveyed her desire for more together time.

Akshay pacified her by saying “though we are apart for some time, our love is not dying as our bond is like love for all seasons”.

Anjali said in heavy voice “I know distances are blurry compared to our eternal love bond, yet departure makes me weak” and the tears never stopped.

Aura-of-thoughts-distant relationship

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Saturday 14 February 2015

Supremacy of "WE"

You, I alone don the silence,
WE spreads miraculous fragrance.

If devious, feel the eternal bond,
that will make you silently strong.

Aura of thoughts - Love is We

If venomous thoughts ever surround,
don't frown, find positivity around.

WE, filled with strength and power,
sense it's magic, before it's over.

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Friday 13 February 2015

Style Of My Own

“This post is my expression of style for the ‘A Style Of My Own’ blogger contest by Women’s Web and Trishla emart 


I am a free soul,
ready to mould.
In a dress and gown,
as I have style of my own.

Mix n match,
is my ultimate catch.
Adds newness with style,
when carried with a perfect smile.

Many outfits in my wardrobe,
and colors of my clothes.
Just change according to season,
I grab them with a reason.

Garments are made to enhance,
overdoing is not my stance.
I dress up to reflect my persona,
with elegance and pure aroma.


Chilling in jeans and tee,
with friends happiness at peak.
Formals wait for me at work,
Punctuality is what it locks.

Family time spent leisurely,
dress up in pyjama’s casually.
All are mine and known,
nothing to prove or to be shown.

Aura of thoughts-style
Festivals has its importance,
clothes add its own vibrance.
Today I am traditional in town,
as I own style and crown.

Carry your attitude intact,
march ahead with a perfect start.
Brands in outfit is not the worry,
inner confidence makes them blurry.


Don’t dress to be on throne,
& never bother if dress is clone.
Add a charm to your gown,
as you have style of your own.

Finally, I say only one thing,
which will make you think.
Style of each one is unique,
with self-confidence at its peak.


Wednesday 11 February 2015

World Cup Fever

“Appointments scheduled for evening, snacks and drinks arranged“, smiled Suresh.
“So, you are busy with your first love”, questioned Anju.
Gear up for World Cup

“The love for cricket world cup is special, as entire world binds in unity irrespective of religion and background”, explained Suresh excitedly.

पहली किरण : Initial Streak

मन में अंधेरा है घिरा ,
चारों ओर सन्नाटा है भरा ,
इसका अंत भी है निश्चित ,
संभल जा मन , ना हो विचिलित । 

जब काली रात और भी हो काली ,
जब सारी राहें दिखें खाली ,
इस समय हिम्मत मत हारना ,
बस कुछ क्षण हमें है लड़ना । 

हर अंधकार ले जाता है संग ,
दुखः दर्द के सभी अंश और रंग,
समझो अंत आ गया है निकट ,
अब न राहें यूँ  तू भटक । 

अंधकार से है ऊपर उठना ,
दृढ़ संकल्प ह्रदय में बनाना ,
यह है परीक्षा का कठिन पल ,
जुटे रहो, तपस्या न जाये विफल । 

यह पल तो ज़िन्दगी की नियति है ,
हर लम्हा जीने की सादगी है ,
मुस्कराकर इन कठिन रास्तों को ,
पार कर लेंगे अगर निष्य हो । 

सूर्य की पहली किरण बिखरी ,
मन में आस फिर है निखरी,
लाया अपने संग परीक्षा का परिणाम ,
अव्वल आया हमारा दृढ़ संकल्प महान । 

मन में उठी ख़ुशी की लहर ,
निखर गए चारों पहर ,
"जो काले अंधकार से जीता है ,
वही नयी सुबह देखता है "। 


English Translation:

Heart is surrounded by darkness
Silence is filed everywhere
End to this is for sure
Don't get fickle my heart, stay calm.

When dark night is even darker
Where every path is empty
Don't loose strength
battle is for just few more moments.

Every dark side takes along
sorrow despair and it's bits along
now the end is closer
don't get lost in paths now.

Raise above the darkness
keep your heart stronger
This is hardest moment of exam
Keep going, now your hard work shall pay.

This moment is destiny of life
live with peace
Smile on this difficult paths
one can cross it, if decision taken.

First ray of sun is out
heart is happy with it
brings along result of examination
Top comes the great self confidence.

Heart is filled with happiness radiance
entire day is filled with galore
the one who win battles from darkness
shall only see bright day.


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