Sunday 1 February 2015

10 C's for Call vs Chat

Effective communication plays a vital role in an individual’s life. Different people understand and communicate differently, for some it may be transmission of ideas exchange of views and for some plain sending of messages.

"Conversation is a flow of emotions from ones heart to another". In such hectic life today we get very little time to stay connected with our family and friends but through availability of social media platforms it has become much easier to communicate. Earlier people had less means to communicate, but today we have plenty of easy options readily available. One of the basic ways to communicate distantly is a telephonic conversation; which has its own importance but chatting is more preferable now a days. We always feel connected with our peer and dear ones through these communicating means.

According to me, there are 10 C’s for an effective conversation; they are Clarity, Correctness, Completeness, Consciousness, Consideration, Concreteness, Collectiveness, Conciseness, Companionship and Courtesy.  

Few of them are met in a phone conversation and a few are met in messaging or chatting. Let’s shoot the differences one by one:

10 C’s
Call Conversation
Chat Conversation
Requires dedicated time and concentration of the person with whom we want to converse.
Can be done leisurely and also while doing other tasks.
A telephonic conversation requires availability on both sides.
Can be done intermediately.
It requires an instant response.
Whereas in chatting we get ample time to think and respond at our ease.
Sometimes during instant conversation something is revealed that we don’t want the person to know. The person on the other side may misconstrue what you have revealed.
Messages are replied after a thought process and so the chance of misunderstandings is low.
We can sense the person on the other side if we get an unusual response.
For e g Though the person may express that he is alright but through the tone of his voice one can judge that something is wrong and can again be asked to reveal the truth.
Such things gets hidden while chatting, but it is a better platform to expresses ones emotions through emote icons. They imitate our feelings.
Calling for just short messages is not preferred.
It is a boon for greetings (Good Day wishes) and short messages, which makes one happy and energetic.
A phone conversation can’t be recollected 100%.
Whereas a chat history could be revealed in chat.
We need to shorten our conversation on a phone call.
Whereas while messaging we can drag a chat for hours together.
For a conference call all the participants need to be available at a given time and many a times creates confusion.
Whereas a conference chat is much easier, effective and clear.
Sharing of media cannot be done.
Sharing of media like photos, video, audio files can be done easily.

From these pointers I feel chat is primer and comfortable compared to call.  I feel this conversation pointers was considered by and they came up with QuikrNXT chatting app for easier experience of buying and selling; which gives you the benefits of chatting primarily photo sharing – Companionship, number privacy - Consciousness, chat history – Correctness.

Source - Quikr

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  1. Very well thought out post with the 10 Cs. Wish you luck for the contest.

    1. Thanks Kalpana, you wish worked; received my voucher :))

  2. I prefer calls when I want to guess at feeling that the other person would rather not give away. For quick business, I like text messages. I prefer chat for people with strong accents or speech impediments and those who drag conversations on needlessly.

    1. Yes Alice, both calls and chat has their advantages; but now a days most prefer chat :)


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