Sunday 1 February 2015

Give CHANCE a chance

   Many opportunities in life when knocked are willingly let go by us, as we are bounded by a lot of other responsibilities. Our mind is almost engrossed in framing a better future that  so often we forget to beam in our present. Many thoughts contradict our fulfilling dreams and refrain us from attaining that ultimate bliss.

I often battle with my imaginings,
Ask them to knock in later innings.
One day I will certainly full-fill,
When no bound tightens my will.

At present I am enveloped,
Crafting my myriad duties.
Later I may walk,
Where my dreams shall not stalk.

I may postpone my trance,
Thinking life gives second chance.
My dream list has no ends,
Today I present my close threads.

Firstly I want to do farming,
Often felt land is my calling.
Veggies and fruits home grown,
Shall bring smile on the known.

Aura Of Thoughts - Farming

Greenery is what I choose,
But can’t as I am loose.
Tasks and family are dependent,
Or else this task is such a talent.

Second wish to explore my musical side,
With Guitar in hand and peace beside.
When alone music gives a perfect start,
And even soothes an anxious heart. 
Aura of thoughts - Music Guitar

Every weekend I in hope loiter,
In search of good and helpful tutor.
But cannot hit musical chords,
As responsibility pillar have strong rods.

Third is to help unknown and needy,
As recently doing a bit felt steady.
If my little can be some one’s plenty,
Then I shall do my social duty.
Aura of Thoughts - Social help

Social help gives immense pleasure,
That is a lifetime treasure.
But somehow I postpone it often,
Pondering, later it can be done.

Second chance in life is awaited,
Thinking it will be more elated.
But better I rise up to my dreams,
As latter it can be a cake without cream.

Waiting for second chance, seems to be easier escape, but we should give start to these dreams and thoughts as I believe things once started shall definitely be completed, sooner or later.

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Sharing with ABC Wednesday for the letter G for Give, Greenery,Guitar,Grow


  1. Nice wishes....none not achievable...realistic :)

    1. Shweta, these are wishes, hope it gets real :)

  2. Loved your rhyme scheme. Wish I could also say anything through poems. Great skill, Sonal! :)

    1. Thanks a lot for kind words Ravish Mani. You say a lot without rhyme too :)

  3. Nicely penned...realistic and achievable wishes... :-)

    1. Yes Maniparna, one day these wishes will be full-filled, the thing is giving them a chance :)

  4. Lovely poem and such beautiful thoughts.
    May all your wishes come true.

    1. Thank you Anu, yes this list is long cherished one :)

  5. Great prose you have such a Gift in writing!
    I rather like the Growing Greenery though,
    that must be so Gratifying to be able to Grow ones own vegetables,
    I used to Grow Green beans they were Good too.
    I may get some more pods to plant and Grow some more for later
    in the year,

    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

    1. So nice to hear that you did had your own beans to relish :)

  6. Both my late father and the elder of my two sisters played guitar


    1. It's lovely to connect with music, great you could listen to soothing music played by your family members.

  7. True thoughts, Tomorrow never dies, Today does. I wish, you fulfill all of those. Such fluidity, Awesomely put!

    1. Welcome to the blog :) & Thank you Susmit for kind words and for your wishes.


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