Sunday 8 February 2015

Dream: Twinkling Stars

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What are dreams?
Are they our motivational aspects that keep us get going?
Or are they our wish list, which we cherish to be ours some day? 
Or are they semblance of our thoughts? 
Or our yearnings or some set of targets?

I will answer the above questions in a YES. Dreams indeed could be interpreted in any of the forms. They are certainly a ray of light which beams to keep our focus intact thus pushing ourselves towards our goals making our path clear. For me, “A dream is an energetic impulse, which doesn’t allow us to wilt”. Every individual is born with some set of dreams and henceforth put in their best to attain them.

Is dream an illusion? : Dreams take you to the world of faith and hope and leave behind the squeamish behaviour and annoying shiver. They take us in a fantasy land where we see all our wishes fulfilled and that imitation of our future gives us an enhancement to hit the right cord.
Aura-of-thoughts - Dream

Bind us in an eternal circle: Yes a never-ending loop, where new imaginings keep on following, or I must say our wish list keeps growing. As dreams keeps creeping in and so our desires to attain thus keeps the spark of life ever fresh.
Aura-of-thoughts - Dream

Dreams are interconnected: We connect and mould our dreams too for our loved ones. Our vision gets interconnected with people around who love to support us thus making our path easier. For example children’s passion becomes parents dream and they try their best to full-fill it.
Aura -Of-Thoughts - Dream

Is your dream big? : Now who gets to decide that? One cannot define dreams in terms of size or complexity. No dream is big or small what matters most is putting our sincere efforts toward catching them up. For instance if two kids see an airplane, one dreams to own it whereas other dreams to travel by it; how can one decide the ranking of their dream.
Aura-Of-Thoughts - Dream

Why to dream: Imaginings differ from person to person; if we look up from a child s perspective they have their own set of dreams like being felicitated as a class leader or attaining a star for hand writing or it could be more innocent like plucking some stars from the sky. As the child grow up his /her dreams changes more into realistic but the new desires surely have a spirit of keep going.
Aura-Of-Thoughts - Dream

Why to full-fill our dream: Dreams are like twinkling stars that shine within each one of us .The more the dreams the more we sparkle with positivity and satisfaction. The sincere efforts would surely help to land up in to our wishful abode.
Aura-Of-Thoughts - Dream

Finally I say, all can dream be it young or old, rich or poor, man or woman; more important is todream.

Just Listen
Don’t pause, imagine
Great future
Seen ahead
For moment say yes to dream
And see it’s magic

I call you here
En route to join fantasy
To make dream reality
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  1. Nicely expressed. Agree with your words.
    May fantasy become reality!

  2. Make dream reality then! I could see the efforts you have put in to create this blog post. Keep writing! All the best!

    Someone is Special

  3. Quite beautiful, and what an effort :) I agree, that anyone can dream, old or young.

  4. liked the elaborate explanation of dreams and yes they are necessary to keep hopes alive , well done

    My Blogaton Entry It Was Just A Dream

  5. Well said - more important is to dream.
    All the best for BAT
    Dream Vs Nightmare

  6. Replies
    1. Just tried to put my view point in the form of a poem.

      Keep Visiting...

  7. You did a lot of work there. Quite a nice post.

  8. Yea..I dream and I dream big! ...but they are scary too :)
    Nice post. All the best for BATOM

    1. Thanks Megha, yes dreaming big keeps our hopes alive, little fear help us to grow :)

  9. Wonderful blogpost, beautifully explained...
    ATB for BAT


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