Saturday 23 November 2019

Book Review : UNREAD, Platform for Artists

Today, we have an anthology book to review, which is titled ‘UNREAD’, 100 stories or poetries bundled up in a book summed up by Platform for Artists. Thanks Blogchatter for sending us the copy of this book, this review comes under Book Review Program of Blogchatter. Let’s see in detail whether this book held our attention or not.

About The Book:

Unread is a culmination of myriad author works in the form of poems and short stories which comprises 100 different emotions put together to present the readers a complete set of bouquet of emotions by Platform for Artists.

The poems or stories are very crisp and short each covering a single page. The title Unread portrays that the collection is not published anywhere else before being a part of this book and many of them are first time authors.

Saturday 16 November 2019

Open Letter to POLLUTION : #BachonKiMannKiBaat

Pollution is what we are hearing everywhere and kids are most affected by this. It is taking toll on their routine outdoor activities. The feelings of little musketeers are expressed below in poetic form that encapsulates #BachonKiMannKiBaat. It is very painful to see your children and their friends in tears when Children’s Day was declared a holiday in schools of Delhi-NCR due to alarming levels of air pollution. Though children forget things easily, this pollution is leaving a permanent mark in their lives. We all need to strive for better future for our children with effective measures.

Oh! Pollution you have been voted number one

No, not in our favorites but in list of hated ones

you have taken away bundled stuff from us

be it outdoor plays or celebrations, all in a complete mess.

Monday 4 November 2019

Book Review : A Useful Death by Sriram Chellapilla

I am thankful to WritersMelon for sending us the copy of book ‘A Useful Death’ by Sriram Chellapilla. Book Review is analytical and honest in all terms, where I present thoughts of this book. Let’s start with the cover of the book and then the plot and pace of the story.

Book Cover: Title in the plain text with white colored font with a man standing in front of big TV screens makes sure that readers get a glimpse that the plot is set with news media being one of the centric players in the story.

A Useful Death Story Plot: A girl named Priya, who was an aspiring actress and ex-university student, commits a suicide. Her death raises questions to the link up with her probable costar Anil and the enquires about her missing laptop and smartphone makes the police to think that this is more than murder. An investigation agency is called upon and Partha one of the member of the team takes the case with lot of persuasion from Anil’s film star family.

·      Partha, leads the case with conviction that Anil is innocent and then series of truth starts disclosing infront of him.

·      Will Partha make real culprit go behind the bars or does he feels the stardom pressure on his case?

·      Does a single student named Varaprasad decision to keep Priya secrets to him will land with right news channel?

Such questions will make you stick to the book for longer.