Thursday 12 December 2019

4 resolutions every woman should take in 2020 #Resolutions2020

2019 is up for wrap and we all are heading towards year 2020 with goals and resolutions in our kitty for better future and life. Resolutions makes our life more focussed and yearly resolutions are small milestones to be achieved. As the year marks in our life we all have few thoughtful goals and few that are carried forward from the present year. For a goal to fulfill or a resolution to be completed there are many factors and one of them is having resolutions that are realistic and doable. Here are resolutions for woman of modern world.

Friday 6 December 2019

5 best brands to protect from deadly Mosquitoes

Winters have approached quietly and this makes all fans go on off mode, but mosquitoes are hyper active in this season. As a parent I am aware of the deadly diseases caused by mosquitoes, so I would surely protect my children from the mosquito bites. I have come up with 5 brands that are best to use as mosquito repellent.